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Hello! My names Ana, I'm a 21 year old cosmetology student :) I'm a open-minded lady, so don't be shy! I take requests, time, masturbation, workouts, menstrual! I'm here to please ;) Little bit about me- I love fitness and recently got into distance running! It's been great. I'm a full time student - I go to school 35 hours a week, training to be a cosmetologist (that's a master licences - hair, make-up and skincare.) so I'm passionate about beauty, but I would actually consider looks to be one of the least meaningful things about a person. I like to eat clean and cook a lot, I love baking. I like to be a little naughty and would consider myself to have a high-sex drive, so that's how I ended up here I suppose. I have light brown to blonde hair, blue eyes and am rather creamy white haha, I'm 5'6, about 145IBs and a M/L & 34c/d Message me for some convo, I'd love to send you what you'd like with discreet packaging. ;) I look forward to hearing from you.
Last seen on October 22, 2018 12:00 am
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