Selling Used Panties on Reddit: The Sofia Gray Guide

The used panty marketplace

Welcome to the Sofia Gray Guides - we’re glad you’re here and interested in selling your used panties. It’s such a fun experience, and a great way to make a little extra cash.

We want you to succeed in this exciting endeavor - and the Sofia Gray Guides can help with that. These guides are designed to answer your questions and provide you with insight on how to promote your used panties shop online. While Sofia Gray has a marketplace full of potential buyers, promoting your sexy side hustle online (in the right places) can help take your used panties selling to the next level.

Today, we’re focusing on how to promote your used panties business on Reddit.

What is Reddit?

Reddit, for those who don’t know, is a very large network of communities that are created based on people’s interests. This can be anything from cooking to modeling, and yes, selling used panties. You can find communities you’re interested in and most importantly, you can promote your products or services to people who are looking for what you’re selling. On Reddit, there are subreddits - these are simply areas of Reddit dedicated to certain things.

While each Reddit thread may have different rules, there are two things you need to know about posting on Reddit: your format matters and most people on Reddit are looking for a simple, easy way to buy used panties.

How Reddit Works…

Reddit, like many other social media sites, has its own way of functioning. There are certain systems and things set in place that can allow you to take advantage of the platform and showcase what you need to showcase, making yourself visible to the people who want to find what you’re posting about.

One of the best ways to ensure your content on Reddit is being seen by the appropriate people is to find the right subreddits.

Here’s a list of subreddits that are great for promoting your used panties business...


This should be your first stop. The Used Panties Subreddit is all about buying and selling used panties. All adults over the age of 18 are permitted to selling their used panties (or promoting their used panties business) in these threads and they even have some suggested thread formats to ensure you’re getting the most out of your posts. Be sure to check out their list of rules before you begin posting.

How to promote in r/UsedPanties:

  • You must be 18+ to sell used panties on this subreddit.
  • Selling ads must be for used panties, lingerie, or other clothing (no sexting, videos, etc)
  • Use the following format: [Selling] (Location) *Item Description* [Price of Item] [Method of Payment]
  • After you add this as the title of your post, you can list as many details as you’d like in the comments (for example, how long the panties have been used for, extra shipping costs, customizations that you are comfortable with, etc)
  • Buyers on this subreddit wish to purchase through Reddit, not through a third company - so you can promote the same items you’re promoting on Sofia Gray through Reddit with the idea of making sales there in addition to here


This is a subreddit very similar to the used panties subreddit with almost identical rules. This subreddit also accepts transfers from other subreddits including r/sexsells, r/NSFWBuys, and r/fetishselling, which are also options for selling your used panties. Be sure to read their verification rules before you post.

How to promote in r/PantyDrawer:

  • You must be 18+ to sell used panties on this subreddit.
  • All sellers using this subreddit must be verified (see here)
  • Use the following format: [Selling] (Location) *Description and Price*
  • Buyers on this subreddit are comfortable with purchasing through third-party websites or apps (such as Sofia Gray)


This is a subreddit for all NSFW buys, from videos to photos, sexting sessions, OnlyFans profiles, cam sessions, and of course, selling used panties. This is a great stop if you have more than one NSFW thing to promote - if someone stumbles across your OnlyFans promotion and sees that you also sell used panties, they may be more inclined to buy either (or both!)

How to promote in r/NSFWBuys:

  • You must be 18+ to sell used panties on this subreddit.
  • There is a “Cheatsheet” available for those who are new to the subreddit
  • Use this format: [Selling] (Location) *Item Description and Price* (Payment Options)
  • You can also promote your OnlyFans here but you cannot only promote your OnlyFans.
  • You can use OnlyFans as a method of accepting payments but this cannot be the only method you offer


The sexsells subreddit is another place where you can promote more than just your used panties. This thread in particular has a ton of resources on how to succeed in the NSFW content creation world.

How to promote in r/SexSells:

  • You must be 18+ to sell used panties on this subreddit.
  • Use this format: [Selling] [Age/Location/Descriptor] (Price) *Item Description*
  • List payment options in the first comment under your post
  • There is a list of things that are prohibited on SexSells (read here)
  • Scammers should be reported to moderators

Using the correct format is key.

Another way to ensure that your content is being seen by people who have an interest in buying used panties is to post in the above mentioned subreddits in the correct format so your posts are easy to find and read. Formatting your posts really makes the difference.

Follow the format below unless the subreddit specifies otherwise:

  • The word [SELLING] to catch the attention of potential buyers
  • A brief description of you, such as your age and location listed as (age/location)
  • A brief description of the panties (for example, “red, lace thong, worn for two days”)
  • How you accept payment or how potential buyers can contact you
  • What else you offer (often you can input this into the comment section just below your post)

An example of this could be:
[SELLING] (29/Female/United Kingdom) Used pair of red silk panties, worn at the gym [DM for more info!]

Be kind in all threads and help others.

Helping out other used panties sellers by upvoting their posts, commenting something kind or simply sharing their shop can not only gain you good-karma points, but it can also label you as someone helpful and fun in the used panties selling community. There have been quite a few Reddit threads that claim “downvoting others in order to appear better” is a new thing some Reddit users are doing - and this is just...yuck. Don’t be that person.

Follow the 1:9 rule…

Reddit, like many other platforms, is a place where shadowbanning (or soft banning) can happen if you are caught by the algorithm trying to abuse the algorithm. This is essentially where you can still post (you’re not actually banned) but the algorithm often suppresses who sees that post. One of the most common reasons this happens is if your spam posting to a lot of different subreddits, commenting spam on other people’s threads, etc. To avoid this, follow the 1:9 rule - for every post you make to promote yourself, you should be making (around) 9 non-promotional comments or posts in other communities on Reddit. This will help the Reddit algorithm see that yes, you are using Reddit to promote yourself, but you’re not only using Reddit to promote yourself.

Create a subreddit with your username

Even if you don’t intend on using it often, an entire subreddit devoted to your username (with key used panty selling terms in the bio) can draw a lot of attention to your profile and your posts.

To perform well on Reddit and have an active profile that is recognized and found easily, this website suggests:

  • Post relevant content - generic and short posts really don’t do well on this platform.
  • Don’t spam subreddits with multiple posts and links - wait a while between posts.
  • Upvote and support others in the communities you belong to.
  • Don’t let your first post in a new community be promotional. Introduce yourself first and get to know the community before promoting yourself.
  • Share your posts outside of Reddit (Twitter is a great place to go for this) and ask your other social media followers to go engage with you on Reddit.
  • Comment and reply to anyone who comments and replies to you. This is where being a “reply guy” (or gal) pays off!

Spend some time browsing…

Spend some time cruising through subreddits for used panties sellers, upvoting posts you find interesting and commenting well wishes on people’s posts. This is a great way to get yourself known in the community and create an active and engaging profile. It’s also a great way to see what other used panties sellers are doing (in terms of pricing and promotion) and evaluating your own tactics. This thread is a great resource for new used panties sellers on Reddit.

We hope this has given you an idea on how to promote your used panties shop on Reddit! If you’re interested in more tips, check out some of the articles below from our blog!

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