How to Sell Breast Milk

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There’s no denying that the female body is as amazing as it is beautiful. Women have the unique ability to reproduce – carrying a beautiful life inside them for 9 months. A woman’s body goes through numerous changes during this time – some more pleasant than others. While weight gain, mood swings, and fatigue are all common side effects, so are larger, more supple (sometimes tender) breasts. This is thanks to the body’s production of breast milk. 

Breast milk provides your little one with all the natural vitamins and nutrients they need to thrive and grow. But what if the milk your body produces could do more than just benefit your infant’s health? What if it could also provide passive income? Or, better yet, offer complete financial support? With some new moms making as much as $2,500, selling breast milk, it’s worth looking into!

Keep reading to learn how to sell breast milk online, plus tips for being successful, and more information on who wants your milk and why.

Who Buys Breast Milk Online?

Your first question might be, “Who wants my breast milk, anyway?” While it may seem like an odd product to sell, there’s a huge market out there for fresh breast milk. Customers range from moms who can’t produce their own milk to foster parents, sick mothers, or dads left to care for an infant alone. But, for the sake of this article, we’re going to focus on a different group of buyers – people with lactophilia. Also known as a breast milk fetish. 

While it’s not often talked about, breast milk fetishes are more common than you might think. One study reported that 33% of partners had suckled at their wife’s breast at least once. Whether from curiosity or sexual arousal, there’s a fair number of people out there who are fascinated by the milky white substance (no, not that one). So much so that they’re willing to pay to get their hands on this form of liquid gold. From the sweet taste to the smooth texture and the fact that it comes from a woman’s breast, there’s a huge market for selling your breast milk online. 

Everything You Need to Know About Lactophilia

As with any online business venture, identifying and understanding your target audience is key. In this case, the more you know about lactophilia, the more effectively you can market yourself and your milk.

Lactophilia also referred to as a milk fetish, is a type of paraphilia which is characterized by abnormal or uncommon sexual desires. Most people with lactophilia are men and fine pleasure from either watching a woman lactate, consuming breast milk, sucking a woman’s milk-filled breast, or simply having sex with a woman who is currently lactating. In some cases, the sexual arousal is heightened if the woman is pregnant at the time but this isn’t a necessity. Plenty of people get sexual arousal from breast milk, regardless of the woman even being present. Lactophilia is also associated with infantilism, which is sexual arousal derived from acting like and being treated like an adult baby. Again, these two fetishes don’t need to co-exist but are sometimes related. The act of suckling at a woman’s breast as an adult baby is also referred to as adult breastfeeding or adult nursing. 

If this sexual practice exists within a monogamous relationship where both parties are compliant and aroused by the act, they’re often referred to as a nursing couple. There are plenty of women out there who enjoy having their lactating breasts suckled on by their partners. After all, the nipples are a highly erogenous zone on the female body and even more sensitive during and after pregnancy. 

Have a lactation fetish but don’t have a partner to share it with? No problem. Lactation prostitution is a thing now where you can pay to breastfeed! Mutual lactation is also becoming more common amongst lesbian couples as a sign of intimacy and affection. What’s even more interesting (and exciting for non-expectant mothers), lactation is possible even if you’re not pregnant or don’t intend to become pregnant. Thanks to a process called unintended milk flow, selling breast milk online isn't reserved for just pregnant women. When your nipple becomes stimulated, unintended milk flow can happen. The scientific name for this process is galactorrhea. Through a specialized process of stimulating and sucking a woman’s nipples, regardless of whether or not they’re currently lactating, you can induce milk production. Now, not only will your breast milk start to flow but so will your income! 

FAQs About Selling Breast Milk Online

Now that you understand a little more about the breast milk market, let’s talk logistics. Because breast milk is a natural bodily fluid, it needs to be preserved and shipped in a certain way. You also need to get to know your clients on a personal level so you can fulfill their specific lactation fantasies.

Here’s everything you need to know about successfully selling your precious breast milk online.

Is it Legal?

This is the first question most people ask and the answer is yes. It’s completely legal to sell your breast milk online. As of this writing, there are no state or federal laws banning the sale of this valuable bodily fluid. This makes it easy to advertise your breast milk, attract buyers, and sell to a wide range of clientele. 

Who Can Sell Breast Milk Online?

As previously mentioned, selling breast milk isn’t reserved just for moms or pregnant women. Anyone who can produce milk can sell it. Granted, some clients prefer fresh breast milk from a woman who is either pregnant or actively breastfeeding. Other buyers don’t have a preference. If you’re a lactating mom who’s overproducing, you may be dying for the chance to put that excess milk to good use! And why not earn some money while you’re at it?

How Much Can You Charge for Breast Milk?

Let’s talk money. Depending on where you sell your breast milk and to whom, you can charge anywhere from 50 cents per ounce up to $5. It’s important to note that online breast milk sells for less than if you were to visit a milk bank. The average cost of online milk per ounce is around $2.50. However, if you're selling your milk to someone with a serious lactation fetish and are willing to include pictures and videos with your milk, you can charge substantially more. Some people will even pay to watch you pump your breast milk before shipping it to them. The more personal the experience is for the buyer, the more willing they are to pay. In certain situations, the buyer may ask about your current diet, if you drink alcohol and other questions regarding your health. This is completely legitimate considering they’re purchasing a fluid from your body for consumption. They want and deserve to know what they’re intaking. 

If the person buying your breast milk is doing so for their infant, they’ll need between 20 and 30 ounces per day, which averages around $75 for you. In a month, you could make over $2,000 selling your breast milk. You can also sell your breast milk in bulk at a set fee. For example, $450 for 2,500 ounces. Breast milk is good for up to 4 days in the refrigerator and 6 months in the freezer so people can buy your milk in bulk and then store it and use it as needed. 

How to Store and Ship Your Breast Milk 

If you’re selling your breast milk online, you’ll most likely be shipping it. This process takes time, care, and consideration. Without the proper shipping container or methods, the milk can spoil before it gets to the recipient, compromising not only the sale but your reputation.

The best way to package breast milk is in breast milk storage bags. Once sealed, you should place these bags into a thick, styrofoam cooler. Not only are these coolers inexpensive but effective, cutting down on your shipping costs without compromising quality. Adding 2 to 3 inches of insulation can help keep the contents cooler and fresher. Another valuable tool for shipping breast milk is dry ice. Just be sure to research any rules or regulations on adding this to your cooler and learn how to pack it properly. If the dry ice comes into contact with your storage bags, they could deteriorate or explode. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of how to pack your breast milk for shipping.

  • Line a styrofoam cooler with newspaper
  • Place the milk bags on the bottom of the cooler
  • Fill the empty spaces with packing materials or more newspaper
  • Place another layer of newspaper on top of the milk bags
  • Top the contents with cooler bags, ice packs, or dry ice (if applicable)

Ship the breast milk priority mail or 2nd-day delivery to ensure it arrives on time and intact. Take note of the package’s tracking number so you can guarantee it arrives and provide this information to the buyer. 

The Best Places to Sell Breast Milk Online 

As with most niche markets, there are certain websites and outlets made specifically for selling your breast milk. While most buyers are parents looking to provide nutritious milk to their little ones, some people are buying it for their own sexual satisfaction or to fulfill a certain fantasy. Ironically enough, you may never know! Some buyers may not reveal themselves as lactophiliacs when placing an order. And the best part is, it doesn’t really matter. As long as they’re willing to pay what you’re charging, you can make a significant income selling your milk. Here are a few of the best places to get started. 

Only the Breast

This is one of the most popular and reputable online marketplaces for buying and selling breast milk. Here, donors, sellers, and buyers can search, post, and connect. Only the Breast goes the extra mile to make sure that the breast milk sold on their site is safe to consume. This gives the buyer peace of mind and holds sellers like yourself to a higher standard. One part of the quality control process is a screen that tests for HIV, hepatitis, and other diseases. Sellers must complete and pay for this test (which costs around $260) before they’re approved to sell on Only the Breast. 

This platform also has detailed instructions and rules on how to handle, store, ship, and freeze your milk to prevent contamination. Following the website’s rules and guidelines can result in more sales and increased visibility. Another useful feature of this platform is that breast milk is broken down into different categories based on the seller’s age, diet, location, etc. The category “willing to sell to men” is especially helpful if you’re looking to capitalize on people buying breast milk to meet a sexual need or fetish

Ni-Q HDM Plus™

Ni-Q HDM Plus™ is a donation program that accepts human breast milk and compensates you $1 per ounce. Donors have to fill out an application and be accepted. All breast milk through this program is triple-tested for safety. This opportunity is definitely geared more toward breast milk for infants and the price per ounce is on the lower side, but it's still a viable option for making money off your natural bodily fluids. 

Human Milk Banks 

Like other outlets on this list, human milk banks are generally geared toward moms and dads buying breast milk for their babies. For this reason, most banks have a thorough application process to ensure that the mom selling their milk is healthy. With that being said, you can still sell your breast milk at one of these establishments to help supplement your income. Being accepted as a donor involves a round of interviews, physical exams and tests, and other screenings. Human milk banks check for things like smoking, caffeine and alcohol intake, medication, and other lifestyle choices.

Once accepted, you’ll be asked to donate your milk on site where it will be placed into BPA-free bags and stored before being shipped. Your milk will also be screened and pasteurized at the facility. This thorough process means breast milk sold at a human milk bank is often priced higher than if you sold it directly to a buyer, however the facility keeps this excess profit.

Breastfeeding Moms Unite 

Similar to Only the Breast but not as widely recognized, Breastfeeding Moms Unite is another outlet where you can advertise and sell your milk. Unlike other organizations listed here, this website doesn’t require its donors to undergo a screening process. While this means less legwork for you, it also means there’s no one regulating the quality or safety of the milk being sold. Because of this, some buyers might be turned off. 

Online Milk Communities

Websites and donation banks aren’t the only places to sell your breast milk online. This is especially useful information if you’re targeting more of the lactophilia and fetish community versus moms and dads. As with any sexual fixation, there are countless communities on social media and elsewhere dedicated to lactophilia and brimming with people eager to buy your fresh milk. 

Start by searching Google and Facebook for groups and communities where people are buying and selling breast milk. Most groups have a basic registration process to become a member and an admin overseeing the conversations, activities, and transactions. This reduces the risk of scammers and users with ill intentions. Questions for approval include:

  • Age and race
  • Current health status and medications 
  • Diet
  • Recent infections or illnesses
  • Pregnancy status
  • How long you’ve been producing breast milk
  • How much breast milk you can provide 

Most online milk communities don’t require a blood test or screening since they’re largely unregulated but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take this extra step on your own. Sellers that show a clean bill of health and test results tend to attract more buyers than those that don’t. 

Things to Consider When Selling Breast Milk Online

Before you start pumping breast milk for sale or learn to induce lactation without being pregnant, there are a few more things you should know about selling your milk online. While producing, storing, and shipping breast milk in the safest way possible is one part of the equation, you’re also running a business. This requires some know-how about navigating the online market, advertising, accepting payments, and generating sales. 

Watch Out for Scams

This is the biggest concern of any online venture – scammers. They’re everywhere! And this goes for both buyers and sellers. People buying breast milk online are hesitant about getting scammed just as much as you, the seller, are worried about getting stiffed on your payment. Sadly, there are sellers out there who take advantage of desperate parents in need of breast milk for their babies. That’s why becoming a trustworthy and reputable online seller is so important – and can do wonders for your income. 

You may encounter buyers who try to cancel their orders after you’ve prepared the milk and packed it for shipping. Not only is this a hassle but it’s a loss to you, considering breast milk has a shelf-life and you’ve just wasted time, energy, and money on supplies. You can protect yourself from these types of scams in two ways – get the entire payment upfront or collect a deposit that covers your expenses in the event the person backs out of the deal. A serious buyer who wants your milk will be more than happy to pay part of or all of the cost if it means receiving quality milk. 

Use a Trusted Payment Method

Another way people get scammed when selling breast milk (or any other product) online is by not using a secure or trusted payment method when doing business. The best online apps for exchanging money include Cash App, Venmo, and PayPal. Never give a buyer your personal credit card or banking information. 

It’s also recommended you don’t accept a cash payment from an online buyer since this would require you to share your mailing address, full name, and other personal information which is exactly what scammers are after! If the buyer refuses to use your payment method of choice, it’s a red flag that something’s not right and you should move on – regardless of how much they’re offering for your milk. This is one more reason to use a trusted source or donor bank where they buy the milk from you and you don’t need to communicate directly with the buyers. 

Prevent Contamination 

The best way to make a name for yourself as a trusted breast milk provider is to always produce a product that’s safe, healthy, and fresh. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, it’s not recommended for people that are not biologically related to share breast milk. But that doesn’t stop thousands of people from flooding the Internet in search of it. 

One way to prevent a negative experience for both you and the buyer is to reduce the risk of contamination. If you’re using a breast pump, be sure to clean and sanitize it before each use. Clean your hands as well or wear gloves. Never sell breast milk that you produced while sick or under the influence of substances like alcohol or medication. Buyers should rest easy knowing that the milk they receive is free from bacteria. Selling your breast milk through human milk banks and other certified websites gives buyers this peace of mind and might help boost your sales. Always follow best practices for extracting, storing, and shipping your breast milk. 

Tips for Boosting Your Breast Milk Sales 

Selling your breast milk online is a unique business. With so many parents and couples looking for quality breast milk online, simply registering with the abovementioned websites and donor banks might be enough to generate the income you need. However, if you’re also interested in selling your breast milk to men or those looking to use it for other, kinkier, reasons, there are a few tips for advertising your unique “services” and attracting the kind of buyers you’re after.

Utilize Social Media

If it’s odd, unconventional, or taboo, it’s likely on social media. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are filled with unique individuals with niche interests. And thanks to hashtags and community groups, it’s never been easier for like-minded individuals to find one another and congregate.

If you’re interested in selling breast milk online to the fetish community, start by searching hashtags on different social media platforms. Some of the most popular ones right now include:

  • #breastmilk
  • #breastmilkfetish
  • #lactophilia
  • #lactationfetish
  • #milky
  • #mammaphilia
  • #bigtits

To attract people with lactophilia, you’ll also want to create a sexy profile including pictures and some information about yourself. You can also remain anonymous, leaving your face out of your photos and using an alias. This last hashtag suggests that some people looking to buy breast milk online also have a fixation on large-breasted women. If you’re comfortable doing so, include plenty of pictures that show off your beautiful chest and cleavage. Just be careful not to post nudes since most social media outlets prohibit this and will ban your account. 

If you are looking to get naked and racy with your breast milk business, consider starting an OnlyFans page. Here, subscribers will pay a monthly fee for access to your content which may include photos of your breasts and videos of you pumping or lactating. The subscription fee alone will add to your income but you can also land buyers when a loyal fan decides they want to experience your breast milk for themselves. Let your followers know that you’re prepared to package and ship your milk for an additional fee. 

Accommodate Buyer Needs

Custom orders and specific client requests can substantially boost your earnings when selling breast milk online. People with lactophilia and no access to breast milk are often willing to pay top dollar for your precious fluid. It’s all about supply and demand. Not everyone with a breast milk fetish has access to a pregnant or lactating female. And that’s where you come in! Once you find your target audience of breast milk lovers, you can capitalize on their desire for fresh, quality milk. Customize the experience by filming yourself lactating or including pictures with their purchase. The best part about selling breast milk online to people with lactophilia is that you’re in control – you set the price and the expectations. You can also control the conversation. Find a balance between being flirtatious and professional. 

Don’t be surprised, though, if your social media feed also attracts parents and moms looking to buy breast milk. Consider opening two separate accounts – one that’s professional and appealing to parents and another that’s geared more toward the fetish community. The larger your target audience is, the more sales and money you’ll make.

Got Milk?

Who knew that selling breast milk online could be so lucrative? And, better yet, you don’t even need to be pregnant to do it! If you master the art of inducing lactation or are able to continue producing milk long after you give birth, you can make money off something your body naturally produces. This is a win-win for new moms looking for a way to make money from home or during maternity leave.

Whether you’re selling to fetishists online or donating to a milk bank, it’s important to only produce and sell safe and healthy breast milk. By following these tips for storing and shipping your milk, plus preventing contamination, you can make a name for yourself as a reputable online source for breast milk. 
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