What is a voice kink?

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“Is there such a thing as a voice fetish?” 

This question is all over the place lately and I’m here to tell you: yes, yes there is such a thing as a voice kink or fetish.

Voices are unique to everyone - some are calm and soothing, others drip with excitement and anticipation, some remind you of home while others conjure dreams of foreign and exotic pleasures. Even one voice has the capacity to change and adapt to each situation, giving us different feelings to experience in different situations. 

I think we really underestimate the power of the voice - which is why I’m very pleased to write this article. That, and the fact that my voice kink is pretty intense, bordering on a fetish...but mostly the first thing.

Let’s talk about voice, language, and accent kinks 

I’ve talked about something incredibly similar to voice kinks in the past - you can find my Lust for Languages article here (that was even turned into a podcast). I am such a big believer in the fact that someone’s voice, their language, their accent, the way they emphasize different words - all of that can be ammunition for sexual arousal in the right circumstances. 

To better define the attraction to certain voices, we can maybe take a look at some other kinks that may play a role here...


Auralism is something of importance here, considering that it’s defined as the sexual arousal or excitement that comes from sound. Similarly to how “voyeurism” is sexual arousal caused by sight, auralism is a blanket phrase that can refer to any kind of sound people find sexually arousing, from music, the sounds of sex, audio porn, etc. 


Fairly similar to the above, acousticophilia takes it one step further and explains a kink where people are aroused by any type of auditory stimulus. This could be talking or moaning but it could also be heavy breathing, panting, the sound of a zipper being undone. 

In a way, I think we all have a touch of each of these kinks - don’t we all get excited when we hear our lover moan our name or listen to an audio porn track of a couple having sex? 

The “language kink” 

As I’ve pointed out in my previous article, while this kink doesn’t have a lot of research available, people feel this. In Reddit threads and message boards everywhere, people are talking about how a certain language or accent from a certain part of the world is what gets them feeling hot and heavy. 

Voices that capture us…

The link that ties all of these things together is the broad term “voice kink”. A voice kink can be best described as being sexually aroused by the sound of other people’s voices. 

But here’s the thing about voice kinks: they are inherently unique and personal. Two people who have a voice kink may not like the same type of voice. I think (in my experience, having a voice kink myself), that’s the draw of it - you have something that turns you on in a way that you can’t quite describe, it’s entirely unique to you and may even just be one person’s voice instead of something as broad as a certain accent or language. 

The ultimate foreplay: it’s about the hunt for the perfect (in the moment) voice

A fellow voice-lover, who goes by the name Lemon, decided to write something of a love poem to the voices that have captured her in the past, saying: 

“I’m rarely sure what audio I’ll decide on until I find the right one. Could be a narrative story style experience, an engaging one where I feel you’re talking directly to me, or just listening to you fantasize as you get yourself (and often me) off. Sometimes, it’s the bookmarked list of my trusted favorites. Maybe it’s a particular user whose voice I’m craving, but I’ll know when I find it. 

The finding is the foreplay. It builds toward the fantasy and release I am chasing. The feelings I’m craving that only seem to come when there’s a voice in my ear that fills my body with the tingle of anticipation and pleasure, a naughty secret in a moment I can carry with me time and again to recapture the fantasy.”

For me, this perfectly sums up what it’s like to search for the perfect voice, whether it be on an audio porn platform or a narration of an erotic story. It’s about the chase, the hunt, the connection you feel when that person speaks - it’s instant, and you’ll know it when you feel it. 

For people who have this kink, it’s not just something they enjoy, it’s something that brings out another part of them. It allows them to escape into another world, accompanied by a voice they immediately trust and feel safe with, a voice that they know can lead them to feel pleasure and satisfaction. 

Something altogether different than any other porn experience 

Being able to experience something erotic that’s outside the typical visual porn spectrum is exciting and remarkable, and in today’s world, really not that uncommon. Gone are the days where Pornhub and sites like it are the only access to adult content. While platforms like that might always have a leading edge, the world of audio porn appeals to voice fetishists and many others for how adaptable and personal it can be without being intimidating or crude.

Audio porn 

The rise of audio porn has been insane over the last few years, even though the idea of porn you listen to instead of watch has been around for well over a decade. Audio porn can be anything, an audio clip of a couple having sex, a woman moaning, or it could be someone narrating a sexy story.

While most people shrug off audio porn that’s strictly narrative, there is a very large cult following for this. Platforms like Quinn and Audiodesires are making more and more professionally produced content that uses sexy whispers, soothing voices, and a few well-times moans to get the listener into the mood. 

The world of custom audio clips…

Audio porn isn’t just about finding the perfect story, even if that is part of the excitement and foreplay. With platforms like OnlyFans and Twitter becoming more and more adult-content friendly, there is an ever-expanding market for custom porn - more specifically, custom audio and video messages from adult content creators. 

This type of access to adult content creators, where you can have something of a business relationship with them, having them create the kind of content that you like as a service has opened all kinds of doors, including one that swung wide open for voice fetishists everywhere. 

No longer do you have to scour the internet for the perfect audio clip (I mean, you can if you want to), but now there are many creators who take custom requests, too! 

The history of voice analysis

Our attraction to voices and the reaction they stir up in us all isn’t new. In fact, the first people in recorded history to study the human voice were the ancient Greeks. They were fascinated by the differences in our vocal spectrum and what impact that spectrum had on our emotions. 

According to The Guardian, sometime in the 2nd century AD, a man by the name of Julius Pollux attempted to map out the full range of human vocal qualities. Although very little survives of his work, there is a detailed list that describes how voices can range from engaging or feeble to persuasive and even melodious, with Pollus even noting that the latter gave the impression of a more cultivated individual. 

For centuries, we have understood that there is something about the way we speak that can be intriguing, that can stir up a certain set of emotions and that can be used to communicate using more than just what words we choose. 

Over two millennia later, a 21st-century collection of data allows us to dive into what really makes certain voices appeal soothing or exciting or proper. A company called Jobalign has actually created a technology that can predict how a person’s voice will make someone feel. Studies performed on this technology show it’s up to 75% accurate. 

What makes a voice soothing? 

Research shows that certain cues in speech (known as paralinguistic elements) are important when it comes to generating certain emotions from the listener. Low frequency, continuous sounds are far more comforting than intermittent sounds, for example. 

Without face-to-face interaction, we also rely heavily on intonation (the pattern of the pitch changes in a voice) as well as specific patterns in speech to determine if a voice sounds trustworthy or not. 

Intonation is very important with male voices that are low pitched and follow a rising melodic trend being deemed as untrustworthy, according to the research. The same can be said for low pitched female voices which tend to tell when speaking. 

According to Jennifer Pardo, a speech communications and phonetics researcher at Montclair State University, “Speaking rate seems to be one of the most reliable attributes when it comes to how people judge a person. We pick up on features like how long the segments are when they’re speaking. In general, people who speak a little slower tend to be perceived as more friendly or benevolent while we often associate things like competence and authority with people who speak a little faster…”

How does voice analyzing work? 

Jobalign’s approach to voice analytics was to identify interactions between an array of different features from pitch to energy accumulated over time, which then would be combined to give each voice it’s own unique signature. 

Jobalign CEO Luis Salazar explains: “Everyone has a core voice signature made up of a series of things. To see what I mean, listen to Leonardo DiCaprio screaming with passion in the Wolf of Wall Street [here] and then listen to him in one of the romantic scenes in Titanic when he was way younger [here]. The underlying essence of the voice is the same but when we look at the energy accumulated on a specific frequency domain and combine that with other acoustic elements, this voice scores above the threshold that the average listener in the US would consider an engaging voice.” 

Using that logic, we can take away that a voice like DiCaprio’s is engaging, despite what role he’s playing or how he’s using his voice. Anyone who has seen DiCaprio’s movies can attest that this is pretty accurate.

It’s all in a word...

Voice fetishism is very much a thing. In fact, it may actually be a combination of things. While you may find someone’s voice to be soothing, calming, or attractive, when that voice says just what you want to hear (I’m talking naughty, dirty, deep desire kind of stuff) - that’s when things get REAL. 

A 2004 study suggested that people who reported being more sexually experienced and active were rated to have more attractive voices by strangers. If you feel like you don’t have a super sexy voice, don’t worry - not only will someone out there most likely find your voice attractive (as perspectives on this can wildly differ person to person even when the basics of vocal attraction stay the same), but we can also learn to change our voices. 

Can you control and adapt your voice? 

All of this begs the question: if you have a naturally commanding, fast voice that wouldn’t necessarily elicit feelings of trust and friendliness, can you learn to change how you speak? 

According to that same article, having the right voice signature for a situation largely depends on how much control you have over various aspects of your voice. Certain people can exert greater motor control over their voice, meaning they may be able to be trained to speak a little slower or calmer in certain situations. 

The Guardian article linked above compares this to the way a person walks - it’s not just about the size of your limbs, it depends on how well you can move them. A dancer would move quite differently than a non-dancer and someone who is practiced in audio porn, speech therapy, or other roles where speaking has been a trained practice will be able to train their voice much easier than someone who has no experience in that. 

In fact, we may even be changing the way we speak without realizing it. Women sometimes subconsciously change their voices to sound more attractive during the most fertile part of their menstrual cycles, and men also sometimes modify their voices when confronted with potential competitors in dating situations. 

Something about familiarity...

There is a reason why your spouse’s voice can calm you like no one else’s...because it literally can calm you like no one else’s voice can. This is called phonetic convergence. People who talk to each other frequently end up sounding more similar, completely unaware that these little changes are happening. 

These similarities can be in things like speech rate, the pitch, or the intonation patterns we use or even the way we produce sounds. This kind of adaptation of the voice explains why some people “lose” their native accents when they move abroad only to pick it back up when they move back to their native land. This is explored really well in this article if you care to have a read. 

What’s in a sexy voice? 

A study as far back as 1979 shows that most of us think a low voice is sexy. Participants in this study were asked to speak in a “sexy” voice and both men and women “greatly decreased the pitch of their voices”, with women lowering theirs significantly lower than men did. 

While part of this study has been proven correct with subsequent studies (the fact that women prefer deeper voices in men), it’s actually been suggested (with this 2013 study) that men prefer women with higher voices, which alludes to femininity, apparently. 

However, a more recent (2018) study suggests the first 1979 study had it right: both men and women think lower voices are sexier. 

So...which is it?! 

Well, that’s a tricky question because there isn’t just one answer. Similarly to how we all have certain attributes in a lover that we find attractive or unattractive, we all have vocal qualities that we are either drawn to or drawn away from. 

What we like sexually can sometimes be traced back to certain events, but sometimes there is seemingly no reason for it. My lust for French or Serbian accents, for example, can be traced back to love affairs I’ve had with someone from each culture. My interest in erotic electrostimulation, on the other hand...well, I have absolutely no idea where that came from.

This new kind of connection with adult content creators…

Finding a voice you trust in anything can be tricky, and we search for it all the time. The nice-looking guy who smooth-talked us into buying a new car or switching cable providers, the female customer service agent whose calm voice allowed us to stay cool during a frustrating situation. 

And with audio porn or really any kind of adult content creation, once you find that kind of connection with someone through their words, there is this kind of bond that’s made - not just between client and creator but between two people who have shared something intimate.

Adult content creators of all kinds (not just voice actors) are able to create a connection with their fans, this kind of bond that is strong and weak in its own ways. We see it more and more with platforms like OnlyFans and Literotica, whole fanbases who are dedicated to supporting their favorite creators so they can continue to put out content and maintain a connection with their audience. 

Resources for voice kinksters and fetishists

I may be entirely selfish for compiling this list, but voice fetishists and kinksters alike need to stick together, right? So, here are some resources for finding just the right voice for just the right occasion. 

Audio porn platforms:
Quinn (various users/voices) 
Literotica (widely available to anyone, various accents/voices)
Audiodesires (various professionally produced stories with different voices/accents) 
Voxx (French/English audio porn platform) 
Aural Honey (erotic audio platform with moans, dirty talk and sexy stories)
Sounds of Pleasure (a forum where various users can submit erotic audio clips) 
Mr. Racy (audio porn enthusiast with samples of sexy audio clips)
Vanilla Audio (performers and artists you can support and tip) 
Audio Jungle (short clips)
Girl on the Net (audio porn enthusiast, performer, promoter)
Syrin (erotic audio platform and app)
Dipsea (audio porn platform)
LA Audios (audio erotica performer and promoter)

Voice kink subreddits: 
Gone Wild Audio Reddit (subreddit for GoneWildAudio, various users can upload erotic audio) 
Gone Wild Audio (Trans)
Gone Wild Audio (Male/Gay)

Gibi ASMR (ASMR artist
Pelagea ASMR (erotic ASMR artist) 
ASMR Glow (ASMR artist) 
ASMR Zeitgeist (ASMR artist) 
ASMR Darling (ASMR artist)
Way Past My Bedtime Audios
Jaye Wilde Audios
Siren Saintsin
Cookie Crumbles Audios

I hope the list I’ve been able to compile helps fellow voice-kinksters discover something magical and exciting. When you find what you’re looking for - promote, share, donate, and tip your favorite creators to let them know you appreciate what they do!