How Much Does An Escort Cost?

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Ah yes, the age-old question “how much does an escort cost?” In some ways, this could be the equivalent of asking “how long is a piece of string?” Something as variable and complicated as this can often require a lot more research than a quick Google search. Luckily, we’ve taken the time to answer all your escorting cost questions and some general escorting rules to make sure no one gets short-changed and all parties involved are satisfied. 

So, let's begin at the start.

Types Of Escorting 

Escorting is known as the oldest profession for good reason. This simple exchange of sexual pleasure for coin has been happening for hundreds of years, so it’s had plenty of time to grow into the multifaceted industry that we know and love today. As society rapidly changes so does the way that we find and pay for sex. Ultimately, this has led to a diverse range of escort services that all have different costs and expectations that we’ll be taking a look at.

Independent Call Girl 

An independent call girl is usually what people refer to when they say escort. Generally, they are self-employed escorts who reside in private buildings such as houses and hotels. All of the money they make goes into their pockets as they work for themselves. Call girls tend to advertise their services online so many of which you can find on your favourite adult services website like Adultwork or Vivastreet

Typically call girls like to remain out of the public eye and will only do visits by either coming to you, or you coming to them. This will of course influence the amount they charge. Call girl rates tend to be on the more expensive side and cost around 200 - 500$ on average for sex. This of course can vary massively depending on the circumstances and services required; how far you are, the number of people involved, the number of times you wish to have sex etc. 

Bear in mind, escorts can also charge by the hour which can usually be found on their profile or ad listing. This is why it is common to discuss rates and wager, if you will, with the escort in question. As they are the ones providing the service, they make the rules and the costs. So, while it is nice to get a deal, being polite and respectful shouldn’t slip away. 

Although the name explicitly states “girl”, this occupation is not exclusive to women. There are plenty of male escorts that follow the same rules and expectations; they just don’t have a cool name like “call girl”. 

Escort Agency Employee 

This is more or less the same thing as a call girl, the major difference being the cost and who they work for. When an escort works for an agency they will usually charge higher rates. They have to give a cut of their pay to the agency for providing advertising, travel expenses and security so they can sometimes be subject to exploitation by their companies. This is less common in countries where prostitution is legal as their rights are acknowledged by the government and receive more protection against these events.

But back to the cost. Escorts from agencies can charge anywhere between 180 - 700 dollars an hour but high-end escorts with high-end clientele can cost upwards of 5000$ a night. If you’re an escort in the right circle you can receive a small fortune for your services. The since-closed Cannes’ Luxury Escorts would supply escorts to private yacht parties. In attendance were some very rich Arabs who would hand wads of 10,000 to the girls without thinking about it. 

If you’re planning on getting into escorting then you might want to try and infiltrate these kinds of circles.

Brothel Employee 

Brothels are private buildings dedicated to providing the service of sex. Some that are legal in various countries or cities will provide spa-like facilities such as saunas, steam rooms, massages and even a buffet on the house for their customers. 

Escorts working in these brothels charge more reasonable rates like $80 -100 for a blowjob and conventional P in the V sex. However if you’re looking to do more, you will be likely to incur higher costs. Bear in mind some brothels have a time limit on how long you can spend in a room with one of their escorts so don’t take too long!

Employees working in brothels have to pay a cut to the brothel owners or the company so they can be subject to some exploitation. However, the safety and influx of customers without having to spend money on advertising is the main reason that sex workers choose this route.

Bar Girl 

This is more popular in Southeast Asia, places like Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines. In fact, if you’ve patrolled the popular tourist strips at night you’ll see the streets laden with scantily clad women who are employees of the bar.

In this event, customers walk into a bar or casino and are greeted by friendly female employees. As a customer, you can pay to sleep with the bar girls but the exact cost is very dependent on what you agree on. 

Places such as Thailand and the Philippines will likely have cheaper rates compared to more developed countries, so it’s safe to say that it won’t be anywhere near as expensive as trying to do this in any European country or the United States.

Singapore's famous Orchard Towers or more crudely known as “The Four Floors of Whores” is a multistory office space and retail outlet by day. But moonlights as a complex of bars and clubs, of course, complete with many bar girls for hire.

Rather than a one-off night of sex, some customers opt to pay for a girlfriend experience where your escort will stay with you for however long you agree. Some may not even require payment for this period of time, just all expenses covered and temporarily giving her the status of your girlfriend. This of course does come with “all” the perks of having a girlfriend.

One thing to be aware of is that these bars typically have outrageously overpriced drinks knowing that drunk attendees will be coerced by their female interests into buying them. So if you don’t want to break the bank we’d suggest that a good pregame is in order. 

Window Worker 

This is unique to the Red Light Districts of Amsterdam but certainly worthy of making the list. When we consider the tourist attraction and volume of people visiting, there is sure to be a few avid travellers that would like to know what the windows have to offer.

In Amsterdam, 95% of the windows are one-room brothels where straight female escorts will pose and seductively invite passers-by in for sex. There is a smaller portion of windows dedicated to gay and transgender workers also. The rooms are clean and simple with a bed, washing table and toilet in the back. Considering that prostitution is legal in Amsterdam the rooms are cleaned regularly and all escorts working have free STD screening and decent healthcare.

“Everything is clean and I get to have sex with beautiful women? How much does this cost?!” Well, the price usually starts at around 50 euros for 15-20 minutes of sex which is roughly $55. If you fancy yourself as a long-lasting lovemaker then you can stay for longer except this will cost you more. Like most instances of escort work, it is customary to respectfully negotiate prices. Of course, they have the right to refuse anyone service for any reason so play nice!

Just a few things to note about window escort services in Amsterdam is that all sexual acts will be done using a condom that they supply both for your and their protection. Also, the only payment methods sex workers accept in Amsterdam is cash. The reason why they can’t accept any digital forms of payment is that high street banks that offer these services do not want the association with Red Light Workers.


Massages leading into sex is pretty intuitive which is why happy ending massages are so popular. These services can be found online or at your local shady massage parlour. But jokes aside this practice is very popular in places in Southeast Asia again, namely Thailand. 

Masseuses will usually greet you at the door or catcall you into the parlour. The initial small fee of the massage is a customary charge and anything sexual can be discussed before or after the massage. Massage parlours in Thailand usually have negotiations which can vary massively but the average rate is around 1000 Baht for a blowjob and sex so which is about $30.

However, there are also tantric massages available in many big cities. For example, tantric massages in London can vary in price depending on the service but usually range from £200-300 for outcall. These are usually carried out by very experienced masseuses who will cover you in various oils and massage you, paying close attention to your erogenous zones. Most of these experiences usually encompass the masseuse sliding their naked body up and down on yours to stimulate blood flow in all areas… Well, some more than others.

Street Walking 

Rather disparagingly named, Street Walking usually refers to escorts who patrol nearby social hotspots in order to pick up interested clients. These escorts can be found outside clubs, bars, strip clubs and all kinds of late-night social establishments in most cities around the world. 

If a street has a reputation for being very sexually liberal containing many sex shops and bars then it’s more likely that you will find escorts working around these areas. Escorting in this respect arguably comes with a lot more danger compared to others. The sexual health of the escort and the client is at risk in places where this is illegal, not to mention the wellbeing of the escort. Independent escorts that work on the streets are much more likely to be victims of violent crimes. 

However, if the country that you’re dabbling in allows prostitution then the chances are things will be much safer and regulated. So, how much would sex cost in this context? Well, the rates for sex here are based a lot more on negotiation but the going rate is roughly 50-70 dollars for a blowjob and sex depending on where you are.


So it’s time to show some love to our male escorts out there doing their thing and what we can expect if we want to hire one. The term gigolo usually refers to a man financially supported by a woman to receive sexual services in return. In some instances the man will live at his client's residence to be there as and when she calls. 

But being a gigolo is more than a sexual service in most cases. Male escorts are expected to provide companionship as well as good manners and social skills. The reason being, most men are more than a sex toy to the women that hire them. Usually, gigolos are invited out to meals or for drinks before anything gets sexual. Obviously, there is much variation in what clients want from their male escorts but the job is seemingly more diverse than what it appears on the surface.

However, how much would it cost to hire someone like this? Well, industry sources say that male escorts charge around $1000 per appointment with rates going as high as $3000 for a date night and $6000 for a weekend. You’re probably wondering why they are so expensive in comparison to a lot of the escorts we’ve previously spoken about. A lot of it is to do with supply and demand.

What a lot of women seek in a male escort is difficult to find and hence they will charge higher rates depending on what they believe to be worth. A good male escort has to be passionate and good at his job if he wants to make the big bucks.

Payment Options 

As you might have picked up on from earlier on, being an escort is a complicated job affected by numerous variables. As a result, escorts can charge in a variety of ways that you should be aware of… just so there are no surprises when you get down to it.

Payment Per Service 

In many instances you will directly be paying for the sexual deed that you wish to partake in. handjobs, oral and normal sex is the most commonly requested acts but things like anal sex and facials will cost more. It’s safe to assume that doing anything outside of the realm of sex and blowjobs will charge additional fees. 

Sometimes people look to explore their sexual fantasies with an escort so you will likely have to find one who specialises in or is okay with fetishes. Again this will probably cost more than regular sex so bear this in mind.

Time-Based Charging 

When a person pays per service it is usually until the person achieves sexual gratification through orgasm. However, some escorts charge in time rather than per service which can be a good or bad thing depending on how quickly you finish. Escorts that charge per time slot are mainly those who do outcalls, advertise online or work in a brothel. Typically because they work for a company and it’s easier to manage and estimate earnings if it’s based on time.

For the most part, rates will be per hour but there are options to spend an entire night or weekend if you’ve got the cash for that.


When you’re working as an escort it’s in your best interests to follow where the money is. If you can infiltrate or hang out near where the wealthy people are said to be, chances are you can get lucky as well as them. Some people are motivated by the finer things in life and experiences as opposed to making a quick buck. Many escorts will take payment in the form of being shown a good time and having expenses covered rather than being paid straight-up cash.

In many countries, escorts will buy entry into expensive parties and 5-star hotels knowing full well this is where the high-end clients reside. So if you can take your escort on a night out painting the town red, covering booze, food, accommodation and anything else their heart desires then you can expect great sex as per their side of the agreement.

Sexual Pleasure 

Although this might seem like a myth, there have been instances of a sex worker being so blown away by someone's performance that they are willing to throw in an extra round for free. As prostitution is still illegal in many countries a lot of stigmas surrounding it makes people look down on it. However, sex workers are just regular people trying to make a living and have the same feelings we do. Even the sexual ones.

Most escorts explain that they are doing their job by providing sexual pleasure both mentally and physically. This means feeding into their client's sexual fantasy as well as paying attention to what they enjoy. Bearing in mind they have to do this for numerous strangers so it is difficult to satisfy themselves in these circumstances. Some escorts claim that it does make them happy and flattered when a client pays attention to their enjoyment as well as their own.

Of course, many escorts don’t hold a grudge if your sole interest is to please yourself as this is what the initial agreement was.

Factors Affecting The Price 

Just to round off we thought it’s important to discuss the variables that will affect the price that your escort charges. For starters, the number of people involved in the sexual act will always bump up the price. Rates usually refer to the escort and one client so introducing another member into the mix will most definitely cost more. And you can bet your bottom dollar this price will go up the more people you add.

Secondly, their image. In the field of sex work, your value is very based on how you physically appeal to your audience. As shallow as it sounds, looks are a big determinate of how much an escort will charge. Super modelesque escorts being aware of their appearance will typically charge higher rates than usual, but who could hold it against them?

Age is also a big factor when it comes to hiring an escort. Those that have been in the game a long while understand that youth and looks are only temporary and that they may not have the same appeal that their tight flawless skin once did. So, older escorts tend to charge less than younger ones but if you’re into older ladies then this is music to your ears.

Fetishes and sexual fantasies will also cost more. If your fantasy requires them to go a little more above and beyond than the usual stuff then expect additional charges. There are escorts like a professional dominatrix and BDSM practitioners that specialise in these sorts of sexual interactions. But the best place to find these services will most likely be on the internet.

As a general rule, try to think about it from their perspective. If you had to sexually satisfy people in the context you’ve created, would you want more money? 

Overall, hiring an escort can be a pleasurable experience for both parties involved so long as everything is legal and handled respectfully. Now, go ahead and cash out.