How To Make Money On ManyVids

The used panty marketplace

Do you like to record yourself having sex? Have you ever wanted to get paid for doing so? Well, what if I told you there was a place where this is all possible? That’s right! today we are going to be talking about ManyVids and more specifically how to actually make money on the platform. We have briefly touched on the site in the past but considering the success that some sellers have had in recent years, we thought it would be worth your while to learn a bit more about them.

What Is ManyVids? 

ManyVids is a unique adult camming site and I guess we could call it an e-commerce site based in Canada. The goods that you typically trade in that make the site an e-commerce site are videos and clips of sexual content. The site is catered to models and amateur adult actors to make content and sell it. 

Many of the biggest porn sites on the internet offer this service but this is ManyVids' speciality. With this in mind, they crack down on accounts that try to post pirated content and have strict copyright rules that we’ll get into later. Even places like PornHub don’t have this level of dedication to penalising pirated content so this certainly says something about ManyVids as a company.

The platform does a great job of making the creator feel like their own boss in terms of how they promote themselves and the content that they would like to sell. So long as your content doesn’t include the obvious gore, nonconsensual sex or underage models, you’re good to upload the softest porn to the most hardcore kinks that you’re into.

What sets ManyVids apart from a lot of other sites like this is their relationship with professional stars in the industry. Despite the website being catered towards amateur models, you’ll be surprised to find big names uploading their own private content. Stars such as Alexis Texas, Mia Malkova, Valentina Nappi, Lena Paul and so on! 

Of course, it’s easy to be intimidated by the pros doing their thing but don’t see it as competition, see it as validation. If people are making enough money to the point where the professionals want a slice then there is certainly enough money for everyone to go around. Once you hop onto the site you’ll immediately notice the amateur theme of most of the videos thus proving that everyone has a chance to sell their content as people can get their 4K studio-level porn from somewhere else.

How To Start Selling 

To start selling on ManyVids you’ll need to sign up as a seller. The process is pretty easy filling out the standard username, email address and password fields on the forms. The longest part of the process is the ID verification where users can expect a response on their approval in about 24-48 hours time. But considering the volume of applicants they get per day this is still very reasonable.

Users are required to submit a picture of themselves holding up their photo ID to their face with all details clearly visible. Once you have been approved however you can start selling right away. To start uploading videos you can click on the My Content tab and select Upload Vids. From here it’s pretty self-explanatory you can start uploading your video files and setting the price based on what you think it’s worth.

In this dashboard, you also have the option to set up your own store with multiple different services, however each one has its own start-up and verification requirements so we’ll go through this in the services later.

Promoting Your ManyVids Content 

Any successful ManyVids account that was built from the ground up and not from preexisting clout, utilised all forms of promotion and had great engagement. Interacting with the fans, posting and promoting content is the key to success in the online adult business so we have to capitalise on all popular forms of social media. 

Some fans love to feel connected to the models that they follow so building that connection through engagement should be a priority. Provoking a sexual fantasy through content teasers and helping the fans live it through messaging and social media posts is a powerful combination. 

Without any further ado, here are some of the top tips to promote your ManyVids and get noticed on the site. 

Getting Verified 

The first step that is a must if we wish to entice our fans into parting with their cash is to have a verified profile on ManyVids. The power of the blue tick is astounding as it not only proves to ManyVids that you are a legitimate model looking to use their platform but also shows the fans that you’re serious about the content you produce. When a fan clicks on an unverified account with a barebones profile lacking content they are highly unlikely to purchase anything from that person.

In contrast, if your account has gone through the relevant verification steps and contains lots of content with a well set up store then we’re showing them that we mean business. As we mentioned earlier the first form of verification that you’ll need to complete is the ID verification after the signup process is complete, so make sure that this is done!

Of course, the magical blue ticks of verification are available on other social media platforms but this is obviously easier said than done. Users need to be significant public figures with a decent following to acquire them.

Instagram Promotion

Instagram is an amazing way to promote your Manyvids content as some of you might already have a substantial following on here. Of course not to worry if you don’t, there are other methods available but the most successful performers on the site typically have some form of clout in one way or another. 

Posting content to Instagram will need to be done very carefully. The platform does not allow nudity so it’d be the most catastrophic nip slip of your career if they ban you. With that being said, Instagram is still great for posting teasers and trailers that imply sexually explicit content that can be found elsewhere. Make sure to post the link to your video on your Linktree, or other link sharing websites as you are not allowed to put links to adult sites in your Instagram bio. 

Posting stories, going live, and engaging with fans are some of the best ways to stir up excitement about the new content that you’re dropping if they don’t quite get the message from your provocative post that day.

Unlike other fan sites, Manyvids aren’t too big on promoting your social media so it will usually be a one-way flow of traffic. You can however gain followers for free on Manyvids which allows your followers to see Manyvids flyers that you send out which we will also explain later.

Twitter Promotion

Twitter is certainly an ally when it comes to promoting adult content. The fact that they allow nudity and explicit content is perfect for releasing teasers and trailers without the worry of getting banned. Of course, again you will need to comply with their terms of service but pretty much anything you’re allowed to show on Manyvids you can get away with on Twitter.

As a model just starting out you will definitely want to use Twitter to help build a fanbase on the site. Getting your content out there and funnelling them towards Manyvids is the goal. You will need to entice the fans and give out some sneak peeks but it will all be worth it in the long run once you acquire some loyal fans.

A feature to exploit is scheduling Tweets. Manyvids does offer this service where you can automate tweets meaning any content you post to Manyvids and scheduled to be posted will be sent out at that time. One downside to this is the risk of being shadowbanned using this service. This isn’t a ban where your account is deleted but rather it will stop being displayed in search results for your account.

We aren’t too sure about the reason for this but some speculate it is to reduce the amount of spam Twitter receives. Regardless, there are other ways around this. Some models opt to have an NSFW Twitter account separate from their main. Meaning, that if anything goes south on the NSFW account they still have their main to fall back on and inform their followers.

Another solution is to use a third-party Tweet scheduling application which there are loads of out there. Granted you will have to manually create the posts and submit them. But after a couple of hours of work, it can make for a good week or so of downtime to work on other things.

One example of a free to use social media scheduler is Buffer. But, there are many others out there that you might prefer so take a look.

Reddit Promotion

Everyone's favourite forum has proven to be a great money maker time and time again. Today is no exception. Many adult models opt to promote their content on Reddit in order to build a following and push their Manyvids account. The fact that Reddit allows NSFW content is another huge advantage as again we don’t need to be too concerned about how much nudity is shown meaning less editing on your part. 

The main way of promoting content on Reddit is to create your teasers and upload them to your own Reddit page. From here you should start to post it on other relevant adult subreddits that suit your niche. For instance r/footfetish for those who create and sell foot fetish content in this space. Considering these subreddits tend to have hundreds of thousands of members, if your posts get picked up it's free advertising on a pretty big scale.

Choosing the subreddits to submit your posts to is the tricky part of the game. While bigger subreddits with more members grant large exposure these threads can be very saturated and difficult to stand out in, with large numbers of viewers simply there to browse the vast amount of content that already exists on the thread. In some cases, finding a subreddit with a smaller and more niche community can lead to better results. With the number of models in this fetish being scarce viewers and kink lovers are more likely to follow you in order to get more of their favourite content. 

Although being a big fish in a small pond has its perks both ways of advertising are beneficial, so give them both a try.

ManyVids Features and Services 

So now that we know a bit more about how to get our content out there, let's explore what services Manyvids has to offer to aid us in this money-making process.


The main function of most fansites is to drive your traffic into a subscription for your exclusive content. While this is one of the main ways to make money using Manyvids it is slightly confusing so we’ve taken the opportunity to break it down for you.

MV Crush Club - This is the cheapest membership a user can purchase on a model's page and it simply allows them access to some of the model's exclusive content. It’s important to check what you’re getting before you subscribe as a lot of the exclusive content that the model's post will be saved for higher memberships or OnlyFans content. The price of the subscription is set by the model so you can really get that feeling of being your own boss.

MV Star Membership - The star membership is probably the most cost-efficient as it grants essentially full access to a model's entire catalogue including the backlog of old content that they have produced. Generally, this membership is more expensive than the crush club but only because of the extra content you’re likely to receive. Buying this membership is best with a model that uploads regularly as sometimes it could just be cheaper to purchase the individual videos you like. Again the cost of the subscription is defined by the model so it will vary.

ManyVids Premium - ManyVids Premium can be purchased for $120 a year and grants the user a bold username as well as an icon. The functional aspect of the MV premium allows users to directly message any model on the site in exchange for photos. In addition to this, users gain access to free token bundles which can be used to tip during live cam shows. The main use of ManyVids Premium is for networking with models or wanting to stand out in live chats with your bold name and icon. Of course, there definitely are customers who like to make it rain because they’ve got some spare cash lying around.

In summary, if you’d like access to exclusive content then go with MV Crush. If you’re really into a specific model and want a backlog of their content then pick up an MV Star Membership. Finally, if you want to get to know the models, network and message then grab yourself an MV Premium.

Manyvids Flyers 

ManyVids flyers are a mass messaging tool used to talk to all of your followers at one time. The MV Flyers allow the model to attach pictures, videos or a pay-to-open message. This tool is primarily used to promote new content or keep your followers updated with any promotional offers hence models also add promo codes to their flyers. 

Models can access this option by heading over to their inbox and clicking the envelope icon in the top left corner.

Selling Clips and Videos 

Selling your adult clips is primarily what ManyVids is known and used for. Unlike many other fansites, the first thing that is advertised on the homepage is a selection of videos complete with teasers and trailers. These are videos made and uploaded by models on the site with a price set to what they think it’s worth. The best part about this for a new seller is that you don’t have to wait to build up a huge following to start making money. If people like what they see from your video thumbnail or trailer then there’s nothing stopping them from buying it.

As ManyVids handles all onsite transactions you won’t even need to be online or at your computer to make sales. Typically when users enjoy your content they will click on your profile to find more and who knows, it could even lead to a subscription for more! So, if there’s something to invest your energy into… selling clips and videos are the way to go.

Custom Content 

Separate from the regular buying of videos, custom content requests can be sent to models by users in order to get something a little more exclusive. Of course, it is entirely up to the model if they feel comfortable with carrying out the request, and as the models decide the pricing you could always crank up that cost for a hefty profit.

Most models add a base fee for custom content and then additional fees per minute of the video, not including any props, outfits or toy requests from the customer. ManyVids allows models to reupload custom content into their standard clip library boosting the amount you can make for it. Obviously, some customers will want their video to be entirely exclusive and not shared with the public so this usually results in another user-defined markup. It’s clear to see that custom videos can be very profitable if you know what you’re doing.

MV Live 

From the clue in the name, you could most likely tell that this is the live streaming and camming feature that ManyVids offer. By going live on the site for the public you get the chance to be featured on a section of the homepage dedicated to those live and camming. Users in your live stream have the option to tip and make it rain with tokens that they have purchased. Models make 7 cents on every token they get so it’s important to entice customers to get those tips!

Custom Stores 

A rather unique aspect of the ManyVids platform is the custom stores they offer. If a model has anything else that they’d like to sell, ManyVids do their best to facilitate this. Models have set up stores to sell, lingerie, sex toys, signed pictures, used panties and Premium Snapchats just to name a few. 

ManyVids models can get creative as the service doesn’t need to be a tangible object. Some have gone to the lengths to offer “penis rating” services which as you might have guessed, users pay to have pictures of their penis rated by the model.

How Much Do ManyVids Models Make? 

Models on ManyVids get paid 60-80% depending on what services they use. On tips, subscriptions and custom content creators get 80% of the revenue made. Whereas all other services outside of this such as selling clips and everything else in their store will earn the creator a 60% cut. As we previously mentioned, camming services are paid via tokens which are worth 7 cents per token received. 

Given the supportive and collaborative nature of the adult industry ManyVids comes with its own referral program. Existing creators on the site will get a referral code that they can send out to potential models all over the internet. For every new ManyVids model that signs up using the referral code, the owner of the code gets a 5% commission of select transactions for life. 

Just note that the referral has to be made using your link specifically in order to redeem the commission.

Payouts Using ManyVids 

ManyVids have a variety of different ways to get paid. The only downside is that they all come with their own minimum payout and transaction fees. Some models on the site may want to change their goals in terms of cashing out or alter their payment method so that it is the most cost-efficient for their situation. So allow us to break them down for you.

Checks - These are only available to users that are US residents and have a minimum payout of $100 with no transaction fee.

Payoneer - A free international payment service but has a minimum payout of $50

ACH Bank Transfer - This type of transfer is only available in the United States also and has a minimum payout of $250 with no transaction fee.

International Wire Transfer - This is available in select countries around the world with a minimum payout of $250 and a $25 transaction fee

Alternative Payment Methods - Some third-party payment processors that offer payouts are Cosmo Payment, Paxum and Entropay all offering a $50 minimum payout. Each of these payment methods comes with its own rules and transaction fees. If you’d like to get more familiar with ways to get paid then you can check out our article on payment methods for sex workers.

Privacy and User Protection 

ManyVids take the safety of their users very seriously. Generally uploading adult content to the internet comes with its own set of risks so the platform does its best to safeguard its users from them. The platform offers geoblocking a newly popular feature of fan sites where creators can define which countries and specific locations can have access to their content. One thing to bear in mind is that it’s IP based, which means a person using a VPN that changes their IP address to one that isn’t specified in your geoblocking will have access to your content as normal.

The company is also pretty big on DMCA and copyright as they understand many of their users make a living off of their content. The ManyVids team will remove any copyrighted content uploaded to their site as well as remove leaked content that has been uploaded to other sites without your consent.

Finally, unauthorised access to your content and information is quite a tall order as ManyVids use encrypted cloud storage to protect all of their users, videos, images and personal information. So hopefully hackers will have a hard time getting their hands on your goods.

All in all, ManyVids is a great opportunity to make money online as an adult content creator. The platform is intuitive, inclusive and one of the biggest sites out there so it makes sense if you need the exposure.

So have fun, express yourself and be safe!