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We have a problem – one that nobody seems to be talking about. For better or for worse, our culture has long oversexualized bi women.…
By Nikita Andester
April 1, 2020
The bean. Naamah’s pearl. The bald man in the boat. Rosebud. Call it what you will, the clitoris reigns supreme. It’s an undeniable force to…
By Nikita Andester
March 31, 2020
With the morning sunlight illuminating your bedroom with a romantic glow and cuddles in bed turning a bit handsy – have you ever thought of…
By Jaimee Bell
March 30, 2020
Oh, rainbow capitalism. The art of putting a rainbow flag out front, swapping the regular pens for Pride-themed ones, and telling yourself you’re being a…
By Nikita Andester
March 26, 2020
Our culture is a little topsy turvy. Think about it – there’s something the majority of the world has, that’s really not a big deal,…
By Nikita Andester
March 25, 2020
The chemistry between two people plays a huge role in attraction, but have you ever wondered what makes you feel connected to someone on a…
By Jaimee Bell
March 21, 2020
Oh, Pride. The celebration, the canoodling – the gallons of glitter. With so much revelry happening all month long, it’s easy to think that Pride…
By Nikita Andester
March 19, 2020
Aside from my own, there’s no body I know as well as my husband’s. We’ve been a duo for just about ten years, and I…
By Nikita Andester
March 18, 2020
So you and your partner have been trying to have a baby for a while now, and nothing’s working. You’re starting to worry…am I infertile?…
By Sofia Gray
March 17, 2020
Every lesbian has heard this question before. Like, a lot. Often from straight guys, but not exclusively. The idea of having sex when neither party…
By Sofia Gray
March 13, 2020