The 10 Sexiest Parts of the Male Body, Ranked

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Let’s just get one thing straight: we all judge how other people look. Denying this simple fact of life is pointless, really. 

It’s a normal human response, not just for the purpose of defining our sexual attraction to the person but because we’re conditioned to judge and analyze new things that come into our lives to assess if we’re in danger. 

Men have talked openly about what they like on the female body for ages, so it’s our turn, ladies. 

I feel it’s obvious, but maybe I do need to say it: you shouldn’t judge people by the way they look and let that be your only guide to how you feel about them. 

Along with our sense of sight, we have lots of other ways to determine if we want someone in our lives (and in what capacity). Be logical and kind when you’re judging whether or not you want someone in your life, taking more into account than just their body. 

Now, with that arbitrary message out of the way: let’s objectify the male body, shall we?

While your mother may have taught you a few virtues like “it’s not nice to stare” and “don’t judge a book by its cover”, I’m going to ask you to just ignore all of that for a hot second while we talk about the male form. 

We’ve all got our favorite parts of the body, the things we’re attracted to, the parts of a man’s body that make our knees weak. 

But let’s talk about collectively, what women like on a man’s body. 

The Sexiest Parts of the Male Body, Ranked 

While I have put some personal bias in the ranks (because I can’t help myself), I’ve collected data from 4 main sources to determine what parts of the male body women around the globe have ranked to be the sexiest. 

The first source is this GQ article from 2016. 

The second source is a TFLN article where 25 women share their favorite male body part. 

The third article is from Muscle and Fitness

The last article I’ll be pulling information from is an article written this month by Generation Iron

Now, at least two of these articles were written by women - the TFLN article and the Muscle and Fitness article both site women authors. One of the articles (the Generation Iron one) is written by a man and the other (for GQ) is just listed under the magazine name, so we can’t really tell. I thought this important to point out, as we are talking about body parts WOMEN find most desirable on men. 

So...what parts of the body do women across multiple platforms and studies find most attractive on a man? The results might surprise you. 

His Abs and/or Treasure Trail

To be honest, I was a bit disappointed with this one being number one. 

After all, 2019 was a great year for “the dad bod”...but according to multiple sources, women find the abs on a man to be the sexiest part of their body. 

Now men, don’t worry - it’s not all about the abs. Women cited being attracted to the whole stomach area (a few pointing out the “treasure trail” of hair leading down to a man’s privates) and a few pointing out the “V” that men have (most likely referring to their pelvic bone). 

Of course, some definition and toning isn’t the worst thing in the world - but there are definitely still plenty of women out there who want a husky dad-bod

His Arms & Hands (those forearms are deadly...)

A man’s arms and hands come in at number two for the sexiest body part, which doesn’t surprise or disappoint me at all. 

Women explained their desire for a man with big/rough hands or large arms in quite a few articles I’ve read. If there happened to be a few tattoos on those arms, well, that’s even better. 

So, fellas: if you’re on a date and want to tease her a bit...roll up those sleeves and give us a little peek at your forearms...apparently, it drives us wild

The Neck and/or Jawline

Okay, this is where my bias is coming in...

The neck and jawline were only listed at number 3 in one of the articles I found, but damn it - they deserve so much more. 

So here it is, me inserting my opinion into this list: a man’s neck is just super sexy and deserves to be tied for second, at the very least. 

A man’s neck is good for so many things...choking, kissing, licking, biting...come on, ladies. It deserves to be high on this list. And a good, strong jawline is enough to drop anyone’s panties, don’t lie. 

His Back/Shoulders

Back to our regularly scheduled list...coming in at number 4 is the back/shoulders. 

With shoulders and a broad back ranking number 3 and 4 respectively on one list, shoulders coming in at number 4 on another and the idea of broad shoulders placing in the high percentiles in a stats-based article, it seems like these assets are in high demand for women everywhere. 

Well done, ladies - we all agreed on one! There is no doubt about it, a broad set of shoulders and a back that is begging to be clawed to pieces in the bedroom are hot, hot, hot. 

His Chest

The chest comes in at number five. 

Well, technically it came in at number 3 in one article, number four in a separate article and placed 6th in we’ll go down the middle and leave this one at number 5. 

Can I just say, though...the area where a man’s collarbone meets his chest, there’s a little indent...that little area has the power to slay a thousand vaginas. 

There is something really sexy about a man’s chest - maybe it’s the idea of digging your nails into it while you’re on top or placing little kisses there while you’re on your way downtown...but a man’s chest settles in at number 5 for sexiest body parts ever.

That Ass

Again, maybe I’m in the minority here, but this is one of the last things I notice on a man...and yet, here it is at number 6. 

A man’s ass placed at a nice (and firm) 6 across the board, it seems - ranking sixth on 2 out of the 4 articles. Surprisingly, in another article I came across at some point in my research, it was mentioned at number 6. 

So there it is, gentleman - we like your butt. 

We don’t love it, we don’t hate places right there in the middle at number 6. 

His Face (specifically the eyes and mouth)

A man’s piercing eyes that can melt you into a submissive puddle during foreplay.

A man’s mouth gives you ideas of all the kinds of things he can do with it...and a guy’s facial hair can practically be heard saying “I was made to make oral sex feel prickly but in all the best ways”. 

(Or, something totally nice about how we like your face because the eyes are a window into your soul and we can’t help but be drawn in by what you’re saying…)

Ranking in at 7 and 8 on multiple lists, the mouth, eyes or general face area of a man is what women find fits best in the number 7 spot on our list of men’s most attractive features. Some women even say that eyebrows or ears are high in the ranks for what they are attracted to most on a man’s face.

His Dick (and balls, of course)

What many men assume women find most attractive on a man is far too...obvious (for lack of a better word) for most women to place higher than an 8 on their list. 

While there is an obvious appeal to a guy’s manhood, most women prefer to look at other parts of a man instead...leaving more to the imagination. For those who send dick pics in hopes of getting laid...maybe try a nice shirtless pic next time. Less invasive, way more attractive. 

Of course, when it comes time to get rowdy, we’re going to need it all in working order...but until then, we’re just going to stick with objectifying every other part of your body. 

Good Hair

Long hair, short hair...women like different things when it comes to this particular area of a man.

I, myself, am a mid-length hair kind of girl...not long enough that you steal my hair products to maintain your luscious locks, but not too short that I can’t wrap my fingers in it and control you while you’re going down on me.

However you like it, a good haircut on a man shows that he takes care of himself. You don’t have to be on point and well-shaven all the time - but the idea of a man keeping himself well-groomed is super sexy. 

His Legs (more specifically, the calves)

I don’t know if it’s a weird warrior/superhero/strong-man type of fantasy, but a few women (in a few different places) have stated a man’s legs drive her crazy. 

Most specifically, women seem to like strong calf muscles or the upper thigh area. 

Who knew?

Just Showing Our Appreciation, Fellas 

As I said - it seems like men have spent decades objectifying women and I thought it time to turn the tables a bit. 

In all of these studies, something was made abundantly clear to me: women like all kinds of different things. 

While some of these body parts scored similarly in a few different surveys, the answers were kind of all over the place. Some women liked toned, defined stomachs...some women liked the husky/dad bod kind of belly. Some women like short, styled hair...some women like long and messy hair.

When it comes to what anyone likes, people all have their own tastes. So no matter where you rank on this (or any other) list - you better believe there is some woman out there lusting after you in the ways you want the most. 

Let’s Talk About Objectifying The Opposite Sex...And Why It’s a Good Thing

I’m not going to launch into some rant about how objectification is wrong.

Quite the opposite, really. 

I’d like to know why is objectifying our potential sexual partners is thought of as “wrong” or “shallow”? Of course, if you do it with the intent of only judging the person on their looks (and their looks alone) - then yes, it can seem kind of shallow. 

However, most of us know that there is much, much more to the human connection than just feeling it on a surface level, right? I mean, maybe someone’s attractiveness to us is a deciding factor in whether we go up and start a flirty conversation with them or not - but it’s definitely not the only thing we stick around for. 

That being said - I think there is real value in understanding the role that physical attraction plays in a relationship. 

Sex isn’t everything...but it is something.
And something important, at that. 

While there are obviously exceptions to this way of thinking (for example, people who identify as asexual, have low libidos or are otherwise uninterested in sex) - there are many times in a relationship where sex is about more than just primal passion. And even then, primal passion is a good thing! 

We are hardwired to want intimacy and connection - and many of us achieve that in our relationships through physical touch, whether it be kissing, cuddling or (you guessed it) having sex. 

The “Physical Attraction Scan” Everyone Does When Meeting Someone New

Deciding how we get that affection and intimacy (and who we get that with), like it or not, has a lot to do with how our body and mind react to the person’s physical attributes. 

The Deeper Dating Podcast had a really interesting take on this that I just have to share: “when you encounter someone for the first time, your psyche and your heart begin an astonishingly complex scan.” 

This scan picks up on the more obvious cues (like what we are attracted to about the way they look) but it also picks up on the more subtle things that catch our attention: like body language, their voice, the way their mouth moves when they speak...things like that.

These things either make us feel attracted to them, or they don’t. They make us feel safe and content, or they make us nervous and on-edge. This can tell us so much about our initial feelings for this new person in our lives. 

While it doesn’t feel like it, when you meet someone, you’re processing all of that information about them and subconsciously deciding how you feel about them based on this kind of preliminary scan. 

This is why physical attraction is important - because it heavily influences our initial opinions about the person we’re looking at. 

Attraction Can’t Be Forced, But It Can Grow

While you can’t force yourself to be physically (or emotionally) attracted to someone, you can actually grow into finding someone more attractive than you did with your first “scan” of them. 

Sometimes we come across someone and it’s just...fine. It’s good, but it’s not great. There is something there, but it’s not fireworks and passion. It’s a connection, just not a lets-have-sex-in-this-public-restroom-because-I-can’t-keep-my-hands-off-you kind of attraction. 

But that doesn’t mean it can’t turn into that. 

Studies have shown that attraction can be built over time if it’s exercised like a muscle. If you spend time thinking about the person and the positive things about them, the things you ARE attracted to (both physically and emotionally), your fantasies and feelings for them will develop into something more than they initially were. 

I personally like to refer to this phenomenon as “celebrity crush syndrome”. 

Why? Because who here hasn’t had a celebrity crush that has only gotten more powerful over time?

Just think about it...when you first saw a young Leonardo DiCaprio boarding the Titanic, you were attracted to him, right? Well - over time, has the idea of him not gotten more and more attractive because of how much you’ve fantasized about him? Who doesn’t want to be the naked Rose to his talented Jack Dawson? 

Or take Brad Pitt, as another example...has the idea of being Mrs. Smith to his Mr. Smith not become something of a staple fantasy because you’ve pictured it over and over again? 

It is totally possible to build attraction - so while lists like these are super fun, keep in mind that first impressions don’t mean everything.