How To Earn Money Fetish Modelling

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If you consider yourself to be a kinky and confident individual, then we have a great money-making opportunity for you. It does involve showing yourself off in front of a camera which might not be everyone's cup of tea. But, there could definitely be worse ways to make a living. 

We are of course talking about fetish modelling, which has in recent years become quite the lucrative career. If you want to know more about how much you can make and the opportunities that are out there, keep on reading!

What Is Fetish Modelling?

Fetish modelling is a broad term that refers to content that largely appeals to people's fetishes. Your job will be to create this content. There are so many weird and wonderful fetishes out there that it creates an endless list of opportunities. Some modelling might include; latex, toys, ropes, corsets, different body parts, different body types, you name it!

The term “fetish model” does connote quite intense sexual acts but this is not always the case. Every model sets their own limits so they don’t have to do anything they aren’t comfortable with. Some models make a living off of simply wearing risque fetish outfits, whilst others are comfortable with being tied up, naked and spanked. Obviously the further you’re willing to go the more opportunities that open up for you.

Can Anyone Become A Fetish Model?

The vast majority of successful models in the fetish modelling industry are women. Sadly, based on the demand there are fewer opportunities out there for men and the pay will be lower. But, don’t be disheartened fellas as it’s still possible to make it. 

A great thing about fetish modelling is that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. We have all heard the stories and the stigmas surrounding the discrimination that goes on in catwalk modelling. However, in fetish modelling, this is less likely to take place as there is no particular “look” that models have to live up to. A traditional catwalk model, as we know, has to be slim and tall with an outstandingly symmetrical face. Whereas in fetish modelling these rules don’t apply.

Models of all shapes and sizes have a chance to land jobs simply depending on the audience they’re trying to target. Things like tattoos and piercings that would normally hinder a runway model can definitely work in your favour as a fetish model. Not only that but traditional modelling careers are usually quite short-lived. As soon as those wrinkles begin to show you’ll be out the door! But, again fetish modelling has a place for you. Older women and MILFs are one of the most popular porn categories on the internet. If that doesn’t indicate demand, then what does?!

So the short answer is, yes. With the right dedication and promotion, anyone can make it as a fetish model. It is about the most inclusive kind of modelling there is.

Choosing The Right Fetish For You

So if we’re really considering going into fetish modelling we’re going to have to find our niche. Some models like to dabble in many different areas and can successfully make money doing so, but it’s also smart to specialise in one area too. To get started we suggest familiarising yourself with the long list of popular fetishes out there. You don’t want to go for something too niche where only a handful of people will discover you.

Some examples of popular fetishes consist of:

These are just a few examples to get the creative juices flowing but it really can be any audience that you might appeal to.

To get inspired we recommend sticking to your strengths. If you’re really into sports and fitness then consider using this to your advantage by creating sexy sportswear shoots. Likewise, if you don’t get out of the house too much and you’re into gaming why not make a sexy E-girl shoot. Choosing a fetish that you already enjoy and are comfortable sharing will make the process of creating content less of a chore. 

Another tip for finding your fetish is to search for what’s already out there. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to modelling for particular fetishes. Sometimes people just want to see different people following the same trend like NSFW Cosplay. There are hundreds of people modelling the same character yet people still love to watch it for the attempt and the fantasy. The same principle applies here. Find what’s popular, and maybe copy some poses, angles and outfits that seem to be doing well.

While doing your research it’s also a good idea to look at the competition. Blindly walking into a super saturated industry means that it’s going to be much harder to get noticed. However, finding the balance between high demand and low competition is what we want. Even if you’re not the biggest model in an extremely popular industry, a small piece of the pie is enough to make a comfortable living.

How Much Money Do Fetish Models Make?

It’s not easy to sit here and slap a number on how much a fetish model makes annually because there are so many factors to consider. It all depends on the type of work, the fetish you work in, the number of hours you work, the fans that you appeal to and your ability to market yourself. A successful fetish model can make upwards of $10,000 a month but this is not very common.

One fetish model, Goddess Valora, a 35-year-old foot fetish model claimed to have made over $115,000 in one year. She accidentally auditioned for a foot fetish shoot but stayed once she got the gig and found out it paid $150 an hour. From here she realised that this could be her full-time career. Valora had to diversify her income in the foot fetish world in order to maximise her earnings. She did camming, photoshoots and even hosted private foot fetish events where clients would pay to worship her feet.

Although this is one amazing success story we don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea. This will not be the case for anyone that sets foot, pardon the pun, in the industry. Being a model in a fetish shoot pays around $100 - $150 an hour depending on the work. The hourly rates are good but work isn’t always going to be consistent. Not to mention some shoots may require background work or hours of waiting around unpaid. Many of the models who claim to be making crazy sums of money from fetish modelling also have multiple adult side hustles running as well. 

Don’t let this news get you down! Luckily, we’re all part of the internet generation and with this comes a whole new host of opportunities

Fetish Modelling Opportunities

You’re probably wondering what opportunities do fetish models have to make money? So, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty. We are going to run through some of the best ways you can make money as a fetish model online and in the real world too. So let’s get started!

Freelance Modelling

Being a freelance model means that you’ll likely be paid to make appearances in adverts and photoshoots. Most of the time you will be working with filmmakers, businesses, producers and private clients on rare occasions. The days will be long and tiring but the hourly rate is good, especially if it’s a supplementary income to your day job.

To get started, you should create an online portfolio on various different adult freelancing sites such as Adultwork, Model Mayhem or Purpleport. Try to give a variety of different looks, and fetishes to demonstrate the type of work you’re looking for. A lot of models land their first gigs from clients who scout them straight off of the website!

Live Cam Shows

The internet is the number one place to find fetish content so camming can be extremely lucrative. Live shows that cater towards latex, spanking, feet, chastity or any other kind of fetish clothing can spark interest from kinky viewers. Interacting with them and entertaining some of their requests can result in direct payment in the form of online tips.

With many camming sites, they also offer the chance to have private shows where you can charge the customer by the minute. If you’re good enough to keep them on the other end for a while, these minutes add up! Some popular camming sites to get started on are Chaturbate, Stripchat and Niteflirt

Selling Pics and Clips

One of the most popular ways to make money off of fetish content in recent times is selling pictures and clips. Fan sites such as Onlyfans and Fansly have opened a doorway for anyone to become an adult star. The good thing about creating content in this way is you don’t need to be super confident and strip down in front of people. Being able to have as many takes as you want in the comfort of your own home until you get it right, is what makes this line of work so appealing.

To start out it might be an idea to build a following on various social media first as the subscription-based sites generally rely on bigger audiences in order to make good money. If you can get 100 people paying $5 a month for your exclusive fetish content then this gives you a nice $500 a month to play with.

Selling feet pics have become all the rage due to recent TikTok trends and some models have made a killing off of it. Hence why sites such as FunwithFeet are a great way to make money off of fetish content. We recommend taking some photoshoots or filming some content to sell privately on sites such as Manyvids or Clips4Sale. These don’t require you to have a huge following as people will stumble across your profile whilst using the site.

These one-off payments for your content can give you a nice bit of cash to start building your online presence. A great thing about using these websites is you are essentially your own boss. You make whatever content you like with full creative control, you decide your upload schedule and most importantly you set the price for what you think it’s worth!

Marketing Your Fetish Content

Nowadays it’s all about the clout when trying to make money as a model. Fetish modelling is no exception. In fact, most models nowadays are found through non-adult social media and followers very quickly turn into fans once they find out you have an Onlyfans account.

Promoting your favourite fan sites on social media has become so common that many of the big platforms offer plugins and social media promotion tools already. So, here are some of the best social media you can use to your advantage:


This platform gets over 1 billion users a month meaning 12.9% of humanity check their profile on a monthly basis. For the reach alone it’s a no-brainer to create an Instagram account if you don’t already have one. Sadly, you can’t upload adult content to Instagram but it’s not the end of the world. Most successful models on the platform will post lewd and provocative content that alludes to the latest shoot they’ve added to their adult site.

Also, try using hashtags to your advantage. Particularly with fetish content, we want to target specific audiences so search up the popular hashtags surrounding your fetish and add them to your posts.


Twitter is one of the best platforms for promoting fetish content as it allows adult content and nudity to be shown. This means that lots of models simply upload an edited trailer or sneak preview to their Twitter accounts to entice followers into purchasing it. Some models even go to the lengths of having two accounts; one that's SFW to interact with fans and the other for their adult content.

So long as your fetish doesn’t involve anything against their terms of service like intense gore and nonconsensual sex you’re all good!


Finally, we have Reddit. Again this platform allows adult content so you have the opportunity to post your previews. The best thing about Reddit however is the endless list of Subreddits. These are community threads that can be based around anything. And we mean anything! If you can think of a fetish you can bet that there is a Reddit community dedicated to it.

So, using this to our advantage is essential. Many models post their fetish content within the niche Subreddits deliberately for free. Some see it as a giveaway but it often acts as great exposure. Posting content like this helps people to discover you and build a following.

A lot of private clips and even some used underwear sales used to take place over Reddit. Hence it’s important to create an account to begin engaging with your fetish community.

How Much Should I Charge As A Fetish Model?

If you’re a complete newbie it can sometimes be a difficult task to figure out how much to charge. You don’t want to be giving away content for too cheap and find out that you could have been making more all along. Likewise, you don’t want to be too overpriced to the point where no one is buying. Of course, your prices are subject to change based on how popular you get and what fans are asking of you but we still need a place to start.

Private Cam Shows - You should look to charge anywhere between $80 - $200 for an hour-long cam show. If the client is asking for specific outfits or sexual acts then you are entitled to bump your prices up to accommodate for this. Sometimes generous clients will be willing to pay more and offer tips so be nice in your negotiations.

Fansites - You probably want to start at around $10 a month and increase it as time goes on. New profiles that don’t have much content inherently seem like the fan is paying too much for very little. So only increase the price when you have a good backlog of content to offer them.

Private Photos - Private photos should go for $5 or more depending on the shoot. If it is a custom request or part of a collection, you may charge more. Lots of models like to upsell private pictures when they’re selling used items or bodily fluids to a customer. This not only validates that the items are genuine but adds to the fantasy.

Private Clips - Private clips are generally calculated on a minute basis meaning the longer the clip the more you charge. $1 a minute is usually a good rate to start out on and increase as you become more popular.

Fetish Modelling Photoshoots - Most freelance work will be paid on an hourly basis but try to make sure that you’re earning at least $1000 per shoot on average. Sometimes shoots can be 12 hours long meaning that you will have to work hard for your money so make sure you get paid!

Tips For Fetish Modelling

Fetish modelling can be a great money maker but it’s important that you make safety and personal wellbeing a priority when entering this line of work. Make sure that you are 100% confident in your decision to become a fetish model. Having content online that shows your face as a fetish model will be out there forever. This is what encourages models to create aliases and avoid showing their faces as they wish to preserve their anonymity.

Another tip to take home is never give your personal information away to strangers. Interacting with fans will become a daily obligation so it’s important that you carry out all engagement or work over modelling accounts that are not linked to your personal ones. If you’re soliciting physical goods to any clients don’t provide your home address.

Ultimately, be safe, have fun and get paid!