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Im back in business and just restocked my panty stash! Bringing you some of the sexiest, scented used up panties around. Just the thought of someone enjoying my dirty unmentionables makes me a little wet.💦💦😏 All panties starting at just $30 USD Includes: -24 hours of wear -W E T💦💦cum session *ADD ONs* +$6 per day -$3 stuffed -$5 no wipe front or back + $7 for both -$10 💦extra wet💦 more cum sessions + 2 photos of act. (Pay $10 more and get a 15 second video clip + 2 more raunchy photos❤) *I do take requests for the photos as well😏* If you don't see something youd like above, just message me! Ill try most anything once 😉😘 My scented panties are sealed, air tight, immediately after removal for peak freshness! Shipped as soon as payment is recieved! I currently accept payments via Cash App - Venmo - P-pal Check out my panty stash here: http://imgur.com/a/0veOODH
Last seen on January 17, 2019 12:00 am
Kim Tasty added a status
I just got my kid to bed. Time to be naughty 😏💦
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Kim’s Tasty Undies added a status
I am so ready for this period to be over however, it did make for some really dirty panties. More to come!😍😘
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