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Hey there babe :) I just turned 25 this month. I’m almost 5’4 and about 150. Most of it in my thick thighs and booty. I’m a 34 C cup. I was bigger but I recently got a reduction so I still have scaring. I have tattoos and piercings but I’m not telling where. I’m a cookies n’ cream American graduate living overseas. It gets really hot hear so I get very sticky. I’ve been lonely all by myself at night so my electronic boyfriend gets a lot of use. I take care of kiddies for a living but don’t make a lot doing it. Since I don’t get out much, I decided to stay in a meet you. Tell me what you like and I promise I’ll keep you coming back for more 💋👅💕
Last seen on February 13, 2019 12:00 am
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I’m lonely.. wanna entertain each other? CashApp me $5 and see where the night takes us 💋
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Hey babies :)) I’m the cutest, sexiest girl you’ll lay your eyes on. I’m a mixed mutt and you’ll never guess what I am. But I got my smile from my mama and my curves from the pops. I like being admired. Will you admire me? Send requests and I’ll do my best to make you drool <3
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