Good vibes only: the best vibrators for 2020

The used panty marketplace

Step aside, toxic good vibes culture. There’s only one kind of vibe I care about, and that’s the kind that gives you orgasms. And with a new decade stretching out in front of us, shouldn’t we start it off right by owning our sexuality and upping our sex toy game?

While shopping for the right vibrator can feel overwhelming, I’ve created a handy guide (pun intended) to help you choose the best vibe for you, complete with a list of ten gems sure to satiate every palate and budget. So regardless of whether you’re buying your first or fifty-first vibrator, here are a few things to consider as you shop.

To thine own self be true… bed. 

Before you up and buy a toy, start with the basics. Without judgment, investigate what does the trick for you. Does penetration feel best, or are you into anal, clitoral, prostate, or nipple play? Perhaps you’re most turned on by a combo of these. There’s no right answer, and everyone’s ticket to arousal is deliciously different.

If you’re new to exploring your body and haven’t figured out what gives you an orgasm for the books, that’s okay. This is all about you, and you deserve to take the time to get to know your desires. Start by using your hands and explore every inch of yourself. When you’re ready, test out your relationship to vibrations by utilizing the classic: an electric toothbrush (not the bristly end, obvs). Run it over different parts of your body to see what works for you. Play with a variety of positions and angles – this awesome article from Women’s Health gives some great pointers on discovering your body. If you’re lucky enough to have a detachable shower head, play with it to see what feels best. There’s no wrong way to experience self pleasure, and these two innocuous items you probably have lying around are the ideal intro tools for getting frisky with a vibrator.


Knowing where you’d like those vibrations to go isn’t the only thing you need to keep in mind. Size is an all-important consideration when choosing the right toy. If girth is your thing with partners and strap-ons alike, then you’ll want a thicker vibrator. But if you’re more focused on tailored G-spot, clitoral, or prostate stimulation, then something smaller will help guide you to the perfect orgasm. And if you’re all about external stimulation, you can get off just fine with something so discreet you can conceal it in your palm.

The media talks a big game about bigger being better, but it’s not necessarily the case. Feel free to go as small or as big as you please without worrying about what you’re “supposed to” like. You do you. After all, who has time to worry about feeling judged when you’re busy having the best orgasms of your life?


The only thing dildos have over vibrators are the materials: glass, stone, wood, you name it. If it can be made smooth and body-safe, we’ll probably get sexy with it. Vibrators, on the other hand, are limited to whatever can house those blessed motors that drive us wild.

For these, silicone, metal, and hard plastics are best. While the jelly kind of toys are common, you need to be careful. They frequently leach phthalates, a harmful kind of chemical that can disrupt your hormones – not exactly what you want putting in your most intimate places, right? 

When choosing a material, consider not just what feels good, but also where you plan on getting naughty. If your favorite time to touch yourself is in the bath, be sure you opt for a toy that’s waterproof and totally submersible, so you can have fun in all your favorite places.

Textures and sensations

The future is now, baby, and gone are the days of smooth wands and penis replicas. It’s the second decade of the twenty-first century and our toys have become decidedly space age. For some, the smoothness of a sleek, metallic vibe is the ultimate pleasure. For others, whorls, bumps, or ridges make each inch that much more delectable.

For vibrators with rolling parts, you have another texture to consider: the beads beneath the outer layer. Metallic ones tend to be the hardest and most rigid texture, while plastic beads are more yielding. 

Clitoral stimulation gives you even more to mull over. If you’re getting a rabbit vibrator with a clit tickler, the more moving parts up front, the more intense and broad the sensation. One with two rabbit ears will feel incredibly different from one with rabbit ears and paws like this one

 Choose wisely, because some folks find ridges and beads like these not only uncomfortable, but painful. If you’re considering these kinds of perks for your new toy, go into a sex shop and check vibrators out in person for a better sense of whether these are for you. 

Are you picking up good vibrations?

I’ve been saving the most vital part of a vibrator for last. After all, you can’t exactly spell “vibrator” without (most of) the word “vibrate.” These days, you aren’t just limited to one or two modes, and most toys let you control not only the intensity, but also the patterns. Some toys even sync up with your favorite songs or are customizable through an app.

If you’re shopping online, a good way to get a sense for a vibrator’s strength is to look under the hood. Does it hum along with only a few AAA batteries, shine with some Cs, or is it a discreet, USB-rechargeable gem?

A weaker motor isn’t necessarily a bad thing, so don’t write off those AAA battery vibrators just yet. If you’re sensitive, then you don’t really need to spring for one that has such a strong motor it could power a speedboat, and you can save yourself some money in the process.

Whatever you choose, no vibe is totally silent. There will be at least some noise for all of them, although higher-end toys tend to be much quieter – essential for a shy player. If your walls are paper thin or you’re somewhere you’d rather not be heard, consider opting for either a weaker motor or a pricier (read: more silent) toy, so you can play in sweet, sweet silence broken only by your sighs.

Price range

Like just about any accessory you use to brighten up your life, vibrators can run the gamut. The cheapest one on the list below is just $15, but if you’re feeling like Beyonce in the sack, you can always spring for Lelo’s legendary gold vibrator for a measly $15,000. Don’t worry. Since most of us have a much lower price point, I’ve kept all the vibrators on the list well below the cost of an entire year’s rent.

If you’re strapped for cash and really want a new toy, try selling some panties to fund your vibrator investment. Sharing that goal in your panty-selling bio will only boost those sales. 

Before you buy, ask who’s playing.

Finally, ask yourself who’s going to be playing the most. Are you a hefty solo lover, or does your vibrational play tend to be with friends and lovers? Whatever it is, be honest about when you plan to use it and make a choice accordingly, so you have the best bang for your buck.

With partnered play, your options get even broader Some vibrators feature double vibrating eggs or are dual-ended vibrating dildos that let you enjoy the waves together. If you really can’t choose, don’t worry; you can always buy one for yourself and one for partnered play.

Some of the best…

With all these qualities in mind, I’ve curated a scintillating list of the top vibrators sure to pleasure every body type and palate. Ranked by price, I’ll start with one under $20 and end with one that’s well over $100 – so we can get it on no matter our budget.

1.Gaia Biodegradable Vibrator

You read that right. This vibrator uses cutting edge technology to get you off without it ending up in the landfill. Where do I sign up? For just $15, you can add some spice to your next night in. Don’t let that price tag fool you, though: this vibe features multiple speeds, so no matter how sensitive you are (or aren’t), you’ll end the night satisfied. Don’t just take my word for it. Hear straight from the crowd about what a wallop this guy packs.

The only issue? Something advertised as biodegradable probably shouldn’t use batteries. If you’re committed to the planet but also here to get sexy, opt for rechargeable ones instead

When the toy’s motor eventually dies, the outer shell is compostable and all inner parts are recyclable, so you really can say you’re doing it for the planet one orgasm at a time. If you want a bullet for fun on the go, peep their $10 mini for some even more affordable fun. 

2.Wallbangers Double Penetrator Vibrator

For a few dollars more (and a heck of a lot more plastic), you can up your game when a single way to penetrate just doesn’t do the trick. If you’re looking for some double penetration action stat, the Wallbangers Double Penetrator Vibrator is here to fill those extra special needs. Thanks to a suction cup and waterproof materials, you can go to town anywhere you please. The dual vibrating parts let you choose your own adventure of intensity, and it’s ideal for solo and partnered play alike.

 However, with over 10,000 sold on Adam & Eve, this vibe only clocks in with 3.5 stars out of five. The most common complaints have to do with receiving defective toys, or that the AA battery motor just isn’t strong enough. The biggest issue, however, is the strong chemical smell that comes with it – not exactly something you want inside of you, IMO.

Still, for a double penetrative toy on a budget, this seems to be the only way to go.

3.G Spot Rabbit

A $30 vibe of the future, this G Spot Rabbit isn’t what your grandma uses (unless she’s mega-hip to the sex toy game). Versatile, strong, and bolstered with some seriously stellar reviews, this little pitchfork will unleash the best demons in you. What I like about this vibrator is how versatile it is for solo play and partnered play with all your lovers. Get in deep with clitoral play, use it as a unique c-ring for double penetration, and experiment with nipple play, anal, or prostate stimulation. The rather unique design opens you up to some creative possibilities in the bedroom. 

4.Satisfyer Pro Penguin 

Okay, when I read the reviews on this thing I seriously thought I might have just had a transcendent orgasm myself. In all my life, I’ve never read reviews on a sex toy (or really any product) that are quite so overwhelmnigly positive as these. Dressed up like a penguin in a bow tie, don’t let its sweet looks deceive you. Users report life-changing orgasms and even squirting for their first time after only thirty seconds under this toy’s suction prowess.

Try it solo for a quickie or enjoy multiple orgasms with your partner thanks to your new penguin-shaped best friend. The Satisfyer lives up to its name for under $50.

5.VeDO Yumi Finger Vibe

Sometimes nothing does the trick like the intimacy of digital stimulation. With this finger vibe, you can up the way you already please your partner while still playing an active role in their orgasm game. By fitting snug between your index and middle fingers, this bad boy helps you take your handjobs, blowjobs, rim jobs, and clit stimulation to a whole new level. Completely submersible and supposedly “whisper quiet”, this versatile toy lets you take it in the bath (or jacuzzi, or wherever) and play until you and your partner can’t see straight.


New year, new you – in this decade, will you be bold enough to showcase your sexuality front and center? Sex toy brand Crave certainly hopes so. Their wearable vibrator is a fashion statement and pleasure tool all in one. The Vesper is sleek and thin and doubles as a necklace to help busy honeys enjoy nipple and clitoral play on the run.

There’s something thrilling about wearing a vibrator as a necklace. Most people will probably have no idea what it is, making it your sexiest secret on display. But be warned: Vesper is a classic case of “use it or lose it.” If you don’t keep it charged (or just use it infrequently), the toy has been known to permanently die. If you’re looking to buy this for those rare moments, remember to keep it charged so you won’t be disappointed when you’re ready to play. However, if you’re a digital nomad or constant jetsetter who needs a toy that doesn’t take up precious space, you may have just met your match.

7.Womanizer 2Go

The name of this toy may make you wrinkle your nose (I know I felt that way at first), but not so fast. This suction device has achieved icon status in the world of sex toys, and it’s well worth looking into. 

The Womanizer is powerful, discreet, and quiet, with a USB charge and five settings, so no matter how intense you like it, you’re in for a treat. While not a traditional vibrator, suction devices are causing a stir in the solo sex world, and for good reason: the Womanizer company claims that 80% of its users cum in less than three minutes – and from what I’ve seen, it’s true. Just look at Venus O'Hara's experience.

Personally, I feel like my life is changed just by reading the reviews. And although there are some people for whom a quick orgasm is just a nice perk, for others, it’s revolutionary when they typically struggle to orgasm. I am all about any toy that gives others the opportunity to catch that all-too-often elusive Big O.

To make it even better, this toy is waterproof, discreet enough, and pretty quiet – perfect for when you have a roommate or kids and want to have fun without sounding like you’re revving up a chainsaw. For that post-orgasm glow on the run, the Womanizer 2Go is a real find. While it’s a little too big to pass off as an actual tube of lipstick if it falls out of your purse, it still doesn’t look like a sex toy at first glance – especially when the top is on. Although you can get this same experience for much cheaper with the Satisfyer, the convenient discretion of this one makes it worth the price for some.

8.We-Vibe Ditto

If I could talk about We-Vibe all day long, I promise you, I would. We-Vibe is the King Midas of sex toys – everything they touch becomes solid (sexy) gold. Unlike the other toys on this list, The Ditto is a vibrating butt plug that features ten different vibrating patterns including pulsing, teasing, and ramping. All are enjoyable in multiple strengths. 

The fun doesn’t end there. This tech-savvy toy is app-compatible, meaning you can discreetly play in public with your lover, stimulate them long distance, and create custom vibe patterns uniquely in tune with your desires.

If you’re curious about a vibe with more direct prostate stimulation, We-Vibe offers a similar toy curved to hit that sweet spot called the Vector. No matter what you choose, if you’re looking for some deep and rumbling waves of pleasure, you’ve met your match with the We-Vibe anal line.

9.We-Vibe Sync

Okay, okay. If I could have filled this entire list with things that We-Vibe makes, I probably would have. That’s because their toys are unique, high quality, and an all-around amazing experience. Nowhere is that more apparent than with their classic partnered vibrator, the We-Vibe Sync. Designed specifically for coupled pleasure, this toy is made for one person to wear while the other thrusts inside them, but can be used solo, in tandem with oral, and to rev up your next blow job. 

Thanks to two unique pivot points, you can tilt the internal and external motors to nestle right against your clit and g-spot region, making it easy to climax over and over again. Just like The Ditto, this toy offers the same customizable intensities and pulses. Hook it up to your favorite music and groove to the beat in a whole new way.

10.Big Boss G5 Massager

No list would be complete without a good old-fashioned vibrator – and this Big Boss G5 delivers. With overwhelmingly positive reviews, this simple and girthy toy is perfect for anyone looking to enjoy a deep, rumbling fullness. And with six vibration patterns and six levels of intensity, you can enjoy thirty-six unique sensations packed into this one delicious device. 

The ergonomic handle makes it convenient for sliding in yourself or your partner anywhere you’d like it to go, and the waterproof silicone means you can play wherever you’d like. But be warned: most negative reviews for this toy state that it was too thick – so if you aren’t sure you’re ready, work your way up to the toy that’s called a boss for a reason.

What will you choose?

There’s a lot to consider when choosing the right toy. Hopefully, one of these ten vibrators already has you all hot and heavy at the thought. It’s always best to go to a store and look them over in person. Holding a vibrator while it buzzes away will let you know if the intensity is too weak, too strong, or a Goldilocks kind of right. Whether you buy one in-store or online, this list should help you decide which one is right for you. In this era of self care, it’s no longer a taboo to prioritize your orgasms. So go ahead,  choose your toy, explore your body, and bask in that post-orgasm glow.