The Ultimate Guide to Selling Men’s Used Underwear Online

The used panty marketplace

Gents...let’s talk about selling your underwear online. 

For a long time, selling your underwear online may have been considered a “desperate” thing to do. You know the story...struggling to make rent, needing extra money to pay for school...whatever the “reason” was - it had to be a good one.

But times are changing, and they are changing fast (thank God!) because it’s quickly becoming more acceptable to sell used underwear online. 

There is less stigma about it now than there was just a few years ago...and yet, unfortunately, there are many people who still think that selling used clothing is okay - as long as it’s not used underwear. 

I mean, you don’t see any side-glances when someone says they make $200 a month selling their old shirts and pants online through popular apps and marketplaces - but when someone says they make $1700 a month selling used panties, suddenly the comment section is full of sleazy remarks and crude innuendos as if selling intimate pieces of clothing somehow paints you in a different light. 

Well - I’m here to push us further away from these ridiculous stigmas of online underwear selling by telling you the following: used underwear selling is great, for both men AND women. 

Selling Used Underwear...Not Just for Women 

We’ve talked about sexy side hustles before, and we’ve even highlighted our very own male underwear sellers before...but for some reason, many people associate the selling of intimates to be a woman’s game.

But men can sell their underwear, too! 

In fact, it’s quite a lucrative business for men (maybe because there is way less competition.)

While it’s true that selling underwear has largely been a woman’s game, men selling their underwear shouldn’t be dismissed - because there is so much opportunity there and quite a few guys do this as a side gig. 

In fact, as recently as 2019, Mel Magazine released an article where they interviewed 3 different men who sell their used underwear online - and you might (or might not) be surprised by what they had to say. 

David, a 22-year-old guy from the Netherlands got into selling used underwear after daring his female roommate to join a Reddit thread where women sold their panties. She jokingly responded that he should do it if he found it so interesting. 

Up to that point, he (like many others) hadn’t really thought about the possibility of men selling their underwear - and he was pleasantly surprised when he realized there was a market for it. 

In that same article, James, a 26-year-old New Yorker with a full-time corporate job, started selling underwear as a side hustle that he actually picked up through a different side hustle: camming. This is actually a very popular way to start a used underwear business. When your customers see you on screen, you’re likely wearing some kind of lingerie or underwear. 

Put yourself in their shoes: imagine you were an avid follower of a certain cam model who wore the same types of underwear in each video. 

You had their notifications set to alert you when they are online. 

You get a pang of excitement and lust whenever it pops up on your imagine you can actually own the underwear they wear in those steamy cam sexy is that!? 

In a word: very. 

And it’s not just underwear, either! Many guys who get into the world of selling underwear are able to make cash selling socks, shorts, shoes...even their pubes! I’m telling you: there is a market for pretty much anything - so let’s talk about how you can get started selling your underwear online. 

Practical Tips for Guys Who Want to Sell Their Underwear Online 

The idea of selling your underwear online seems great and all...but how do you actually get started? While we have a super in-depth Guide to Selling Your Panties Online, that post focused mainly on general tips to get started and wasn’t too gender-specific.

But alas...gentlemen: here’s YOUR ultimate guide to selling underwear online. 

Set boundaries and come up with a plan. 

Before you get started, you’ll want to ask yourself a few personal questions: 

1.What do I feel comfortable doing? 

2.What do I have firm rules against doing? 

3.Do I want to charge extra for certain things I’d be willing to do (wearing underwear for multiple days, cumming in underwear, underwear that has urine stains…) 

4.Do I feel comfortable marketing this as myself (not giving away too much personal information, of course) or do I want to create an online alter-ego/alias? 

5.How do I want to promote myself? Is this a casual thing or do I want to really try to make this a lucrative side hustle? 

Then you need to come up with an action plan. It can be looked at as a business plan if you’re really planning on making this a job you’re interested in maintaining, or it can just be a personal plan (how many pairs do I want to try to sell in the first month, first 6 months, etc). 

Find the right platform. 

The seller is only as good as the platform they choose to sell with. When it comes to marketing yourself, you can stretch yourself far and wide, making your underwear available to those across the globe...but if you’re with a marketplace or platform that isn’t easy to operate, has frequent difficulties or isn’t reputable, chances are your sales won’t be too high. 

Some platforms you can use to sell used underwear (that are specifically helpful towards male sellers) can be: 

  • Reddit - which has been (unsurprisingly to most) one of the largest places people have been selling their underwear since before it became more mainstream
  • Snifffr - which is a fast-growing marketplace for used underwear, however, they don’t take care of the shipping so that needs to be arranged between you and the buyer
  • Pants2Order - a UK based site that is specifically geared towards men who sell their underwear. While it’s new and not as well-known, it’s 100% free. 

Of course, I’m biased - but Sofia Gray may be the winner here, for multiple reasons. 

Sofia Gray has a pretty happening male seller’s area you could join (by clicking here). Not only are we the world’s largest online marketplace for used panties, but we also make it super easy to set up shop and start selling right away which is super helpful if you’re just starting out. 

Not to mention our blog puts out new content every single day that will keep you up-to-date with the latest stories on fetishes, kinks, and selling used underwear. Plus, our social media (specifically our Twitter account) is very engaging with our sellers, often retweeting your promotions to give you more business. 

Set a price & figure out payment. 

Knowing what to charge and how much you can expect to make from selling underwear online can be a bit tricky because it can vary greatly depending on quite a few things. 

Average Cost: Most people start selling used underwear at between $15-40 per pair and may charge extra for things like cum-filled underwear or boxers that have been worn for multiple days. 

However, the market is what you make of it: if you’re selling something others aren’t or able to provide a little something extra (like personalized videos of yourself wearing the underwear before you send them, which many people love) then you could potentially charge $50-$100 per pair! 

The extras...many underwear sellers also take “special requests” for things such as urine-stained underwear or underwear that’s been worn during certain events (like exercising). 

Beware of fees (where applicable): When it comes to selling on third-party sites (example, not setting up your own site and selling through there where you have to deal with domain purchases and all that) - some sites will charge you a percentage of your sales for working with them.

Not Sofia Gray, though...with us, you keep 100% of your profits and you can sell internationally. 

(Sorry - I just had to plug us one last time...we are, after all, one of the best.)

The red tape…

There are some rules when it comes to selling underwear online. For example...on many platforms, you need to be over 18 years old to start. Many sites will have you verify your age with some form of identification. 

Along with the age rule, different websites will have different guidelines that need to be met in order to set up shop through their platform - so be sure to read the terms and conditions and make sure you’re on board with everything they expect you to do. 

Get creative with your marketing skills. 

When it comes to selling used underwear, it can be a bit of a personal affair. We’re talking about a fetish that’s long been hush-hush, that maybe no one in the buyer’s life may know about and something they may even feel ashamed of doing - so let them know your marketplace and social media pages are a safe place. 

Get creative with your marketing skills: maybe do a giveaway if your Twitter reaches 1000 subscribers or post a few videos of yourself in the underwear you’re selling instead of only having photos. Go the extra mile and your customers will see (and appreciate) it! 

Make it clear: who you are, what you’re selling and make it super easy to find your shop. 

While selling men’s underwear isn’t super uncommon, there is a predominant female-sellers market out be sure to market yourself properly. You want to make it clear that you’re selling men’s underwear, boxers, socks (or whatever you’re selling) and that this isn’t a woman’s panties shop. 

Also, on your social media or other marketing platforms, always included CLICKABLE links to your shop - because people want it to be easy to buy from you. 

When it comes to marketing yourself, you want to be as clear as possible, which can include updating your bio with a bit of personal information (without giving too much away about yourself). 

Some examples of good bio/headlines for your shop or social media handles are: 

  •  “28-Year-Old Engaged Hetero Male Selling Used Boxer Briefs”
  • “22-Year-Old Gay Male, Single, Selling Used Underwear”
  • “Straight Teen Male Selling Used Boxers and Socks” 
  • “26-Year-Old Married Man Selling Pre-Worn Boxers”

When it comes to your marketplace biography, you can be a bit more relaxed: 

  • “Hi, I’m Greg - I’m 28 years old, engaged (sorry everyone - I’m taken) - but you can still have a pair of my used boxers if you’d like” 
  • Hey, I’m Andy - 22, living my best gay life and ready to mix things up. Want to buy some of my deliciously scented undies? Check out my’ll be glad you did”

Or, you can cut straight to the truth with something witty and clever, like: “Part-time accountant, part-time bookworm, full-time kinkster. And I smell delicious.” 

In these descriptions, try to list a bit about yourself (such as your age and/or your marital status/sexual orientation, if you feel comfortable sharing that) and be specific about what you’re selling, in order to draw in customers who are actually looking to buy what you’re selling.

If you don’t feel comfortable listing too much personal information, make sure some of your personality comes through in your bio. It also helps to include your “extras” in your bio - for example: “willing to give you _____ for $_ extra” - this helps your audience know they can ask for specific things.

Bonus tip: One of the best things you can do is list on your social media pages that you’re “available to answer serious queries for customized orders by DM” - this will let your customers know that they can ask you for something and start a conversation which could lead to a long-term customer relationship. 

Build an audience through social media. 

Social media is a Godsend and should be used as such. In a world where you can Google pretty much anything and come away what they see on the first search! 

How? Marketing yourself through social media is a great way to get on the starting pages of search engines. 

Along with writing a clear bio about who you are and what you sell, being active across multiple social media channels is a great way to grow any business. People like people who are engaging and active - connecting with your audience, hosting “giveaways”, sharing relevant information and branding yourself as “someone they can connect to” is the perfect way to ensure your sales do well. 

Take sexy pictures...and maybe some “professional” ones.

We want to see the merchandise, and the benefit of buying used underwear is that we don’t have to look at some store mannequin. We want to see you. 

This adds a personal level to the interaction and gives the customer something to fantasize about, which will keep them coming back for more. 

Consider taking “professional-looking” photos as well as photos that seem a bit more personal - because people like to have options and see different sides of you. 

Examples of this can be: 

  • Professional-looking photos in front of a blank white background, higher quality
  • Personal-looking photos in your bedroom or living room, showing a bit more of your personal side 

Whether you choose to do full photos that show your face or just bulge shots or something in between - people like to see photos of the underwear they are buying being worn by you. 

Cater to your won’t be disappointed. 

If you get into this line of business, it helps to keep an open mind. If you’re not willing to do “extras’, that’s totally fine - but at least look into it! 

I mean, some of these “extras” aren’t even that hard: wearing the underwear for more than one day, cumming in the underwear, taking a little video of yourself (even if it’s from the waist down) in the underwear and offering a personalized message to your clients...people pay extra for this kind of thing. 

Do some outreach - put yourself out there.

It’s one thing to create social media pages and a marketplace on whatever third party underwear selling site (hint: Sofia Gray) - but that’s only going to get you so far. 

Marketing yourself as a used underwear seller may not be something you want to list on your CV but it’s definitely something that will help your sales go up and your visibility to trump the competition. 

Wander around some Reddit forums where people are looking for used underwear, comment in the comment sections, share and retweet popularly used underwear marketplaces, interact with your customers online - these types of things are what will set you apart from every other underwear seller out there. 

Make it known: you’re selling used underwear and here’s where to find me if you should be interested (and you should be very interested). 

Be reliable. 

There is a local vendor I visit every Saturday morning at the market, and while his strawberries are delicious, I know I can easily get some at the local grocer. Why do I bother going to the market for strawberries? Because I know he’ll be there, offering the same good berries at the same reasonable price. Not only that, but he’s there at the same time every week and gives me the same kind of kind send-off each time we part ways. 

Being consistent and reliable is a great way to attract new business and keep recurring customers: people remember people who are consistently good at what they do. If you say their package will arrive in 5 business days, do all in your power to ensure that happens. 

Meet their needs consistently and they will keep coming back for more.
Be inconsistent and unreliable, and they may move on to another seller. 

Be well-reviewed. 

Encourage your happy customers to leave a little review on your marketplace or social media page - but don’t be that panty-spammer who bugs them with promotions and reminders to rate their experience, because that’s annoying and will likely drive customers away. 

Make it easy to leave reviews (having an option or leaving a little comment about how you would appreciate reviews or feedback) and if a customer reaches out with a positive message for you, kindly ask they are able to leave a review where others can see.

Be safe. 

One of the most important rules when it comes to used underwear selling: be safe. Don’t share too much personal information online, use aliases if that makes you more comfortable, don’t share banking know, the obvious ways to keep yourself safe online. 

But it goes a bit beyond that when it comes to sharing something that’s a bit more intimate: protecting your identity from your customers is a bit part of not letting yourself be bullied or harassed into doing things you aren’t comfortable with. 

Even if you’re showing your face in photos and are comfortable using your own name, there are things you can do to protect your personal space: make your personal social media pages private or hard to find, etc. 

Some tips from experienced (male) underwear sellers…

“I usually wear them a bit longer than they request, to really meet (and surpass) their expectations because repeat business is really valuable.” - David, Mel Magazine

“...don’t use your real name during any part of selling your underwear online. Your parents, current employers, future employers, children, etc do not need to know what you're up should be hard to identify you in real life, but easy enough to send you money where it doesn’t feel like a scam.” - Joe Inclan, The Rooster

“If I go to a [concert], I’ll wear them there, too, because everyone smells terrible anyway and I’ll work up a sweat. Once they dry out, I put them in a bag to ship.” - Tomar, Mel Magazine

“I buy varied types of underwear (jocks, soft fabric boxers, etc), cheap, so that I have something for everyone” - David, Mel Magazine 

“Join Facebook groups that are private (and meant for sellers)” - Be a Cam Star
“This first pair is going to Tim [a regular], so I’m just going to write him a little note: “Have a good sniff, love Phil” - make it a little bit more personal, a little intimate.” - Phil, BuzzFeed Video