Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Selling Used Panties Online

The used panty marketplace want to get started selling used panties. Naturally, you’ve found yourself here on Sofia Gray, the world’s largest used panties marketplace. While I’ve written a few articles on this topic (how to get started, where to promote yourself, etc), there are still some things that remain a mystery to those interested in selling used panties. 

Let’s dive into some of the things you may not know about selling your used panties online! 

Signing up with a used panties platform is worthwhile, and here’s why...

The first question you may have is: “why do I need Sofia Gray?” 

This could be said for the other used panty seller marketplaces that have popped up around the net as well...why can’t I just sell them on my own? Well - you can, but with used panties marketplaces, there are quite a few perks that you just won’t get on your own. 

People can find you. 
Selling used panties on your own is a possibility - but the reality is, people who are really interested in buying used panties are far more likely to use platforms like us than to search individual social media pages or threads to find what they want. We can give you access to thousands of potential buyers looking for exactly what you’re selling. 

Write a catchy bio and take some cute pics! 
This is the fun part! Setting up a shop on Sofia Gray (or other sites like ours) can mean creating an online shop that looks and feels the way you want. You can share as much (or as little) personal information as possible, state your average rates, and list cute photos of the items you’re selling. 

You get tips and tricks for buying and selling.  
Another added bonus of joining an online used panties marketplace as a seller is that many platforms (including ours) have stellar blogs that share tips and tricks on how to succeed in this sexy side hustle adventure. 

You keep 100% of your sales on Sofia Gray

Some other marketplaces may take a cut of your sale - but we won’t! With Sofia Gray, there are no hidden fees, we take no commission on your keep all the profits. 

A membership to Sofia Gray is super affordable (for both you and buyers). 
For under $15, you get access to the Sofia Gray platform (including tips and tricks on selling, access to buyers, and customer service) for three months! Most other used panty selling marketplaces charge a per-month subscription fee - but not here!

You set your rates, buyers negotiate. 

One of the pros (and potential cons) of used panties selling is that it could include some negotiations when it comes to selling your items. Let’s go through a quick run-down of how things work on Sofia Gray, so you can have a better understanding of the process...

Buyers message you…
Once you’ve got your shop set up and are open for business, buyers on our site purchase “Sofia Gray tokens”, which essentially allow them to message you (the seller) about purchasing an item. This system is in place to ensure people who contact you are really serious about purchasing items. The buyer can then contact you and begin to arrange for the purchase of the items they are interested in.

You discuss pricing…
After being contacted by a potential buyer, you can arrange the sale of one of the items already listed in your shop or arrange for custom items to be sold. During this process, you and the buyer will negotiate a fair rate for the item(s) you’re selling.

Keep in mind the costs of shipping…
When you are negotiating and pricing your items, please keep in mind that you will need to pay for shipping. In some cases, this isn’t much - in other circumstances, it can be a lot. Take this into account when discussing prices with your potential clients. 

Closing the deal...
Once all is said, the deed needs to be done. First, you must decide on a method of payment. We dive more into detail on this topic in our FAQ section, but beware: there are certain platforms (such as Paypal) that have been known to crack down on used panties sellers in the past due to the erotic nature of the service. 

Some other viable options are gift cards, prepaid credit cards, and other cash apps. Then, once you’ve been paid, you can handle the discreet shipping and send your in a sealed package to their new home.

You can sell more than just used panties…

Did you know you can do more than just sell used panties on used panties marketplaces? Many marketplaces, Sofia Gray included, allow you to sell other clothing items or even sell services such as camming and sexting so you can maximize your earnings! 

Below is a list of things you can sell on Sofia Gray: 

  • Stockings 
  • Lingerie sets
  • Other used clothing
  • Socks
  • Nudes
  • Sexting

It’s not just about used panties anymore - that’s how we started, and now we’re here! Take advantage of everything our platform has to offer you as a seller and sign up now. 

Promoting your shop on some platforms may be easier than on others

While we give you access to buyers, you may feel the need or desire to promote your Sofia Gray shop outside our platform. You can read through this NSFW social media guide, but I’ll break down some of the best ways to promote yourself on each platform below...

Twitter is the new Tumblr. Tumblr, in its prime, was a social platform that had little-to-no guidelines for sexually explicit content. Twitter then became the go-to place for people in BDSM and kink communities. As such, it’s a great place to sell feet pics (#feetpicsforsale) and used panties (#pantiesforsale) as well as promote your NSFW content creation (Onlyfans, etc). 

Reddit is a network of communities based on people’s interests and is HUGE in the NSFW socials game. More specifically, they are quite huge in the “used panties” game. 

Below is a little list of NSFW panty-selling subreddits for you to promote yourself on: 

Instagram and Facebook
Instagram (and its parent company, Facebook) are two that are often left out of the NSFW socials game because, well, they aren’t very NSFW-friendly. With strict content guidelines and easy bans for content that even suggests sexual activity or someone earning an income from sexual activity - it can be difficult to get started on there. 

As for used panties selling on Instagram - think of this more as an SFW model shoot of the panties that you want to sell and be very careful how you word things, always mentioning the link in your biography (linked to Sofia Gray shop or something similar) to avoid bans. Additionally, beware of which hashtags you use, as some can get you shadowbanned and removed from the app. 

Custom requests are way easier than you think! 

When it comes to used panties, you may think “they are personalized can you get?” It turns out...very! Lots of people have lots of unique reasons why they enjoy buying used panties - from the smell of someone’s sweat to the naughty fantasies they have when there is a bit of cum in your underwear and beyond, there are tons of ways for you to customize each order (and earn a bit of extra cash while doing so!) 

Wearing them to the gym (or for multiple days) is a common request. 
This is likely one of the most common things to ask for - sweat-scented panties. Most commonly, people will ask for panties worn at the gym while exercising or worn for 2-3 days to retain the strongest scent. 

Other requests can include…

  • Specific actions being done while you’re wearing the panties (sleeping, exercise, having sex while wearing them, etc)
  • Skid marks 
  • Period stains 
  • Semen stains 

While some of the requests you get while selling used panties might be a little “out there”, to each their own, right? As long as your buyer is being respectful and genuinely interested in purchasing your items, try to keep an open mind, while at the same time, enforcing any personal boundaries you feel you need to enforce in terms of the custom items you sell. 

You may notice some styles of panties sell better than others

Thongs, booty shorts, granny-panties...what sells best? That depends on so many factors (buyer’s preference, material choices, how you market them, etc) but you may notice, once your store is up and running for a while, that some types of panties sell best. 

Thongs are intimate AF. 
Nothing sits quite like a thong. Thongs can be intimate AF because they ride up, they collect your scent and they give a very appealing mental image when you imagine someone wearing one.

There’s something charming about booty shorts. 
However, there is something really charming (and cheeky, if you will excuse my pun) about booty shorts, and you may find those sell really well for that reason.

Lingerie sets are the whole package. 
When it comes to sets, it’s really a package deal. Selling a used bra and panties set (especially if it’s from an expensive lingerie brand) can be quite lucrative for the luxury factor. 

How much you make selling used panties depends on a variety of factors

One of the biggest questions you’ll have on this endeavor is: how much can I possibly make selling used panties? While I break that down in this article, let’s get a few things straight here…

Pricing your used panties…
When it comes to pricing your used panties, there is no right answer - but we can give you a few estimates. Every day used panties can be sold for up to $60 per pair, with most hovering around the range of $35-$45. Specialty panties (an expensive g-string, for example) can go for as much as $70, with most coming in at around $40-$60 per pair. Selling “special order” panties (worn to the gym, for multiple days, during menstruation, etc) is where you can afford to be a bit pickier with your rates. These types can sell for as much as $100, with most falling in the $60-$80 range.

The average Sofia Gray seller makes…
The average price for used panties on our marketplace is $30-$45 per pair. Additionally, the average number of used panties sold per month for Sofia Gray sellers is eight pairs per month (which could net you around $240! 

Keep in mind - you could make one giant sale, too. 
One sale can make a difference - you may come across a repeat customer who likes to tip you, likes to ask special requests, is okay with higher prices or simply really wants an item you are selling and is willing to pay extra for it. You never know! 

Your customers aren’t as “creepy” as you may think…

One of the biggest concerns for many young people interested in selling their used panties is the “creep” factor. Discussing intimate things online with strangers can always feel a bit daunting, but there are so many ways to protect yourself and ensure your safety (and comfort) is never compromised. 

People just aren’t as creepy as you may think when discussing used panties. 
The people you come across just aren’t as creepy as you think. These are individuals who have likely bought used panties before (some will have bought many pairs from many different sellers) and they are genuinely interested in purchasing your items (thanks to Sofia Gray’s token system) - so they aren’t likely to push limits, ask uncomfortable questions outside the norm or make you feel uncomfortable in any way. In case this does happen, we have an option to report that buyer to us so we can investigate. 

Use a VPN and stay protected. 
We have talked about VPNs in a previous post on cam modeling and how to protect yourself and your information online. While the chances of a buyer of used panties attempting to use your IP address to track down where you live, if you want to be extra cautious, using a VPN service such as Nord VPN or TunnelBear can help you stay 100% remote and mysterious.

Never give out your full name or any other information. 
This one is obvious - never give out your full name, address, bank details, etc. If someone asks for this information, it’s a bit of a red-flag that the customer may not be someone you can trust.

Use a PO box address (if you need a return address). 
Sometimes when you ship something, they require you to fill in a return address. This can be problematic because the return address is labeled on the package, which is being sent to the buyer you’ve been in contact with. To avoid this issue, we suggest setting up a PO Box at your local post office (super easy to do). 

There are so many reasons to sell (and buy) used panties...

Sofia Gray, Snifffr, PantyDeal, list of avenues you can go down with this whole “used panties selling business” is quite long. Why? Because tons of people sell used panties and even more people are interested in buying used panties. 

There is a scientific reason smelling panties is such a big kink. 
Sniffing panties is a kink! For ages, women have endured widespread shame (whether self-inflicted or not) over their unique smell - but it’s just pheromones. We all have them - and pheromones are the reason why sniffing used panties can be such a turn-on! 

What are pheromones? 
Pheromones are chemical scents that naturally occur in bodily secretions. They are in the oils in our skin, in our sweat, and yes, ladies, you can find them in vaginal fluids. These pheromones play an interesting role, some scientists argue, in our mating rituals and habits. Some research has even shown that when both men and women are exposed to pheromones, they experience improvement in mood, focus, and emotional processing. Women also experience increased sexual responses. 

The pheromones emitted from your vagina are extra-potent. 
The pheromones emitted from your vagina are called copulins, and they are quite a bit more powerful than other pheromones released from oils on the skin of your arm, for example. These specific pheromones can have an impact on male sex drive, which is why sniffing used panties is such a common kink! 

The reality of selling used panties…

You are likely going to read tons of articles about selling used panties before actually making the decision to start your own shop. You will see crazy numbers - how much people can make, how many panties you can sell...but really, the reality of selling used panties is something not many people discuss. 

So let’s lay it all out there...

It’s inconsistent cash. 
This is just the hard truth of selling any content or service online - it ebbs and flows, comes and goes. It can be inconsistent. While that can be frustrating, I challenge you to look at it this way: this can be a sexy side hustle that you set up and let work for you as it will. Inconsistent extra income is better than no extra income at all, right?

It’s highly dependent on how much work you can put into it. 
While this may not even add up to a part-time job in terms of hours-put-in, it does take work and dedication. Promoting yourself, arranging purchasing and shipping with buyers, taking new photos and uploading them...there is some work involved. Luckily, when you sign up with Sofia Gray, you will get access to seller guides that make this whole process much easier! 

There is tons of competition.
Everyone and their college roommate is selling their used panties online. It’s a vast need, so there are lots of people coming in to fill that need. So - there can be quite a bit of competition. That being said, there will always be people interested in buying your used panties.

Signing up for a used panties marketplace is much easier than you think! 
Our process for signup is super simple: 

  1. Register for your free account
  2. Get a seller’s membership
  3. Set up your shop
  4. Gather images and information about the items you’re listing for sale
  5. Wait for buyers to contact you regarding the sale of your items

Then, from there, you can: 

  1. Arrange the sale
  2. Agree to a price and shipping method
  3. Get paid
  4. Send the item off to its new home

There is no shame in the panty selling game! 

If you’re new to the world of selling used panties, you may be wondering: is this too strange for me? Is this worthwhile? How many people are interested in this? All of those questions may have easier answers than you think. 

There really is no shame in earning a sexy side income selling your used panties online. 
It’s 2021! Slut-shaming, kink-shaming, NSFW content creation shaming...all of that belongs in the past. With social media juggernauts like OnlyFans paving the way for more socially acceptable ways to enjoy sexuality and everything that goes along with that, used panties selling is coming out of the underground and into the light in a very real way. There are even used panties vending machines now! 

You can stay totally, 100% anonymous. 
Selling used panties (or any NSFW business venture) can be a bit scary. What if people in your life find out and aren’t understanding? You want to protect your privacy and anonymity, and you can! On Sofia Gray, you can stay anonymous and still earn an income selling your used panties. 

You will likely get repeat clients. 
People who are into buying used panties are really into buying used panties, so there is a good chance you will get at least a few repeat customers which can be great if you’re looking to make this a longer-term adventure. 

We’re here to help you every step of the way! 
Sofia Gray is dedicated to making your used panties selling venture effortless, fun, and worthwhile. You can visit our FAQ page for more information or check out any of the links below on more tips for selling your used panties online. 

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