Got Milk? Everything You Need to Know About Erotic Lactation

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Sometimes know as adult suckling, erotic lactation is one of the more interesting fetish, because it’s both seemingly innocuous and also taboo! But between consenting adults, it can actually form the foundations of a thoroughly fulfilling sexual relationship - provided both parties are equally enthusiastic about it!

But for anyone who doesn’t subscribe to this particular fetish, or for the layman who’s never even heard of such an idea - you may be thinking, “what the hell is the deal with erotic lactation anyway?”

Well, this article will hopefully go some way toward explaining all about it, and demystifying the lactophilia fetish once and for all.

It’s What Breasts Are For - Right?

It’s safe to say that breasts are incredibly sexualised, particularly in Western societies. 

To show a lot of cleavage is considered sexually suggestive - but to show a nipple? Downright scandalous! Customary mainstream standards of modesty dictates that breasts should be covered because they are an object of desire - a sexual organ.

Consequently, people of all sexes are conditioned to view public breast exposure as inappropriate; even when it comes to something as natural as breastfeeding. 

It is not surprising, then, that this has lead to a controversial debate about whether or not it is appropriate to use breasts for their ‘natural purpose’ in public. The assertion that breastfeeding should be hidden because it falls under a similar taboo category contradicts the assertion that it is natural and healthy - and therefor nothing to hide. 

That’s what breasts are for - right?

True. But when we throw lactophilia into the mix (sexual arousal from suckling or witnessing lactation)  - things get a little murky...

Breast is Best

Breast milk isn’t just for babies. At least, that’s what a study by Dr J Lehmiller would suggest - as it exposes that one in three american men have fantasized about breast milk! In fact, lactation fetish or ‘lactophilia’ is actually one of the more common types of fetish. While it does take different forms, it usually involves deriving sexual pleasure from watching women lactate, having sex with lactating women, or ingesting breast milk (usually from sucking on women’s milk-filled breasts).

epa02608102 (FILE) A file picture dated 25 February 2011 shows 'Baby Gaga' ice cream made from breast milk on sale at the 'Icecreamists' in London, Britain. Media reports state that local government officials have confiscated ice cream made with human breast milk from a London shop amid concerns the dessert is allegedly unsafe. Reports further state that the ice cream, marketed as 'Baby Gaga' and launched last week, is being tested with the full cooperation of The Icecreamists, the parlor marketing the dessert. EPA/CORDULA DONHAUSER FILE

There is even the argument that this fetish can form the basis of some sexual behaviours, like breast sucking, nipple licking and fondling. You might even say ‘why else suck on a nipple than with the ultimate goal of suckling milk?’

After all, that’s what breasts are for - right?

Big Babies & Adult Nursing

Ok, so we’ve established what erotic lactation is - but what about adult nursing relationships, age play and adult babies? These are usally regarded as closely linked to erotic lactation; you only have to take a look at the titles of porn videos, magazines and erotic literature to see how these are linked together by a common theme - a love for breast milk.

Adult nursing relationships (ANR) are probably the most obviously related. ANR involves a person (usually a male) breastfeeding directly from a woman’s breast, but it is only considered to be a fetishistic relationship if it is a regular occurrence.

So - tasting your partners breast milk out of curiosity won’t qualify you as being in an adult nursing relationship.  

Infantilism (where sexual arousal comes from being an ‘adult baby’) on the other hand - is not so clearly linked. This type of age play involves adults assuming the role of a baby or a toddler, who is then nurtured and cared for by someone assuming a parental role. Now, it is important to point out that this is not incestuous, and it has nothing to do with pedophilia. 

Infantilism is more about being a child and experiencing all the things that come with that; such as wearing a diaper and having it changed or being spoon or bottle fed. Erotic lactation can sometimes be linked to this fetish because sucking for breast milk is something that babies do. 

While there could be some sexual element to this - it is actually considered to be one of the less sexualised fetishes; at least that’s what ‘Mummy Maxine’ says, who owns and runs an adult baby nursery in Liverpool, UK. 

She says her nursery is more like a spa than a brothel, where someone “wraps you in a nice, cosy towel - and you have everything done for you. You just relax, you don’t have to think about anything, or do anything for that afternoon.”

Whether or not breast milk plays into this ‘nurturing’ element depends entirely on the individual.

Milking The Opportunity

Considering our fascination with breasts, breastfeeding and suckling, it isn’t surprising that there have been attempts to position breast milk as something of a quirky, controversial commoddity. Back in 2011, a London restaurant made headlines when they started serving breast milk ice cream!

The controversial dessert was created using breast milk donated by local women - and was widely regarded as nothing more than a publicity stunt at the time. But novelty or not - the icecream did sell, and garnered so much buzz (and resulting scrutiny) that it was eventually banned following complaints by the public. 

It would seem that serving up breast milk-based desserts was just one step too far!

Not so, however, in Japan. If you ever happen to visit the land of the rising sun, you can treat yourself to a nutritious shot of mother’s milk in the nightlife districts of Tokyo in one if its lactation bars.

For around ¥2,000 you can buy a shot of breast milk, but if you double that figure, in some establishments, you can get it direct from the source! The Tokyo Reporter published a story back in 2009 about the infamous ‘Bonyu Bar’ in the Kabukicho district, who employed nursing women willing to offer up their milk to paying customers. 

While this story is over a decade old (and at the time of writing this, a Google search for the establishment didn’t yield any concrete results) the rise in lactation porn, literature and erotica suggests that breast is still best - and this fetish isn’t simply a fleeting fad.

As long as there are breasts, there will be breast milk. And as long as there is breast milk, there will be those who find it sexy.

After all, that’s what breasts are for - right?