The Best Websites for Selling Nudes

The used panty marketplace

Where can I sell my nudes? This is the question of the day, and the answer is a little more complex than you may think. When it comes to earning a sexy side hustle selling your intimate content (whether it be photos, videos, audio porn, etc), there are tons of platforms that claim to be the best. Let’s see how they rank up against each other. 

Sofia Gray

That’s right - we’ve branched out into the selling nudes genre!! On Sofia Gray, you can now list your physical items for sale (anything ranging from stockings to used panties and more) as well as sexting services, photos, and videos. The best part? We take NO commission. That’s right. No commission.

What you can sell on Sofia Gray: 

  • Used panties 
  • Panty hose 
  • Stockings
  • Lingerie
  • Other clothing items 
  • Sexting
  • Photos and videos 

✔️ World’s largest used panties marketplace...comes with a few perks. 
Being attached to the world’s largest used panties marketplace has some perks. Selling your erotic content here on Sofia Gray can be super simple with easy access to thousands of potential buyers. Additionally, you can show off those items in a clean, clear storefront. 

✔️ People who are interested in buying your used panties may just be interested in purchasing some photos and videos of you wearing them. 
Buying used panties is hot. What’s hotter? Having access to photos and videos of a woman wearing the same used panties she’s about to ship to you. The kink for used panties and the excitement over seeing someone in a sexy, intimate pose go hand in hand! 

✔️ An attached blog that (if I may so say myself) can be quite resourceful. 
Not to toot my own horn, but Sofia Gray has a wonderful attached blog that has tons of resources on everything from BDSM basics to starting an OnlyFans to selling nudes online. This blog is dedicated to making your life daily life easier and your sex life better. 

If you’re interested in signing up to be a seller on Sofia Gray, click here to get started. 


What you can sell on OnlyFans: 

  • Nudes
  • Videos
  • Sexting/messaging
  • Subscriptions 

When it comes to promoting your NSFW content creation, OnlyFans is naturally the name that comes to mind, even though many of the other sites on this list have been around longer. OnlyFans was established in 2016, Chaturbate in 2011, Pornhub (the home of ModelHub) in why is OnlyFans so popular when it comes to the buying and selling of erotic content? 

✔️ It’s all in the name. 
“OnlyFans” is a name everyone knows. More importantly, it’s a name that is very much associated with the buying and selling of erotic content. While there are many users on OnlyFans who create other types of content, OnlyFans has done an amazing job in aligning themselves with the NSFW market and being a place that many creators feel comfortable setting up shop. 

✔️ Tons of “mainstream” names have been attached to OnlyFans. 
Belle Delphine, Blac Chyna, Cardi B, Tyler Posey, Bella Thorne, Aaron Carter...they’ve all been on OnlyFans. Mainstream people have really bumped up the popularity of this platform (in both good and bad ways). One of the positives to this is that the platform itself gets more attention and if you’re a creator on the platform, some of that attention could potentially trickle down to you. One of the downsides to this is that there have been some “scandals” that have made it into the mainstream and turned away potential people interested in the platform. 

✔️ You keep 80% of what you make on OnlyFans. 
On OnlyFans, you keep 80% of anything you create and sell. This means if you set a pay-per-view post at $10, you get $8. If your subscription price is set at $4.99, you take home $3.99. In comparison to other platforms, this is a pretty good rate, with some of the others having you earn only 65-70% of everything you sell. 

✔️ It’s customizable, easy, and fun. 
✔️ Geoblocking helps keep you protected.
OnlyFans (and some other platforms on this list), has a feature called geoblocking (or region blocking) where you can block out entire regions. This can be something as small as a province or State and as large as a country - and it’s a really great way to ensure you are anonymous and private. 

❌ No advertising is done for you. 
On OnlyFans, how much you make really depends on how popular your profile is, how many fans you have, and if those fans are high tippers. All of these things then depend on your ability to advertise yourself. On platforms like Sofia Gray, we have a database of clients who are looking to buy used panties - but on OnlyFans, you need to seek out those people who are interested in buying your nudes. For more tips on how to promote your OnlyFans page on social media, click here

❌ The top 1% makes the most money.
According to Influencer Marketing Hub, the top performers (top 1% on OnlyFans) earn about 33% of all the money on the platform. The top 10% make 73% of all the money. And if you don’t get into these categories, the amounts you make can be (for some) not worth the effort of making the content and promoting it all yourself. 

If you’re interested in selling nudes on OnlyFans, check out this article


What you can sell on Chaturbate: 

  • Live cam sessions 
  • Private cam sessions
  • Photos/videos
  • Sexting/messaging

Chaturbate is a cam website that combines the art of conversation with the act of masturbation. There are hundreds of individual chat rooms - each model gets a room. Inside the room, you will find the model performing for other members who have clicked on to watch her. Users (fans who enter the cam models room) can tip their model with tokens - each token has a real-world value which the model can then cash out on. But that’s not all...through Chaturbate, you can also arrange the sale of custom content (videos, photos, etc). 

✔️ The money you can make on Chaturbate is very dependent on how much you can do - you control the flow, which means there’s tons of potential. 
If you’re someone who can be quite active on Chaturbate (daily shows and selling content frequently), you can start to earn quite a decent income. 

✔️ Your page and profile are customizable and you can add a “menu” of services and products you sell. 
On your profile page, alongside your bio, you can upload a PDF menu of services that you offer to people interested. These people can immediately see your rates for nude photos, and videos, which is a really helpful thing to have when trying to weed out customers who aren’t willing to pay your rates.

✔️ There is a color-coded system in place that lets you see which buyers are serious about purchasing content. 
When it comes to selling custom erotic content or making content of any kind to sell, it’s important to weed out the people who just aren’t interested in paying for the content. Unfortunately, lots of these people exist. Chaturbate has a system in place that lets you see how serious the buyer is. 

For example, if a buyer is labeled as “code grey”, it means they don’t have any active tokens. While they can fill their account at any point and gain active tokens, this could indicate a buyer who isn’t that interested. If the code color is “light purple”, this indicates a member who has tipped at least 250 tokens within a 2 week period. To learn more about this system, check out this article

✔️ You can geoblock. 
Similar to OnlyFans, Chaturbate allows you to block out regions or countries to protect your privacy and ensure your anonymity. 

❌ You work with tokens instead of real-world cash, so keeping the conversion in mind can be a hassle. 
On Chaturbate, you are paid with tokens. Purchasing 100 tokens will cost the buyer $10, and if you as a model are gifted 100 tokens, you get $5. This system can be quite frustrating for people who are interested in making quick cash and knowing exactly how much they are making at any given point.

❌ This is primarily a cam-website, meaning buying photos and videos may not be what people are there to do. 
Unlike other platforms (like OnlyFans), the primary focus of Chaturbate is to be live on cam for an audience or perform solo shows. Selling nudes is possible on this platform, but it’s not the main focus - which can sometimes mean people aren’t as interested in purchasing those things.

If you’re interested in selling nudes (or performing cam shows) on Chaturbate, click here


What you can sell on ManyVids: 

  • Photos/videos 
  • Subscriptions 

ManyVids is a site where you can post videos and photos and price them at anything you like. This is also a site that functions as an adult community where people can hold contests and post daily messages to the people following them. As a content creator on ManyVids, you can set a monthly membership (similar to OnlyFans) and then sell additional content on top of that. 

✔️ ManyVids is very inclusive and your potential fans/buyers can sift through filters and find you (exactly what they are looking for). 
Upon entering the ManyVids site, you are asked to “tailor your MV experience” by choosing from a variety of different things including “MV Straight”, “MV Gay Boys”, “MV Trans” or “All”. This is a great way to ensure whatever content you’re selling, people who are looking for you will find you easily. 

✔️ Payouts, while on a timed schedule (more on that below) can happen via direct deposit and/or prepaid cards. 
Direct deposit is beneficial for some, and alternative options such as Bitsafe and prepaid cards on Paxum are helpful for others who want to remain more discreet. 

❌ The pricing system can be good short-term, but also a bit complicated. 
According to LA Weekly, you can get 90% of your subscription earnings for the first year on ManyVids. After that, you drop down to 80%. Additionally, if you choose to sell any extra content, the site keeps 40% of that (compared to say the 20% that OnlyFans keeps). 

❌ Payouts happen when they happen, not when you choose. 
One of the downsides to sites like this is that your payouts aren’t exactly your choice. On ManyVids, payouts happen on the 1st and 16th of each month and you have to have met a minimum payout requirement to get a payout at that time. This can be quite frustrating for people who want to sell nudes quickly and earn (and spend) the money right away.

If you’re interested in selling nudes on ManyVids, click here


What you can sell on ExtraLunchMoney: 

  • Photos and videos
  • Messaging and sexting 

ExtraLunchMoney is exactly what it sounds like; an easy way to make some extra lunch money by selling you nudes. ExtraLunchMoney is laid out a bit like a classifieds site: you can sell your content through Custom Jobs, “Download Now” products, and “Escrow Payments.” Custom jobs allow you to get paid for custom content (the easiest way to sell your nudes).

✔️ You can always have a gallery of standard nude photos for sale. 
The “Download Now” section is about pre-recorded or pre-made content that you upload, set a price, and then anyone can purchase it. This is a great way to always have content for sale and always have a way to earn money.

✔️ You can arrange really niche product or service sales here. 
“Escrow payments” are essentially private transactions that the buyer and yourself arrange via private messages. This can be anything from a specific nude photoshoot to custom videos or even live performances. 

❌ Payouts are controlled. 
Payouts happen weekly (better than bi-weekly, but still not as good as being able to withdraw whenever you want) and only if you’ve hit the minimum threshold. Check out this article if you’re interested in learning more. 

❌ No geoblocking. 
Geoblocking is offered with so many different platforms, almost every other one on this list - but it’s actually not available on ExtraLunchMoney. Geoblocking is essentially blocking all users from one region (a country or province/state) from finding you - it’s a great way to keep your anonymity, and it’s unfortunate that this site doesn’t have that option. Just something to keep in mind. 

If you’re interested in signing up for ExtraLunchMoney, click here


What you can sell on SideDaddy: 

  • Photos and videos 
  • Webcam shows
  • Custom content (audio porn, messaging, etc)
  • Subscriptions  

Sidedaddy specializes in photo and video content sales, custom content, and subscriber clubs. In addition to selling one-off content, you can also sell subscriptions to your “fan club.” In this fan club, you can sell special request content and longer-form videos. Models get 70% of fan club subscriptions and 60% of all photo and video sales. 

✔️  Geo-blocking is possible (hurray!) 
This is just a wonderful feature for these types of platforms to have to protect their models and their buyers - anonymity all around! 

✔️ Inclusive and very easy filter options for buyers.
On Sidedaddy, people who come to the site can be looking for anything (female, male, transgender, non-binary, etc) and can specify that in their searches. Additionally, there are filter options and tags you as a seller can use to tag yourself and your content (such as “group sex” or “couples”, “bondage” or “Asian”, etc), meaning you get people who are really interested in the content you’re making.

❌ Sticking to a payment schedule can be restricting. 
As with other sites that only offer weekly (or bi-weekly) payouts, this can be quite limiting if you want to make a sale and use that money immediately. Sidedaddy offers weekly payouts as long as you reach the threshold ($20). 

If you’re interested in joining Sidedaddy, click here


What you can sell on Fancentro: 

  • Photos and videos 
  • Custom sessions (sexting, skype)
  • Monthly subscriptions 

Fancentro is a lot like OnlyFans: it’s a subscription-based platform that is designed to work in conjunction with Instagram instead of Twitter (which is linked to OnlyFans). If you’re an Instagram model, this is a great place for you to earn some extra cash.

✔️ Links easily to Instagram and Pornhub. 
The fact that this platform works with both Pornhub and Instagram is quite impressive, honestly - considering the strict censorship that goes on over there on Instagram, this may be the only thing that really links Instagram to the adult industry. You can use the best of both worlds - promote artistic, censored photos on Instagram to promote your profile and then promote and sell more explicit content on Pornhub - all linking back to your Fancentro profile. 

✔️ You receive 75% of the commission on sales. 
As for commissions, this is up there (as in it’s quite good). You will take home 75% of what you earn on everything you sell, plain and simple. 

❌ Payouts are once per week through wire transfer or ACH deposit. 
The weekly payouts are really difficult and almost always in the “con” list when contemplating which platform to use. Most people selling nudes are in it for the simple and sexy side hustle and want to earn (and spend) their money quickly without having to wait. 

If you’re interested in using Fancentro, click here.


What you can sell on ModelHub: 

  • Photos and videos
  • Custom content 
  • Fan club subscriptions 
  • Merchandise 

ModelHub is Pornhub’s little sister. This is a place where people can subscribe to their favorite entertainers and models, support independent creators and buy custom content. 

✔️ The affiliation (and integration) with Pornhub, obviously. 
Pornhub is the world’s largest adult content website. By far. And being affiliated (in any way) with Pornhub can open you up to new opportunities and tons of people who are searching for content. 

✔️ Discretion on credit and bank statements. 
Unlike OnlyFans (that will show up on card statements as something like “OF London” or simply “OnlyFans”, ModelHub provides discretion, showing up as MH Inc. 

✔️ The FanClub option is similar to OnlyFans but with much larger audiences available. 
ModelHub’s Fanclub option operates very similarly to OnlyFans but is basically promoted on Pornhub, which has millions of viewers. If your content is good quality and you maximize your exposure on ModelHub, your Fanclub will grow and you’ll earn good money. 

❌ You have to be linked to Pornhub.
This can be a difficult thing for some people. If you have a Patreon account, no one immediately assumed you’re an adult content creator. If you have an OnlyFans, there is that kind of assumption there, but OnlyFans doesn’t have the word “porn” right in the title (which is likely why Pornhub decided to launch ModelHub). Unfortunately, we live in a world where people are judgemental - and aligning yourself as someone who creates content for Modelhub (and indirectly, Pornhub) can be something that many creators just aren’t ready for. 

If you’re interested in selling nudes or creating content on ModelHub, click here.


What you can sell on Patreon: 

  • Subscriptions
  • Photos and videos 

This platform’s popularity skyrocketed during the 2016/2017 “adpocolypse” on Youtube which made it virtually impossible for most smaller Youtubers to earn a decent income. On this platform, you can set a subscription rate and you can even offer different monthly tiers (similar to Twitch).

✔️ The “tier subscriber” system is brilliant. 
This really is the best way to make the most out of your content. Each tier can offer bigger and better content, and this can allow you to make the most out of what you’re creating and the time you put into it. It can also give some users a chance to be more (or less) generous while still supporting you and getting to see you. 

✔️ Patreon takes a relatively low cut. 
While some platforms take anywhere between 20% - 40% of your earnings, Patreon takes between 5% and 12% after processing fees, meaning you get to keep more money for the hard work you’re putting in. 

❌ “Patrons Only” nudes. 
If you sell nudes on Patreon, they must be marked as “Patrons Only” and you cannot have any nudity displayed on the entrance page of your Patreon. Obviously, your profile photo and main page are essential in driving people to your content and making sales, so this can be frustrating. 

❌ Not designed for selling custom erotic content, unlike some other platforms on the list. 
This is more of a platform that it’s possible to sell nudes on, not one that is specifically created for and makes it easier to sell nudes on. This can be a bit of a deterrent for people who are really interested in creating an NSFW brand. 

If you’re interested in using Patreon, click here

Some Tips on Selling Your Nudes...

  • Choose the right price - don’t sell yourself short, but don’t overcharge, either. Very few people are willing to pay $20 for a single photo, whereas lots of people may pay $5 per photo. If you price higher, one sale may bring you in a nice chunk of change, but pricing lower may mean more long-term business.
  • Take high-quality photos. Please, for the love of God, don’t try to sell grainy photos or photos with messy/unattractive backgrounds. No one really wants a nude of you with your toilet in the background or a photo of you that isn’t very good quality, especially if they are paying for it.
  • Edit your photos (but not too much). NIcely edited photos, beautiful black, and white filters, or shots that have been touched up a bit (not heavily photoshopped, but cleaned up with brightness correction, etc) will become very popular and gain you more fans if you’re on a platform like OnlyFans. Speaking of...check out these amazing photo editing apps for OnlyFans.
  • Watermark your content. This is an important way to ensure your content isn’t being distributed or stolen without your permission. There are several apps (like the ones linked above) that help you watermark your content. 
  • Be wary of which cash apps you use. Some cash apps (such as Paypal) really crackdown on adult content creators - so if it’s becoming obvious that you’re using that service to sell erotic content, you could be suspended from their platform. 

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