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I have one of those booties you just can’t help but stare at! I get extra sweaty with my activities like motocross every weekend;)   Ask me about special offers! INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO: worn for 3+ days with or without bathing in between, fucked in, stuffed in pussy, sprinkled in, masturbated in, worked out in, add a hand written note, specialized photos, plus whatever your filthy mind desires 😉 *Panties listed have all been worn for at least 24 hours. If desired for longer wear or added extras please feel free to ask!* *Prices vary based on request(s)*
Last seen on September 4, 2018 12:00 am
ChaseMalonePanties added a status

About to head to the gym in a pair of my favorite gym undies, maybe someone will want a little taste 😉

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