Selling Used Panties on Instagram: The Sofia Gray Guide

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We want your used panties shop to thrive - and the Sofia Gray Guides can help with that. These guides are here to answer your questions and give you insight on how to promote your used panties shop. It’s true - Sofia Gray has a marketplace full of potential buyers, however, promoting your sexy side hustle in other places can help take your used panties selling to the next level.

In this guide, we will focus on promoting your used panties business on Instagram.

What is Instagram?
Instagram is a social network that operates as a photo-sharing app. You can upload, edit, filter, and then share photos and videos with people who follow you. Instagrammers can also sync their photo sharing to other social networks such as Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Flickr, and more.

This is one of the biggest draw-ins for a Sofia Gray seller - you can post photos on Instagram promoting your used panties shop and share them to other platforms simultaneously.

Can I sell used panties on Instagram?
Here’s the thing...Instagram, like its parent company Facebook, is quite strict when it comes to NSFW content (which, of course, can include selling intimate items of clothing). While we don’t recommend using the app to sell your used panties, you can discretely promote your Sofia Gray store on Instagram quite easily.

How to promote your Sofia Gray shop on Instagram…

  • Take beautiful (discrete) photos of what you’re offering. While photos that are more “bathing suit” level (simply showing the panties on your body) are more likely to be okay for the platform, other photos (that are more “look at my lingerie” style photos) are more likely to be cracked down upon by the platform.
  • Use filters to make your photos really shine.
  • Use proper hashtags (that won’t get you banned). If you’re interested, here’s a really interesting list you can use (including things like #panties, #pantyseller, #dirtypanties, and more).
  • Be open to responding to DMs to discuss rates and customs
  • Put your Sofia Gray marketplace URL in your biography so people can always know where to buy from you. The unfortunate thing about Instagram is that they don’t allow URL links in individual posts - but you can always mention “link in bio” when posting.

NSFW content creators, beware…
As I mentioned before, Instagram has a pretty strict NSFW policy as the platform is used by people of all ages. To go over the current Instagram Terms of Service (to ensure what you’re doing isn’t breaking any of their terms), click here.

Some things to avoid on Instagram to stay safe while selling your used panties:

  • Don’t use words like “sexy” (or any variation of sex), “erotic”, etc - as they often remove posts specifically for that (ridiculous, yes - but very true)
  • Instead, opt for variations of them (s3x for “sex”, er0tic for “erotic”, etc) - this is a great work-around that many NSFW content creators on the platform use
  • Nudity is not allowed on the platform, so if your photos border too close to that line, you may be in trouble
  • Don’t post any personal information (email address, full name, etc) on your biography - simply list what you offer in your Sofia Gray store and link to it

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