15 OnlyFans Content Ideas To Keep Your Subscribers Happy

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Content creators are subject to a lot of the struggles and setbacks that any other creative job experiences. When you’re making videos and posts day in day out it’s not uncommon to lose inspiration, motivation and overall feel burnt out. That’s why today we are going to go through some amazing OnlyFans ideas to freshen things up and keep you grinding. We’ve scoured the internet looking for everything from popular poses, niches and video ideas. So we got you covered!

Make Your Hobbies Sexy

First up, this might be something that you’ve already explained in your bio and given your fans an insight into. But why not create a post using it? Nothing is sexier than a person enjoying themselves, so when we couple this with some revealing outfits and provocative poses it’s sure to be a hit. 


If you have a habit of being a naked chef then you can bet it will be good content for OnlyFans. One model, Cândida Batista, managed to double her income on OnlyFans with her sexy cooking snaps. Having the inherent advantage of being a professional chef, one day she posted a picture of herself without a bra, wearing a crop top in a chef's kitchen. The picture popped off on OnlyFans and the rest is history, she had found her niche. 

Here are a couple of ideas to try out. Why not do a semi-nude or nude cooking tutorial, fans love to feel connected with their favourite models sometimes. Natural, everyday sort of content tends to do well. Also, consider a photo shoot in the kitchen, the outfit ideas like aprons and hats are super fun and there are endless kitchen utensils that we can use as props.


Yoga is one of those things that already exudes sexuality. When you think about fit and flexible women, wearing skin-tight clothing, contorting themselves into compromising positions; it’s not really that difficult to make it OnlyFans suitable. For some inspiration and ideas why not try doing a yoga or fitness video with some more deliberate angles, so to speak. Having a camera mounted behind you as you slowly bend yourself into a cat pose will definitely get the fans going.

Try spicing things up with a yoga photo shoot. Don’t be afraid to get an exercise ball involved. The round squishy wonder-prop can really bring out the most in your natural curves. Take this yoga idea and run with it!

Video Games

Once upon a time finding a gamer girl was very rare. But finding a stunningly beautiful gamer girl who posts lewd content of herself was like finding a unicorn. This is probably the reason why this niche is so popular as lots of horny gamers love to ogle at beautiful women with this common interest.

As you might have noticed even a lot of the main porn production companies are releasing more gamer girl scenes so why not take inspiration from here. Porn companies have professional teams dedicated to finding the best angles for videos and thumbnails so studying a few of these is like being handed a cheat sheet. 

If you’re unsure about how to make yourself more of a gamer here are some common props to use. Gaming headphones (cat ears are optional), a gaming chair, a controller, some nerdy glasses and maybe an anime t-shirt or two. For those models out there who are already avid gamers then certainly try posing at your gaming setup or find a way to incorporate it. It’s every gamer's fantasy!

These are just a few ideas but hopefully, you get where we’re going with this. Have a think about all of your favourite hobbies and you’re bound to come up with a few collections.

Holiday Season Themed Content 

Holiday seasons are the perfect opportunity to film some fun new content. People love to get into festivities and celebrate in all kinds of ways, and we mean all kinds of ways. So break out your stockings, it's time to start filming.


Halloween is outfit and prop-central. Sometimes it is difficult to come up with a good costume idea but their eyes don’t need to be too focused on what you’re wearing. You could be a sexy witch or wizard, a sexy fairy princess, or a sexy pumpkin; the options are endless! A great thing about shooting Halloween content is the fun backdrops, props and poses.

Getting ready for Halloween shoots is also a great chance to go crazy with makeup. Coloured contacts and a ubiquitous gaze into the camera can really lock in your audience. Studies say that eyes are the most attractive feature on the face of men and women. So if you can nail some good profile shots it can be the perfect beginning to a collection.


Of course, the season of giving means that we have to be ready to release a festive collection showing why you’re on the naughty list. If you love Christmas then show it. Carry out festive activities like building gingerbread houses and get a little messy with the icing or consider decorating the tree by wearing something that doesn’t leave much room for the imagination. There are also lots of fun dressing-up ideas like Santa & Mrs Claus, reindeer antlers and even a cheeky little elf.

When it comes to Thanksgiving as hard as it’s going to be to refrain from making an obvious stuffing joke we will do our best. However, on the note of food, Thanksgiving is the golden opportunity to explore sploshing or wet & messy play. Wet & messy play is the fetish of being aroused by a person smothering themselves in food. For those who are comfortable and don’t mind cleaning up, this can be an awesome way to appeal to some new kinksters into this particular fetish.

4th Of July

Nothing screams freedom like flags and nudity! For those in the US celebrating their independence why not try and make a collection out of it. Granted the outfit selection isn't that extensive and is mainly limited to American flags, but don’t be afraid to get creative. Whack out some sparklers, get patriotic and most importantly stay sexy!

Episodic Content 

A great way to keep fans resubscribing is to create a content series. The content could be parodies or a particular theme that leads from one episode to the next. It doesn’t necessarily have to be videos either. You can use photoshoots and collections to give off the same effect. If you’re struggling to come up with a theme, simply try and utilise some of your old content. If you’ve got a piece of content that’s received a lot of love in the past, try and make a follow-up or a sequel.

Another alternative is to make a running weekly release like a Throwback Thursday or a Workout Wednesday where you can post some regular naughty workout pics. When people get used to the routine of knowing what to expect from your uploads they tend to tune in habitually. 


Cosplaying is one of the best ways to create fresh content. If you happen to be an avid cosplayer anyway then why not have some fun and get paid for creating a sexy cosplay. However for those that are looking to dabble and introduce this to their uploads we recommend that you start small. A lot of hard work and materials go into making cosplay outfits so definitely start with something cheap and simple to see if it hits. 

We recommend researching and choosing characters whose outfits can be easily replicated with modifications to normal clothing. Popular NSFW cosplay characters like D.Va from Overwatch and Cammy from Street Fighter already have lots of premade outfits for sale online so this is another great way to get started.

Finding inspiration for cosplaying is a lot easier than you might think. Just by Googling the most popular anime, video games, television shows and movies you will be bombarded by pop culture costume ideas. If you bear a resemblance to a particular character or do a good impression then play to your strengths. 

NSFW Cosplay has a huge following on places like Reddit with communities like r/nsfwcosplay having almost a million members. Capitalising on this can be a lucrative move for your page.

Popular Fetishes 

Admittedly there are a lot of fetishes that are difficult to explore and appeal to your audience through OnlyFans. However, there are some that are brilliant opportunities for content creation. If you have an interest in a particular fetish yourself then even better. Those who know what they find attractive within a particular fetish will have a better idea of the poses and type of content to upload. If you’re new to the fetish and stumbled across it through your research then it might be an idea to take a look at some existing content creators to see what they’re doing for inspiration.

Feet Content

The foot fetish is one of the most popular fetishes in the world so it would be silly to neglect it. Considering how low effort it can be to make a foot post as opposed to a full-body one it seems like a no-brainer to give it a try. Slowly but surely the stigma of being into feet is subsiding in the mainstream media making it a lot more accepted in today's western society. They estimate that at least one in seven people have fantasised about feet, meaning that even the naysayers might be hiding something.

The most popular foot content tends to be selling feet pics. So jump on the trend and get snapping. Depending on the audience, feet videos can also be requested especially if there are other props or *ahem* penis’ involved. Creators that have a partner with a foot fetish should certainly capitalise on this as feet fans love to see someone being sexually satisfied with feet. 

The fetish has many more female models within this niche but there is still a high demand for gay models in the foot fetish space.

Just make sure that you’ve gotten your pedicures ahead of time and that your feet are in tip-top shape. The aesthetic of your feet should be clean and elegant in order to have the most appeal to your audience.

Used Underwear

Used underwear is another extremely popular fetish that OnlyFans creators can use to their advantage. Ironically, giving your audience the chance to purchase used underwear can really freshen up your page. If you have an existing fanbase who tune in to see you pose in sexy lingerie then you can bet there is a hefty chunk of those who’d love to own the items that you’re wearing. Seeing you model in the underwear increases the connection and validates the fantasy that it has been worn.

When it comes to selling used underwear the items can vary massively. Some people might want lingerie, others might want sportswear and some might even want socks and stockings. So try to provide a variety of options. When you get to a certain stage as a reliable used panty seller you will start to get custom requests which you can charge premium rates for. Buyers will want you to wear specific items of clothing and perform specific acts in the underwear before sending it off to them. So long as you’re comfortable with the request then you’re all good.

Some of the most popular requests are sweat and ejaculate. As you can imagine there are lots of pheromones and powerful scents that come from these bodily fluids so the smell is often what they’re after. A tip when selling used underwear is never to give away your personal information like your home address or personal contact details.

Scenes In Different Locations 

Some experienced content creators might have invested good money into a fancy set with a lovely backdrop but this can sometimes get a bit stale if all of your content is shot there. Fans love it when you spice things up a little bit so here are a few places you can get some good content out.


Of course, the most common place for sexuality and nudity is the bedroom. But it’s just hard to beat a good bedroom home video. Everyone associates their bedroom with sex so it appeals to our natural instincts when we see lewd acts going on in one. Having it look all professional is one thing that people are looking for but also the amateur aspect of filming from your own bedroom makes it more intimate and relatable which fans tend to love. So if you’re having a lazy day you might not even need to get out of bed to shoot!


This is yet another room that we spend a lot of time naked in and it’s the second most common place for masturbatory or sexual acts to take place. Hence the bathroom has a great appeal to the masses. Not only that but it provides some great new ideas for photos and videos with bath and shower scenes. So get the bubble bath and grab your rubber duckies for this new idea.


Having sex or exposing yourself on a balcony is an age-old exhibitionist practice that many people love. Obviously, it doesn't have to be on a busy New York street balcony if you’re not comfortable because for one it’s quite illegal but also some people are just attracted to the freedom and openness of the sexual act on the balcony. Nothing screams freedom like posing naked high up in the air like the ruler of the world.       

Also, balcony scenes exude spontaneity which is always very sexy. Portraying the idea that you just couldn’t wait no matter how compromising the situation might have been, is a hot image to put into your viewer's minds.


Finally, try posting content when you’re away on trips or holidays. No one likes working when they’re supposed to be on holiday but consider it somewhat of a business trip. Everyone loves to fantasise and think back to their holiday flings and romances so some holiday content is the perfect way to tap into this. Hot destinations with beautiful views also make for the perfect place to get some swimsuit action going on your page.

Even if you decide to go on a skiing holiday, some skin exposure despite the cold or in the lodge can be even hotter than the beaches of Mexico! A successful holiday collection can be used to fund your next holiday so let the cycle continue. 

Exotic Prop Content 

Anyone who has had the privilege of browsing through Wish and Etsy will be familiar with the colourful contraptions of sex toys that are available to buy online. Funnily enough, there is a demand to see beautiful models using these so why not introduce them to your uploads?

Sex Toys

With such a massive variety in shapes, sizes and functions many viewers often look for different things when they are craving some solo toy action. For some viewers, bigger is always better while others simply want pure leg-shaking pleasure experienced from their use. This is convenient if you aren’t too comfortable moving up in size because there is some pretty outrageous competition out there. 

Our advice is to buy a few sex toys and experiment with what content performs the best. Better yet propose a poll to your viewers to see which ones they’d like you to use next. Another form of content that has been growing in popularity is toy reviews. Fans or even potential buyers of the product want to know what your experience was like with the toy so what better way than to show them. If all goes well it could even open the gates to things such as sponsorships.

Slings & Swings

Some of you might have seen these mechanisms in the BDSM space but the ones we’re referring to are a little less intense. A sex sling or swing for those who aren’t familiar is a device that allows the person to sit in a prime sexual position that allows physics to do the work. The user is propped up on a sling or swing that helps their partner to rock them back and forth into them with great efficiency. 

This is a little more out there than the usual content but you can bet that there will be viewers willing to pay to see you using it. The only downside to this is it's best used with a partner but we’re sure you can couple this with some of the fancy toys you’ve ordered.

Roleplay Experiences 

Roleplaying is one of the go-to ways people look to spice up their sex life so it makes sense that many people are looking for it online. Especially with the technological advancements of VR porn, roleplay experiences have never been so popular. Let’s not confuse roleplaying with cosplaying, however. Roleplaying is getting into the character and acting it out as if you were them. Cosplaying on the other hand isn’t too reliant on your impression of the character simply the way you look as them.

But here are a couple of ideas you can try out for some roleplay content on your OnlyFans:

  • Girlfriend experience - The single person's guide to getting sexually intimate with their other half. Jokes, if you have many adoring fans that wish you could be their girlfriend why not help to make that logistical nightmare a reality with a girlfriend experience video.
  • Step Relative - Despite the memes, the trend has become insanely popular over the last decade with there being 40 times more titles with “Step” in it on xHamster alone. Were not here to give the Freudian breakdown of this only to suggest how lucrative the roleplay experience could be.
  • Nurse - Of course, everyone’s favourite medical caregiver is a fantasy situation that people love to explore. There’s no shortage of skimpy nurse outfits on the internet so it certainly won’t be too difficult to get started.

TikTok Trends 

TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform to ever exist so if you are a content creator and you’re not on here then what are you doing?! This app is quite literally shaping a generation so if you’re not keeping up to date with the latest trends then you’re bound to miss out on some amazing opportunities.

There are loads of apps trying to make it the adult alternative to TikTok but all you really need to do is take an extremely popular trend and make it NSFW to feature it on your OnlyFans page. A great way to market these is to make a somewhat TikTok-friendly version alluding to a more revealing one that they can find on your OnlyFans.

You don’t have to be an amazing dancer but having a little bit of rhythm will help to make these dance crazes a little sexier. So get inspired and see what the people are into.

Clothes On/Off Content

On/Off content is a trend that has been booming on Reddit lately with over 1.4 million members in the r/On/Off subreddit alone. The premise of the trend is very simple. Models take pictures wearing an outfit followed by one completely naked right after as they’ve taken that same outfit off. The fantasy seems to really appeal to the side of our imagination that envisions attractive people without clothes. Except for this time we are rewarded by actually getting the chance to see it.
Content creators can make image collections or videos of On/Off content to be part of the craze and it doesn’t seem like something you’d want to miss out on. The trend really works in your favour if you’ve got somewhere to be as you can just take the before and after in reverse and then head out. But in all seriousness, simple trends like these that can be shot in bulk make for great OnlyFans content opportunities.

So we hope that we’ve inspired a whole new list of ideas for your OnlyFans page and you just can’t wait to get started. If not, maybe you at least gained a couple of post ideas that saved you some time throughout your week!