Pornhub Amateur Program: How Much Money Can I Make on Pornhub?

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What is Pornhub?

If you don’t already know, Pornhub is the world’s largest pornography website. Originally launched in May 2007, this platform has been erotic content royalty for well over a decade now. While other platforms have come and gone (and some still remain), when people think “online porn”, most of the time the first thought is of Pornhub. 

Fun fact: Pornhub is actually owned and operated by MindGeek, a Canadian company that focuses primarily on pornography. MindGeek owns and operates quite a few of the most commonly used pornographic websites aside from Pornhub, such as RedTube and YouPorn. They also own the adult film production companies Brazzers and Digital Playground, among others. 

What is the difference between Pornhub and Pornhub Premium? 

This is one of the biggest questions I had about Pornhub before researching for this article. As someone who doesn’t use Pornhub frequently (as I prefer custom content and amateur-specific porn websites like Lustery), I don’t have a Premium Pornhub account. However, I have been known to visit Pornhub in the past to take advantage of their “free” content. 

No ads on Pornhub Premium. Those annoying long-page banners, pop-up ads, and in-video ads are no longer there with Pornhub Premium. While some may not mind ads, having one pop up when you’re about to cum is definitely a mood-killer.

HD resolution is available on Pornhub Premium. While you may not think you’re missing much by watching your porn in the current state, once you’ve experienced watching porn in HD you will realize how much you’ve been missing.

Access to exclusive content not available on Pornhub Free. While Pornhub (free) has a ton of content you could easily browse for hours and hours, there are still even more types of content being offered on Pornhub Premium that is not currently offered on the free site. This includes porn content from paid porn networks like Brazzers (which I previously explained is owned by the same company that owns Pornhub), Girls Do Porn, Kink, and Digital Playground.

Faster streaming, high-speed downloads, and 24/7 customer support. Three of the last main benefits of Pornhub Premium include the fact that everything is faster on the Premium site (thanks to no ads being played), the download speeds for videos are much faster, the mobile browsing is much easier and there is 24/7 customer support available if you need help.

Is Pornhub Premium worth it? 
The subscription to Pornhub Premium is less than what you’re paying for streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime. The cost boils down to $9.99/month or $95.88 per year. If Pornhub is a place you visit frequently and you’d like uninterrupted content that is of the highest quality (along with some content not featured on the free version of the site), then yes, Pornhub Premium is worth it.

Can I make money on Pornhub? 

Yes, you can absolutely make money on Pornhub as a content creator.

For some, this may seem confusing. Aside from Pornhub Premium, Pornhub is also known for being one of the largest “free” pornographic websites online. So, how then, are content creators who upload to Pornhub getting paid?

Think of it like this: Pornhub is to erotic content creators what Youtube is to vloggers. 

Just because the people watching your content aren’t directly paying for it doesn’t mean you aren’t earning money with each view and click. 

Everyone is performing these days, from Youtube to Twitch, OnlyFans to Pornhub - if you’re a performer, there is a platform that’s right for you. If you’re interested in building an erotic brand or launching into the sex work industry, perhaps Pornhub is that platform. 

And really, what a platform to get started on. Pornhub gets up to 3 billion views per month. That’s right, I said “billion” and I said “per month” - that is a crazy amount of potential viewers who could be taking in your content right now and earning you a great income in a variety of different ways. 

If you’re interested, there are several ways you earn income when you become a content creator on Pornhub...

Ad revenue - ads that are played before/during/after your videos earn ad revenue, of which you get a percentage of. 

Selling videos - that’s right, you can sell videos through Pornhub, and you get 80% (less 15% processing fee) on all video sales.

Selling custom videos - you can not only monetize the videos you upload to Pornhub, but you can also cater to people’s unique desires by creating custom content to sell through the platform. YOu will keep 80% (less the 15% processing fee) of each custom video you sell. 

Tips and fan club earnings - if you become a consistent member of the Pornhub community, fans of your work can tip you for your content. You keep 95% (less 15% processing fee) for every tip you get for your content on Pornhub. 

Referral program earnings - becoming a Pornhub affiliate means you can earn up to $50 for every new model who signs up to the program with your referral code.

Prize contests - Pornhub hosts contests for their content creators every month with up to $165,000+ available in winnings for various contests. 

Adding your videos to Pornhub Premium - if you choose to add your top videos to Pornhub Premium, you will get a cut of the monthly view share rate. 

Making your content available for download - if you choose to make your content available for viewers to download, you can earn extra cash for setting a “download fee” for your content. 

Making the most buck for your bang (pun intended) - Pornhub has many partners (Youporn, Redtube, and Tube8, to name a few), and if you switch on “auto-export”, your videos will appear there and earn ad revenue, download earnings and more on not only Pornhub but it’s connected partners too. This means you get more money for the same content. 

As I mentioned, Pornhub is to erotic content creators what Youtube is to vloggers, etc - if you’ve ever tried to make money on Youtube or with a blog, you will know it takes time, consistency, and hard work. Many people assume “porn stars” (or really, any erotic content creator) have the best job ever- getting paid to have sex, think about sex, talk about sex, promote sex, etc. However, being an erotic content creator can be incredibly difficult at times. With articles like this, I hope to make that process as easy as possible for you.

How do I join the Pornhub amateur program? 

Earning money on Pornhub starts with the amateur program. With the Pornhub amateur program, you can make ad revenue, sell your videos, and build a fanbase on the largest adult platform in the world. 

How do I join Pornhub’s amateur program? 

  1. Sign up for a free Pornhub account 
  2. Get verified (this requires uploading a photo of yourself showing your username) 
  3. Submit application 
  4. Once you’re approved, you can then move on to setting up your legal information (bank account information and government-issued ID are required)
  5. Once you’ve set all that up, you can start uploading! 

Is the Pornhub amateur program worth it?  

These are two of the biggest questions when it comes to deciding if you want to start uploading your content to Pornhub. With new platforms like OnlyFans becoming increasingly popular and letting the content creators have more control over their do you know what the right choice is? 

While Pornhub’s sign up information is going to (not-so-gently) nudge you in the direction of joining their program, I wanted to see what other people who were part of the program already thought about it. 

This Reddit thread is a great resource, where an amateur couple is answering questions about the program and going through any difficulties they have had in their journey. MerryForMoney also has a great breakdown of the program and specifically dives into how the ad sales on Pornhub work. 

The best ways to make money on Pornhub…

As I’ve mentioned, when you upload your content to Pornhub, you earn money in various ways (ad revenue, etc) - but there are actually many other, less talked about ways to earn money on Pornhub. 

  1. Earn ad revenue through the free-to-view videos you upload to Pornhub. 
  2. Sell content on Modelhub (a sister site to Pornhub). 
  3. List your video on Pornhub Premium to take advantage of the revenue shares there.
  4. Create a subscription-based fan club (similar to Only-Fans, but on Pornhub’s platform).
  5. Create custom content and sell via Pornhub or affiliated sites. 
  6. Refer other models to join Pornhub Affiliate or Amateur programs to gain rewards.

Streamlining your content through all Pornhub platforms and affiliates…

Pornhub is a sex industry juggernaut...and you can take advantage of that. Once you’re verified on Pornhub as a content creator, you can sign up for a website like Modelhub, which is a sister-site to Pornhub. This site offers a 65% commission on all videos purchased through the platform. If you find your videos are not selling on Modelhub, you can list them as “free-to-watch” and earn money by running ads on your videos there just like you are on Pornhub, doubling your ad revenue. 

Creating subscription-based fan clubs on Pornhub…

There is a subscription-based service in Pornhub that operates similarly to an OnlyFans page. Your “fans” subscribe to your page for a monthly fee and get access to the content you post. You can also sell your content and services through this platform, offering things like texting, photos, videos, 1-1 messaging, and more. 

You set the price per month that your fans pay to access your content and you keep 80% of your fan-club subscription revenue. 

What is the difference between OnlyFans and Pornhub Amateur Program? 

Why start with the Pornhub Amateur Program (or Pornhub Fan Club) when OnlyFans is on the rise? What is the difference between OnlyFans and Fan Clubs on Pornhub? 

OnlyFans came onto the scene in a big way, changing the adult entertainment industry forever...but does that mean sites like Pornhub are a dying breed? Not necessarily.

Naturally, there are pros and cons to joining each service, and ultimately, you just have to figure out which platform will best cater to your needs and the needs of your audience.  

Popularity differences…

OnlyFans has about 30 million users and 450,000 creators. Pornhub, according to their 2019 stats, has 98,000+ models and gets about 42 billion visits to their site each year.

Payout differences…

Many models have been comparing the differences between Pornhub payout and the payout you get from running an OnlyFans. OnlyFans is quite simple: you set a price per month (so people can subscribe to your content) and you get 80% of that. 

Pornhub has quite a few ways you can earn money, and their commissions are kind of all over the place. Many will say “80% less a 15% processing fee” or something like this. For this reason, many people prefer creating an OnlyFans over a Pornhub Fanclub page because OnlyFans is a consistent, set amount. If you charge $10 per month and have 100 subscribers, you get 80% of $1000 per month. This is guaranteed and doesn’t change unless you lose subscribers. Whereas with Pornhub, things like views and ad revenue come into play, so you are never really sure how much you’re going to make. Sure - it could be more, but it also could be less. 

Content differences…

How similar is the content you can post to both services? When it comes to amateur content, which is better? The difference is in how you approach it. For people who simply enjoy uploading a few videos here and there and want to try to monetize their bedroom fun, Pornhub may be the better option. With OnlyFans, when people subscribe to your content, they are expecting quality content on a consistent schedule. They are also expecting a bit more of a personal connection and hoping to see sneak peeks into your life. 

On Pornhub, you can upload one-off videos that are either really great quality and properly edited or ones that have no editing and are just being uploaded occasionally for fun. Choosing which platform is best isn’t just a numbers game or a popularity contest, it’s about seeing which platform will best suit your needs as a creator. 

Finding the platform that’s best for you…

As with anything (like choosing the best platform if you’re a cam model), there is no “right choice”, because what you need will be vastly different than what someone else needs. Ultimately, you have to decide a few things…

  1. What you want this to be (a side income, your career or something you do for fun, etc) 
  2. How you want to be perceived (if you’re looking to be an influencer/model, perhaps OnlyFans is best for you). 
  3. What you’re most comfortable with (if you’re looking for a bit more privacy and sharing less, perhaps Pornhub is best for you as OnlyFans thrives on intimacy and consistency). 

How much money can I make on Pornhub?

As with most things, that’s subjective. 

How much money you make on Pornhub (or any platform, really) all depends on: 

  1. How much content you upload
  2. How much your content is viewed 

These two things are what determine your earnings. If you upload more content, there are more of your videos that are able to be seen by viewers. This means you make more ad revenue. You also get more exposure which can lead to private video sales, etc. 

Pornhub pays out 80% (-/+) pf the ad revenue on each video you post. Your earnings are based on the views of your videos multiplied by the ad rate, and the ad rate is calculated on the performance of the ads around your videos (how often they are clicked, etc). 

Like I said, highly subjective. Any site that tells you that you will make a certain amount of money on Pornhub is giving you estimates, which is exactly what I will do based on the research. 

The average RPM (rate per 1000 video views) for 2019 on Pornhub was $0.60. 

80% of $0.60 is $0.48. While this may not seem like much, the more content you have, the more videos are making this ad revenue, the faster it will add up. 

For example, if you have even 10 videos that make you $0.48 per 1000 views, and each video has been viewed 1000 times, that’s $4.80 for you. While, again, this may seem like too little, considering that Pornhub had a staggering 42 billion visits to the site in 2019, that’s a lot of potential viewers for you. 

Additionally, if you then created a Fan Club page and had 100 fans each paying you $5.00 per month for access to your content, you know you can count on $500 per month plus whatever ad revenue your videos bring in.

It can be discouraging to see the numbers when it comes to ad sales. It’s a very slow way to earn money and can get frustrating, but ads aren’t the only way Pornhub generates your earnings. You can also win contests, sell private content, create a Fan Club (similar to OnlyFans, but on Pornhub), or make your videos available on Pornhub Premium to take a bit of that share, as well. 

Is Pornhub better than OnlyFans? 

This is a question I’ve been seeing a lot, models comparing the two platforms. While there is no one-size-fits-all answer for everyone, as each model will want different things from their experience, I will note that OnlyFans is a more consistent platform. While Pornhub offers a similar “Fan Club” subscription program so your fans can subscribe to you, there really is no denying how OnlyFans has risen in popularity with both content creators and fans alike.

On OnlyFans, you have a little more control and you know what you will earn each month based on your subscriber count. It’s something you can consistently rely on. However, it’s also something you need to consistently work on. 

OnlyFans thrives because it is an intimate connection between subscribers and content creators. This means that to do well, you need to invest your time, energy, and money into the brand you’re building. Pornhub, however, is much easier to handle if you’re not able to be as consistent with content, aren’t looking to build an intimate brand, or just want to have some fun. 

How to be successful on Pornhub…

If you’re interested in signing up for the Pornhub program and uploading content, there are a few things you will need to know to build a reputable brand and earn a good income from this. 

Be consistent and patient.

One of the most difficult things to do in the adult entertainment industry is to start. Starting from 0 and working your way up to a consistent posting schedule and fans/viewers who know your name and know what your content is about can take hard work, time, and dedication. However, one of the biggest things you can do to help yourself is to work consistently at this for at least a few months. If you aren’t making any good progress within the first few months, you can step back and re-evaluate your strategy. 

Be original. 

There are literally millions of videos being uploaded to Pornhub each year. To stand out, you’ll need to be original, at least in whatever way you feel comfortable with. If you enjoy shooting in black and white, that can be a new take. If you enjoy certain kinks and fetishes and want to have them showcased in your videos, that’s a great way to stand out. If you’re a dominant and want to create JOI videos exclusively, people who want that content will know that’s what you’re there for. Finding something that makes you stand out in the crowd can really help boost your video views. 

Promote yourself. 

Sure, uploading a video to Pornhub may get you some views, but if you want to really blow up, you need some promo. The best platform to promote adult content on, by far, is Twitter. Facebook and Instagram have quite a few censor hurdles you’ll need to jump over, but Twitter is the land of the nudes. In fact, many people have been calling it a Tumblr refugee sanctuary, where sexually explicit content is not only allowed but very commonly celebrated. 

Consider starting a Twitter account (anonymous, if you’d like to stay that way) to promote your NSFW content. 

The importance of a good thumbnail cannot be overstated. 

People browsing Pornhub are likely doing so with one hand, in a rush, and/or are looking for the first sexy thing that catches their eye. Similar to Youtube, the thumbnail (the picture the user sees before clicking onto your video) should be clear and captivating. 

Film in good quality (with some editing when needed).

 One of the things some people love (and others hate) about Pornhub is that there really are no “quality control” guidelines. You can upload a grainy, blurry video taken on an ancient Nokia smartphone if you really want to. But when you compare that to the high-resolution content being filmed on the latest iPhone or whatever, your video won’t do as well view-wise. This doesn’t mean you need to immediately hop on the iPhone train, but perhaps investing in a good camera or smartphone along the way will help with your video views.