How Selling Used Panties Can Boost Your Confidence

If you’re new to the world of selling used panties, welcome to Sofia Gray. We’re an online marketplace for used panties sellers and this blog is dedicated to celebrating all things sex, kink, and panties! 

Why do people like used panties?
It’s biology - that’s what it is. Humans give off pheromones - every single person’s pheromones are different, it’s like a natural scent that is uniquely you. Pheromones are found in sweat, oil, and yes, vaginal fluid. The pheromones women emit from their vaginal area are quite potent and unique - they are called copulins, and they can actually impact and alter the male sex drive. These hormones can be incredibly intoxicating and erotic, which is why a lot of people enjoy smelling used panties. It arouses and excites them! 

Now that we’ve got that basic info out of the way...I have one important question for you: have you ever thought of selling used panties? Lots of people do it - and yet, many people still don’t recognize it as being a lucrative and fun business. 

For most, it’s a simple sexy side hustle to earn some extra cash - but for others, it becomes an actual career. If you’ve never thought of used panties selling as something particularly worth-while, let me persuade you with this list of reasons why selling used panties is good for you! 

Selling used panties earns you extra money - duh! 

Money can’t buy happiness, you’re right...but it can provide security. A little extra cash can be a means-to-an-end when it comes to providing for yourself, your family, and even indulging in things that make you happy like vacations or trips. Earning a passive income by selling used panties online can be really fun and provide you with a bit of extra cash to do more fun things - sounds like a win-win to me. 

It can be super fun. 

Aside from the money, a lot of used panties sellers continue selling for one main reason: it’s fun! It can be really easy (once you get to know what you’re doing), and it can be a really fun and sexy hobby. Some people knit, others crochet - you could sell your lacey black thongs online for $30 a peice. What’s not to love about that?!

Selling used panties can also help you explore your own sexuality.

Selling used panties is a kink - for some, a fetish. Not only are you having fun and earning money, but you’re helping someone indulge in something that’s important to them. It brings them joy and pleasure, and being a part of that is really cool! Aside from helping them explore their sexual desires, you can explore your own, too. I know quite a few used panties sellers (and other adult content creators) who derive so much pleasure and passion from sharing their sexuality with others. 

Whatever kind of adult performer you are (selling used panties, an OnlyFans creator, a Pornhub couple, etc) - you can use these experiences to indulge in your own kinks, learn more about sex and sexuality, and really embrace the things that bring you passion. It’s quite an incredible experience, really. 

Body confidence can grow and self-esteem can rise when you sell used panties online. 

Buying sexy panties, taking photos of yourself in said panties, advertising the panties you’re wearing for sale to people who want nothing more than to smell your natural scent and fantasize about you? Talk about a confidence booster! 

It might be a little daunting or even a bit overwhelming to dive into the world of used panties sellers. There are so many people that do this - it’s easy to get stuck in the mindset of “why would anyone want my used panties?” 

Trust me - they do! Selling your used panties (and everything that comes with that journey) can be a way to indulge yourself, show yourself some love, and ultimately become more comfortable and confident in your own skin. Not only that, but used panties sellers sometimes get into the habit of taking better care of themselves - smooth legs, manicures, pedicures - you name it! 

Customer service skills never go out of style. 

Another added bonus to the used panties selling game - customer service skills! You’re in the business of customer service, no matter how big (or small) your used panties selling business is. Ultimately, you’re providing a customer (the buyer) with a service (shipping them your product) - and doing this over and over again comes with certain “people skills” that can be really helpful in other areas of your life, too! 

Not to mention the entrepreneurial skills you’re gaining…

While used panties selling may not be an entire business of it’s own, it sure has a lot of the same qualities as running your own business - you’re in charge of marketing, securing the goods (wearing the panties), shipping the goods (sending them to your customers), etc. There are so many parts of used panties selling that mimick having your own business, that the entrepreneurial skills you’re learning are bound to come in handy at some point down the road! 

Selling used panties can give you a reason to spoil yourself a bit more. 

As I said before, a lot of used panties sellers take better care of themselves and indulge in physical acts of self care such as manicures, pedicures, waxes, etc. This can be a great reason to spoil yourself and indulge in forms of self-care that you really want to, but normally wouldn’t. Not only are you going to look great for your marketing photos in the panties you’re trying to sell, but you’ll feel great, too - and that’s really the whole point, right? 

You can make connections with people in the kink community. 

Also previously mentioned: used panties is a kink. Where you find kinks, you find kinksters. For so many people, it can be really hard to find people to share your kinks with (intimately or on a platonic level) without feeling shamed, judged, or misunderstood. Selling used panties can be a really natural way to get involved in kink communities online, whether it be through a platform like Sofia Gray, or Reddit, or Twitter. This can be so beneficial if you’re someone who doesn’t have many people in your offline life that would understand your selling used panties or other kinks you may have. 

You can branch out into other avenues of online content creation...

Selling used panties can be a gateway to all kinds of fun online work - sexting for cash, selling other clothing items, digital content creation, etc. There are so many things you can try once you know the ins and outs of used panties selling, other businesses or adventures you may want to try online are going to be far easier to understand and build yourself into. 

In fact, here on Sofia Gray, there are lots of things you can do aside from selling your used panties (such as sexting or selling custom content). 

It’s rock-steady in times where the outside world may not be.

*Cough* COVID...ahem - sorry, had something stuck in my throat...for the past two years. One of the massive perks of used panties selling is that it’s done entirely remotely, online, and can even be done anonymously. This means that no matter what’s happening in the world outside (a global pandemic, maybe), your used panties selling business is very unlikely to be impacted. Of course, shipping times or the amount of customers you have (due to the economy being tough for everyone) may shift, but there will likely always be interest in your used panties - even if the rest of the world is on hold. 

There is always a reason (and a push) to express yourself and your sexuality. 

I may not be a used panties seller myself (yet), but one of the things I love the most about NSFW content creation in general is the never-ending challenge to express your sexual side. Life can be hard sometimes, and being in tune with your sexual self sometimes doesn’t seem very important - but it really can be. 

For people (like myself and most of the customers you’ll find on Sofia Gray), sexual identity and adventure is one of the most important things in our lives. Sex can not only be fun and intimate, but self-exploration can impact a lot of other areas of your life (your moods, your behaviors, etc). 

Selling used panties gives you a reason to continually work on expressing your sexual sides, which can help you become more in tune with your body and your mind in an intimate way.

You can have a better relationship with your body (and gain perspective) really easily. 

Does everyone who sells used panties love their bodies all the time without ever thinking a negative thing about themselves? Absolutely not. We’re humans, judgement (especially of ourselves) is just something that happens.

However, I can tell you that selling used panties (or being involved with NSFW content creation) can be a really incredible breakthrough in terms of developing a better relationship with yourself and your body. 

Selling used panties can be a great “transition” job. 

The world of online content creation and providing services online is expanding every single day - and selling used panties can be a great way to introduce yourself into the world of online, remote work. From selling used panties, you can get into all kinds of things: online content creation, cam modeling, selling custom videos and photos, etc. 

Conclusion: selling used panties is great - and here’s how to get started…

There are so many reasons someone may choose to sell used panties, but in the end, it can be a really fun, low-stakes experience that can lead to a lot of confidence, security, and maybe even a remote working future! 

How can you get started selling used panties? 

Sign up for Sofia Gray! 

  1. Visit our “how it works” page to get started. 
  2. Click “sell now” to start setting up your shop! 
  3. From here, you can set up your profile, biography, and determine the items and services you want to sell. You can choose from selling used items (panties, socks, sex toys, etc) to selling content (pictures, videos, messages and more). 
  4. When you’re ready, you can connect with buyers. Buyers purchase SG Coins, which they then use to “cash in” to chat with you!

If you have any questions, you can visit our FAQ page or contact us!  

Why sell used panties and other content with Sofia Gray? 
You can create your own private shop in minutes and sell everything from content (photos, messages, videos) to used panties and more. You keep 100% of the profits. You can message buyers directly and chat over prices and agree to terms. Sofia Gray has thousands of potential customers just waiting for you! 

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