How to Gain More Fans on OnlyFans

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Welcome to another OnlyFans post! Why do I keep writing these? Because they are really popular. Everyone wants to know about OnlyFans, even if they don’t have one themselves. This internet juggernaut has fascinated people since its launch in 2016. From celebrities making headlines for creating NSFW OnlyFans pages to tutorials on how to grow your fans and earn an income, OnlyFans articles are all the rave - so here we go again! 

I’ve written quite a bit about OnlyFans, from how to get started to where to promote and how much money you can make - I’ll leave a list of the most recent OnlyFans articles from Sofia Gray down below. 

This time around, I’d like to tackle a really common question: “how do I gain more fans on OnlyFans?” This goes beyond promoting and beyond earning an income - it’s about how to grow and consistently keep growing in an avenue full of other people trying to do the same. 

But first, as always, let’s outline some of the basics…

How Do I Set Up An OnlyFans Account?

OnlyFans, if you’ve been living under a rock, is a platform where you can set up a subscription-based service for your audience (called “fans”) and charge an amount per month (set by you) for them to have access to that content. Think of it like Netflix, and you’re the show. 

Setting up an OnlyFans account is pretty simple once you know what you’re doing (and after writing so many of these posts, I can give it to you straight). 

  1. Head over to and sign up with an email address or connect it to your Twitter account. 
  2. You will receive an email (either to the email you’ve filled in or the one connected to your Twitter account) to confirm yourself. 
  3. Then, you need to verify your identity. You will need to scan your ID card or passport and then take a selfie with that ID to prove you’re are who you say you are. 
  4. The process to be approved at this stage can take up to 72 hours, but usually only takes 24 hours. 
  5. Then, you will either be approved (and can go on to set up your banking details and open your page) or you will be denied and be given instructions on how to reapply. Check out this post for some of the most common reasons people are denied (and how to sort that out). 

As I said, it’s pretty straightforward! 

How Much Money Can I Earn on OnlyFans?

This is the next big question, and it’s not an easy one to answer. How much money you make on OnlyFans is determined by a plethora of different factors including your subscription price, how often you post, whether you create and sell custom content, the quality of what you’re posting, and how many fans you have. Also, if they are good tippers because tips make up a large part of what OnlyFans creators make. 

Some things to keep in mind about money & OnlyFans:

  • OnlyFans takes 20% of everything you make, you keep 80%
  • Most subscriptions are between $5.99 - $15.99 but can be as high as $49.99 or as low as $4.99
  • Your subscription rate should reflect the kind of content you create, how original it is, how good quality it is and how often you post - post more consistent, high-quality content and you can charge more
  • Most accounts take home less than $145 per month but some can take home over $1000 per month 
  • What you post is only part of it - there’s a lot of promotion and advertising you can do to grow your following and your income
  • Setting your subscription price can make or break you, but you can also change that price whenever you want and try different things to see what works best 
  • You can withdraw a minimum of $20 to your bank account at a time, there are no scheduled payout times like with other sites 

OnlyFans is what you make of it, as with any other “business” venture - how much you put into it will be a big determining factor in what you get out of it! 

How Do I Gain More Fans On OnlyFans? 

This is THE question, right? How do I gain more fans, how do I continue to grow as a content creator once I’ve created my account and have a small following? There aren’t many posts on this specific topic (most are start-up guides or FAQs) - so that’s why I’m writing this one. 

Promote in places that actually work for you, not against you. 
The old adage “work smarter, not harder” is just so valid in so many scenarios, this one included. There are certain social media platforms that you’re allowed to promote OnlyFans on and there are certain social media platforms that you are not. 

Well, more specifically, there are platforms you can promote and platforms that will crack down on you (shadowbanning you or suspending your account) for promoting NSFW content. 

Some of the best platforms to promote your NSFW OnlyFans on: 

  • Twitter (as long as you’re not spamming your OnlyFans link, you should be fine to post anything!)
  • Tumblr (some new NSFW guidelines have been put in place, but Tumblr is still a place many NSFW creators call home)
  • Reddit (Reddit has tons of OnlyFans promotion threads and people looking to buy custom content)
  • Snapchat (setting up a premium Snapchat account and using it as an ad for your OnlyFans is a great way to go)

Some places that are not ideal for promoting OnlyFans content: 

  • Youtube (Youtube has a fairly strict policy around nudity and your account can be suspended or banned fairly easily if you’re promoting NSFW content)
  • Instagram (Instagram is very harsh on sex-positive content, even educational stuff, so I would suggest only posting very censored content here)
  • Facebook (Facebook and Instagram are the same company, so the same rules apply)

For a better understanding of where you can (and cannot) promote NSFW content, check out this article

Set up a “tease OnlyFans page” that drives traffic to your paid OnlyFans page.
Offer a “free page” on OnlyFans that gives teases and insight into what fans can gain by paying for a subscription to your main OnlyFans page. This page can include things like censored photos with the caption “see the uncensored photo here”, with a link to your paid OnlyFans page, etc. 

Run discounts and deals regularly.
The best thing to do (according to a marketing class I took in college) is to set your regular price a bit higher and run different kinds of discounts and promotions on a semi-regular basis. This way, your fans always feel as though they are getting lucky and subscribing to you for a better price, but in reality, the discounted price is what you wanted to charge in the first place. 

Do cross-promotions with other OnlyFans creators. 
There are tons of text chains on social media (Twitter and Reddit mostly) where you can arrange to swap free trials with other creators and trade likes, or you can even arrange promotions with other creators where you promote their page and they promote yours. This is a great way to earn more followers. 

Cam modeling is a thing that you can do to promote your OnlyFans. 
If you’re already a cam model or have some interest in becoming one, it’s a great way to promote your OnlyFans page. Not only will you get paid to cam on sites like Chaturbate, but you can also use that to promote your OnlyFans. 

Free promo on Pornhub. 
If you have some high-quality video content, consider making a Pornhub profile, uploading some things to it, and linking all of that back to your OnlyFans account. This is a great way to drive traffic to your OnlyFans page.

Link your OnlyFans in the bio of all your NSFW social media pages. 
If you run other NSFW social media pages, always keep your OnlyFans linked in the bio so people can find you easily. 

List the content you create (and if you do custom content) in your bio as clearly as possible. 
Listing what you offer and “selling yourself up” in the biography section of your OnlyFans account as well as choosing a profile and cover photo that works for you can be a great way to help “window shoppers” finally click that “subscribe” button! 

Pin a tip menu to your OnlyFans page (or include your top posts to draw people in). 
On your OnlyFans profile, you can “pin” things to the top - these things will show above everything else, even the most recently posted content. Use this feature to promote your tip menu (if someone tips you $5, what do they get in return) as well as posting your favorite clips or photos there to promote your best work up front. 

Make friends on OnlyFans, promote each other, share tips and tricks, etc. 
You can “add a friend” to your OnlyFans and promote each other, share tips on how to gain more followers, offer deals to each other’s fans, maybe even create some content together. This is a great way to maximize both audiences and potentially gain some new fans. 

How Do I Keep the Fans I Have on OnlyFans?

Of course, part of staying big on OnlyFans is retaining followers and keeping them coming back for more, month after month. How do you gain fans (and keep them) on OnlyFans? 

Be consistent with your content.
This means both in quality and quantity. Being consistent with how often you post, what time of day you post, and what kind of content you post can allow people to rely on your content, which makes them stick around. If people know every day at 6 pm, they can expect a high-quality photo or video post from you, and every Friday night you do something special, they will come to rely on that schedule. 

Additionally, if they know your content is always high quality and that you always work hard on what you produce, they will be more likely to stick around and support you. 

Don’t haggle too much with people who want to order custom content. 
Haggling is fine, but over-haggling is a thing and can drive people away. If someone wants to order custom content and you ask for a larger price, they will maybe ask if you can do something lower. Don’t spend too much time haggling over custom content prices - this is a really bad look. 

Of course, you want to be paid fairly - you’re a content creator and that’s real work. However, haggling over prices can really make people feel uncomfortable and they may hesitate next time to even ask, meaning you don’t get the extra cash and they don’t feel super comfortable chatting with you. 

Offer your “rebill subscribers” little gifts and incentives to stay subscribing. 
Rebillers (people who have that little “rebill” box checked) are people who are consistently subscribing to you without having to manually subscribe again each month. Having the “rebill” box checked means they are basically subscribed to you indefinitely (until they uncheck that box and their subscription runs out.)

You want to treat these rebillers with a lot of praise because they are basically your bread and butter. So, offering your rebillers little gifts (a photo or video no one but rebillers get to see, a “thank you” voice message, etc) is a really nice way to show your appreciation. 

Offer discounts to existing subscribers from time to time. 
While it’s nice to run promotions to new subscribers, running a small “20% off your next month” promotion for the people already following is really nice. Of course, you won’t make as much that month but if it keeps your subscribers following you for months to come, you will easily make that money back. A great time to do this is around the holidays or in the summer to encourage people to stay subscribed to you when life is busy. 

Give special shout-outs and thank-yous to people who regularly tip and support you. 
Treating your fans well has a lot to do with how long they stay, in case you haven’t figured that out yet. Giving special shoutouts to people who tip you regularly or who have been subscribing for a long time is a really nice way to show your appreciation to the people who are supporting you. 

As with any endeavor, there are bound to be ups and downs, ebbs and flows - showing your support for the people who support you all throughout is a great way to gain respect and long-time supporters. 

Take custom requests (if you’re comfortable). 
A great way to capitalize on your profits and keep your fans coming back for more is to offer custom content. This can be anything from custom voice messages to specific photos or videos requested by your fans. Not only will they be getting (exactly) what they want, but you can also make some extra cash this way - it’s a win-win! 

Be flirty and open to chatting in DMs, even if you’re not open to taking custom requests.
Even if you have no intention of selling anything custom-made in your DMs, don’t block off DMs altogether. People subscribe to an OnlyFans page to gain access to you in ways other people don’t get - and yes, this involves photos and videos on your timeline - but it can also involve your attention. 

Being flirty and open to chat in DMs (while maintaining your own personal boundaries) is a great way to make your fans feel like they have a connection with you and keep them coming back for more. In my experience, people are really kind and don’t often push your boundaries if you make them clear. 

Engage in cosplays or celebrate special holidays with cute costumes and fun ideas. 
Dressing up as a sexy elf on Christmas or a cute (and scandalous) bunny on Easter may seem silly, but people go wild for these types of photoshoots. It’s a simple way to make your content work for you - have fun with it, go with the flow of the season and create sexy and cute content your fans will love (and stick around for). 

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