LoyalFans Review: Everything You Need To Know

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Becoming an adult star and building a following has never been easier. As new platforms pop up so often and grab the attention of the masses there are an infinite number of options to choose from. On today's agenda, we’re going to be looking at the latest in fan club services… LoyalFans and just about everything you need to know about them!

What is LoyalFans? 

LoyalFans is an inclusive fan club service that allows artists and content creators alike to convert their hobbies and skills into an interactive business. In other words, you can build an audience willing to pay for the content that you have to offer. No matter what it may be. Of course, the site has had a mass appeal to the adult industry and while it is not marketed as an adult tool, the services and business model conveniently works a bit too well for adult purposes.

Regardless, models from all over, lewd or not have been signing up to this platform to create an additional stream of revenue.

LoyalFans vs OnlyFans 

Uploading content? Subscription service? You’re probably wondering at this point, isn’t there already a site for this. Why wouldn’t I just use OnlyFans? And while they do have lots in common, even down to the name. There are many benefits to using LoyalFans. As both LoyalFans and OnlyFans are free to sign up, there is no harm in making both as opposed to choosing one over the other.  

Having a LoyalFans as well as an OnlyFans is simply another avenue of income if you are willing to put in the effort. By that we mean, creating unique exclusive content for both platforms. After all, you want to keep your audience happy and having them pay for something they’ve already seen would likely tick a few of them off. 

LoyalFans in contrast to OnlyFans has a lot more features and services than the bread and butter subscription service such as live camming but we’ll get onto this a little bit later. There are plenty of OnlyFans alternatives on the market so keep your eyes peeled.

For now, we’ll just present you with the facts and let you do with it what you will.

Who Can Use LoyalFans? 

Like we mentioned before LoyalFans is entirely free to sign up to and welcomes everyone irrespective of your sexual orientation or gender. Users have to be 18 or over due to the adult nature of the platform. So long as your content does not infringe upon the terms of service and copyright policies you should be good to go!

Payments using LoyalFans 

The way that LoyalFans pays their models is one of the main reasons people are jumping on board. Adult sites tend to take liberties when it comes to paying their users for one reason or another. However, LoyalFans has one of the highest payouts with the creator receiving 80% of all the revenue they generate, which matches the rates of OnlyFans. This is surprising as LoyalFans offer more services hence they require more overhead costs.

Models on the site get paid twice a month but are only allowed to cash out if they earn $50 or over. Which could potentially be off-putting to models just starting out as reaching this threshold every month may be difficult.

One area where LoyalFans make up for this is in their referral features. If a model refers to another user using their unique code they get 5% worth of the new user's earnings for life. So long as the user they referred to is making money on the site so will the model who referred them. Now that’s a passive income! But just when you thought this couldn’t get any better their referral program offers links that can be placed in your social media bios. When customers use these links to access the site you can earn 5% of what the customer spends no matter who they spend it on.

Their referral programs have clearly been well thought out and catered to the social media presence of the models that use these sites. So throw these into your contact links!

Services Loyal Fans Offer 

But it’s time to get into the meat and potatoes of the platform. What they actually have to offer. We would describe LoyalFans as if OnlyFans and Manyvids had a baby and then that baby became equipped with even more awesome additional features. So, enough talk, let's take a look.

Live Camming 

Just as a bit of background information on the site LoyalFans were formerly known as NexoCams, a platform exclusively dedicated to camming. However, as NexoCams made the more lucrative transition into the content unlocking model they are now, they still decided to keep the camming features. This might be good news for those of you that love a naughty Livestream.

Satisfied viewers can tip as much as they see fit. Live camming can also work really well in conjunction with some of the other features of the site like messaging which we’ll get onto in a moment. Just make sure to have stable internet and a decent quality camera. On the flip side, if camming isn’t your thing, not to worry there are plenty more options for you to make money on the site.

Live Calling

If you don’t feel too comfortable with live streaming, LoyalFans also offers the feature of calling with fans. Just like you would any hotline, fans can request to call with you on a pay-per-minute basis. And you thought the days of sex hotlines were done! The benefit of using this feature is for one, you can set the price of the charging rates per minute so you only work for what you think your time is worth. And secondly, it’s much more safe and secure than doing private Skype calls with no regulation. Their inbuilt calling system eliminates the risk of scammers not paying up or filing chargebacks.

Paid Messaging 

Now, we know this isn’t reinventing the wheel but if it ain't broke don’t fix it. Many content unlocking and subscription-based sites charge to send messages but it's the way things come together that could be of benefit to the creator. LoyalFans allow creators to set the price to receive messages from fans, hence if used alongside a great provocative cam show could entice viewers into asking you to fulfil their wildest fantasies. For a fee of course. 


This is a clever feature that is more or less a custom video request that doubles as a wholesome fan shoutout. Models on the site can choose to opt into the shoutout feature if they’d like and decide if they’d like to notify their audience or not. When they decide to notify their audience a LoyalFans announcement is sent out from their linked social media accounts letting their followers know that they are accepting shoutouts.

From here a button will appear on the user's profile where they can select the price of a shoutout for when fans decide to click it. Content creators define the parameters of the shoutout to make sure that they are entirely comfortable with the content they are sending to their individual fans. Creators decide the response time, and whether or not they allow nudity in their responses.

Once fan requests for shout outs start coming in the model can then decide to accept or decline them accordingly and get to work on their responses. Satisfied customers can leave a review after they receive their shoutout and choose if they want to share it on the shoutout. So bear in mind what is sent to a fan privately may not stay that way.

Overall this feature does cover the best of both worlds as people can receive anything from birthday wishes to raunchy videos from their favourite content creators.

Subscription-Based Fan Club 

Primarily models tend to make their money through subscriptions as most will either build their following or funnel a preexisting audience onto the site. The difference between this and OnlyFans is that their profile is not entirely locked behind a paywall. It is up to the model themselves to decide which content is free to view for the general public and which ones are subscriber-only.

So if you can post some seductive pictures and not give too much away it can definitely increase the intrigue and excitement to see what benefits the paying subscribers are getting. 

Content Unlocking 

This service is why we mentioned LoyalFans is like a Manyvids hybrid, as models can post individual clips and videos that fans pay to view. This adds another tier to the money-making possibilities as this is separate from subscriber benefits, meaning everyone has to pay if they want to sneak a peek.

But users aren’t limited to uploading just clips and images. LoyalFans also allows for text, audio files and GIFs to be posted. So whatever content you like to post, you can be sexy in all files and formats!

We should probably take a moment to mention that models in their user dashboard can set how much they charge for each service LoyalFans offers. Thus models name their price for subscriptions, messages, videos, voice clips, photos, GIFs and shoutouts respectively. With this in mind, you really have the freedom to control how much you earn and decide how much your content is worth rather than the other way round.

Additional Features 

Just when you thought that LoyalFans had covered all bases, they managed to add a few more features that improve the user's quality of life when using the platform.

Promotional Features 

LoyalFans offer the option to place widgets that link to your profile on any private site that you might have. Widgets are essentially a button that acts as a link to another site. In this case your LoyalFans profile. This might require the help of a web developer for those who aren’t too tech savvy but certainly a good way to funnel traffic from blogs and private content sites onto your LoyalFans page.

They also have an auto tweeting tool implemented which is super simple to set up. Just sync your LoyalFans account to your Twitter and it will automatically tweet promotional posts to your liking. As well as this all social media can be linked on your LoyalFans profile if you want to keep your audience in the loop about anything you got going on.


Finally, after this long list of features, we come to Geoblocking which is a relatively new feature. This was incorporated into the site for the privacy protection of the content creators on the site. Geoblocking enables creators to restrict specific locations from accessing their profiles. The specification goes from countries, states and even cities to prevent locations from viewing their content.

One thing to bear in mind is that it does not guarantee that people can’t find ways around it to view your profile. While the average Joe in a restricted location won’t be able to view your profile… Unless they use a VPN that changes their current location to a different unrestricted one.

So if you’re trying to get the mob off your back you’re going to have to try harder than that.

Can I Make Money Using LoyalFans? 

As a short answer… Yes, but here's why. For starters, the signup process is completely free and is not complicated at all. It will require a photo ID verification which is reviewed manually but despite this, the turnaround time for approval is relatively quick. 

Secondly, there is a wide variety of services meaning many different ways to make money. Of course, there’s no obligation to use all of them. In fact, try to focus on what services are beneficial to your talents. For instance, if you’re an ASMRtist, it’s likely that you’d find the most benefits from using the video and audio clips as opposed to someone specialising in cosplaying. In which case they’d probably want to be strutting their stuff in pictures and videos.

Models are still yet to release their official earnings from the site but if we do a quick number crunch we can get an idea of how much LoyalFans users could be making. Let’s say a small creator just starting out has 100 subscribers at $10 a pop. I’m no maths whizz but that would give you a hefty $1000 a month, not including any other additional services on the site. If we sprinkle in the odd shoutout and exclusive pic or two it’s easy to see how creators on the site could start to rack up some cash on the side.

However, if you have an existing following that's when things start to get interesting. Being able to link, promote and ultimately funnel your audience into the LoyalFans page could mean that you’re prime to make the big bucks. If an Instagram model with over 10k followers could just get a fraction of that to subscribe to their LoyalFans page, it could be enough to live off on a month to month basis.

Things to Consider Before Starting a LoyalFans

LoyalFans is a great platform to get yourself out there and start making money from your passions. Although many creators on the site use it for adult purposes the platform is marketed as means of connecting talent with their fans. Hence, singers, dancers, artists and performers of all sorts can make their money doing what they love with no obligation of getting naked. 

However, one thing to consider is that adult models tend to make more money on the site than those with less lewd content. The site previously being an adult camming site means that they are experienced in working with clients in this industry so you are likely to be in safe hands. 

Safety using the site is important and thus far the site has had a good track record with payment processors and protection of your data. Although you will need a photo ID verification to register to the site you can remain completely anonymous when creating your profile and go by your preferred alias.

So if you’re an already successful content creator looking to boost their income or an up and comer that thinks they’ve got what it takes to make it in the industry then LoyalFans might be the platform for you.