Spotlight: Male Panty Sellers

The used panty marketplace

The idea of women selling their used underwear, online or otherwise, is so widely familiar that it’s no longer shocking. Because of society’s sexualization of women in general, people understand it. A panty fetish isn’t like a furry fetish, for example – while not everyone gets what’s hot about anthropomorphized animals, pretty much anyone, regardless of sexual orientation or interest, can conceptualize what’s hot about women’s used panties.

And because it’s just kinky enough to shock the more inhibited but not so taboo that people are too ashamed to bring it up, people actually talk about selling used underwear quite a bit (see Vice, Glamour, Jezebel, Complex...not to mention a major reference from Netflix). However, the conversation almost exclusively concerns women’s underwear.

Of course, women aren’t the only ones out there slinging their dirty drawers. Men are in this game too, and often in spite of institutionalized barriers to entry (that is, if you can call selling used underwear an institution, which, damn it, we do). Most sites catering to the panty fetish community only host female sellers. At Sofia Gray, on the other hand, we’re proud to host male sellers as well. And in their honor, we’re going to take a look at the world of online male “panty” selling – who’s selling, what they’re selling, and what customers are looking for.

Let’s dive in.

Getting Into It

Anyone can sell their dirty underwear online, but who are the guys that actually end up doing it? The reasons that men decide to start selling are largely the same as those given by women.

You know the stories: full or part-time workers looking for a side hustle, broke college students looking to pay for their books or to pay off their student loans... While we can’t be certain that anyone’s story is true, or if, in the case of the latter, they’re just exploiting their youth and vulnerability to buyers who can get down with that kind of stuff, the primary thread that unites most reasons is money. And if they can get someone off in the process, all the better!

But that’s not the case for everyone. Some people are just genuinely into it, like David, a panty seller from the Netherlands, who told Mel Magazine that he started selling out of mere intrigue and continues because of the attention and the way his buyers treat him.

I hadn’t thought about [selling used underwear online], also didn’t expect there to be a male’s version, but of course there was, and so here we are, I’ve never looked back. I’m hetero myself, but these guys respecting and even adoring you was surprisingly nice.”

And then there are cam models, for whom used underwear is merch. Some sell directly to their fans via message on their streaming sites and others sells through third party platforms like ours. Check out the TonyStarkinVR Industries store for an example.

While it’s true that male and female sellers have a lot in common, the similarities stop there. Unsurprisingly, buyers looking for men’s used underwear are in search of something no woman can offer. What’s that, you ask?

“Pure 100% alpha smell”

That’s what one commenter had to say about his satisfying purchase from Redditor Manthonyjock13. And that one comment pretty much sums up what buyers are looking for.

Smell is a key driver of any underwear purchase, regardless of sex or gender, but for men’s underwear, it is the number one selling point. In my research, I came across underwear advertised as “very musky,” “ripe with the smell of my 8 inch dock and balls,” and saturated in the “smell of ass.”

My personal favorite tagline was “Summer Sweat! Bodybuilding Uncut Hung Stud Wants Someone To Sniff His Powerful Man Musk! Airtight sealed!” because it sounds like an informercial. I dare you not to read it in the voice of Billy Mays.

The point is that, while the main intrigue of women’s underwear is often the woman herself and the fantasy of seeing her in the panties, for men, it’s much more primal – a question of pheromones. Considering that pheromones are emitted in sweat and oil, it’s no wonder why so many product posts describe how sweat-soaked the underwear is. It also partly explains why athletic gym-goers, or “jocks,” tend to do so well in the business. It’s a sweaty man’s game.

But of course, sweat isn’t the only thing that sells. Most sellers customize the pairs according to their customers’ desires, which often include cum, urine, and ass. Many sellers even include pictures or videos with purchases as well. In the end, you do what you’ve got to do to make the sale. And if that means wearing the same pair of boxers to the gym for a week straight, so be it.

The Men of Sofia Gray

On our site, we feature a variety of male sellers, many of whom are jocks, as mentioned above, but not only. Our sellers represent various niches of the gay community: twinks, bears, otters, daddies...whoever you’re into, there’s a store for you.

You can find that perfect, sweaty, musky pair, by heading to our site and browsing all male sellers. Or by shopping by category: Boxers, Briefs, Jockstraps, and Trunks all cater to men’s used underwear fetishists, though we can’t promise a girl won’t slip in every now and then – remember, there are no rules for can and can’t wear any given type of underwear.

If you’re a guy that’s interested in selling his used skivvies on the web, mosey on over to the seller registration page and learn more about the perks of hosting your store on Sofia Gray. Control your own pricing and keep 100% of your sales – all you have to do is get a little sweaty, and post some sexy pics. Nothing you weren’t planning on doing anyway, right?