10 Memorable Panty Shots From Movies

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Ah, the panty shot. It’s the sparkplug to many a young person’s germinating sexuality and the fuel that feeds celebrity crushes. It’s what keeps you coming back to a film over and over and the reason why, despite having seen it so many times, you still don’t know how it ends.

Whether the scene is overtly sexual or comedic with sexual undertones doesn’t matter. Panties are panties and you got to see them. In good movies, they’re an added bonus and in horrible movies, they may be the one redeeming factor. Feel free to use this list as proof of both.

1. Kelly LeBrock in Weird Science

Weird Science is Frankenstein, but for horny teenage boys. Lisa, their creation, does not disappoint. She’s alive! And she’s the manifestation of all 80s boyhood fantasies, appearing in the doorway through a haze of fog, wearing low-cut blue and white panties and a cropped tee that reveals a subtle glimpse of underboob. She’s devastatingly perfect and left an entire generation of hormone-pumped teens feeling wistful.

2. Natalie Portman in Closer

Even those who haven’t seen this movie recognize Natalie Portman in her stripper getup. The pink wig, the purple satin tasseled bra, and of course, the matching bedazzled thong. The way she flaunts her flexibility and her tantalizing gaze in this scene made her an instant sex symbol without compromising on her girl-next-door charm.

3. Shannon Elizabeth in American Pie

American Pie may not be a great movie, but there is no doubt that it’s an iconic one. It defined teenage sex at the dawn of the 21st century, thanks in large part to Shannon Elizabeth, who played Nadia, the sexy foreigner. The scene where she strips down to her white lacy panties and begins inexplicably masturbating in front of a concealed video camera was voyeur fantasy in a time when technology played but a fraction of the role it plays in our lives now.

4. Scarlett Johansson in The Nanny Diaries

Before they were Avengers, Chris Evans was Scarlett Johansson’s hunk of a neighbor who caught her with her pants down, literally. The scene, though memorable, is by no means sexy. Being pants-ed hardly ever is, especially when it’s by a child who has bested her character at all turns. But this is ScarJo, so anything goes. The pink cotton bikini briefs with what looks like a horse motif may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they’re enough to get the imagination going.

5. Scarlett Johansson in Lost in Translation

The woman has been named Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive twice. Of course Scarlett Johansson is on the list again. This time, for one of the most iconic panty shots in film history. The minute-and-a-half-long shot of her ass in full-coverage, yet sheer, panties could not be a more perfect opening scene for a movie whose sexual undertones are just as subdued. It almost makes you see past how weird is it that Bill Murray is her love interest.

6. Cameron Diaz in Charlie’s Angels

Spiderman boy briefs probably don’t register on your scale of sexy underwear, but Cameron Diaz might change your opinion. The first time you see her character in Charlie’s Angels, she’s dancing around her bedroom in her tomboy underwear, admiring her own booty shaking in the mirror. She is the ideal combination of dorky and cute. When a package arrives, she goes to answer the door in nothing but her skivvies, leaving the audience wishing they were that deliveryman.

7. Jessica Biel in I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

Ignore, for a moment, how offensive and full of gay stereotypes this movie is and focus on the one scene that’s worth remembering. Jessica Biel and the pseudo-gay Adam Sandler have just returned home from a shopping spree under the rain. While changing, she strips down to her bra and striped panties, tempting Sandler, who, like many viewers probably, has to cover his junk with a sweatshirt to preserve his dignity. Sure, there could have been a more graceful way to use Biel as a foil, but with a body like hers, this seems like the obvious choice, no?

8. Sigourney Weaver in Alien

Alien is chock full of memorable scenes, but none stands out more than the scene where Sigourney Weaver randomly decides to take off her clothes. She reveals a pair of panties so unfathomably low-rising that her butt crack even peeks out in the back. It’s not exactly what science fiction nerds were expecting from a movie about a murderous extraterrestrial, but it’s definitely where they paused their VHS tapes while rewatching it night after night.

9. Christina Ricci in Black Snake Moan

In a movie in which the main character spends almost the entire movie in her underwear, it’s only natural that her panties are iconic. Ricci plays a nymphomaniac that Samuel L. Jackson saves after she’s abused and left roadside to perish. Things turn, however, when he then chains her to a radiator with the intention of curing her. She flies into occasional fits of rage, but in between outbreaks, it’s easy to get distracted by the white bikini-style panties that stay faithfully taut throughout the film.

10. Molly Ringwald’s Panties in Sixteen Candles

Panty lovers will relate to this one on a personal level. Ringwald trades her underwear for a chance to talk to her crush, and her panties wind up in the boys’ bathroom on display for the freshmen to gawk at. King nerd Anthony Michael Hall proudly holds the satiny pink polka dot pair over his head for all to see, which, admit it, you’d probably do too. We never see the panties on Ringwald herself, but that’s not necessary to leave an impact. The premise alone is enough to get viewers worked up, which buyers on this site are bound to understand!