I am 23 years old and very hot. My panties smell amazing, try it! I wear them for you with love and passion :)

I'm from Russia. My wet pussy is ready to please you, I will fulfill any wishes. Any colors and models. I can walk for several days even after masturbation

Welcome to my page) I'm a good girl from faraway Kazakhstan, who is ready to fulfill all your desires and fetishes!) Please do not hesitate to tell me about your preferences, desires, etc. I will carry out any of your orders qualitatively. You can choose the material of panties, the degree of contamination (feces, urine, semen, etc.). I'm always happy to help! Prices: One day of wearing linen - $ 20 Each subsequent day - $ 5 Informal preferences + 10 $ And, perhaps, for you it will seem a disadvantage, but when communicating I use Google translator.

Привет, зайка! Мне 21 год, я худышка (XS, 75B, 46 кг) и томная славянская брюнетка😘 Мои увлечения: путешествия, йогу и (как видишь) элегантное белье🍑 Я исполню все твои фантазии😽  Я жду специальных запросов, ведь с ними интересней. Загляни в мой магазинчик!🎀

*Used panties, stockings, socks, pantyhoses   *Custom and pre-made videos and pictures   *Sexting and chats on KIK Iren8888

Sofia Gray's newest store featuring panties worn by a true Russian woman. I am warm, wet and was shown how to please my man. I will be featuring weekly panty specials. All purchases will include a handwritten note from me. I am very accommodating to special requests. Length of time worn, special activities like running or jerking off. Don't be shy, just ask!!

I’m a young girl of 28, coming from Moscow, Russia.

I speak perfect English and Spanish but i have light sexy accent as well) I work for a big international company during the daytime, and I have great body as ’m a fitness instructor in the evenings - I workout 5-6 times a week as well.

When I have some spare time, I enjoy playing computer games, Nintendo, listening to hard tunes (Manowar, Metallica, Iron Maiden), watch horror films (and porn as well - especially old school ones, as the ladies looked more classy without fake lips and tits). I don’t have tattoos, I’m a blonde with thick straight hair, wearing size 6 (XS-S), 121 lbs, 5' 7" tall, with blue eyes.

I also enjoy sex, sometimes 5-6 times a day with my bf, who supports my idea of selling my stuff online) So if you want some special sex panties, do let me know.

As I also love the smell of my bf panties, I understand all your passions about mine ;)

I have no children, and I’m quite tight…you know what i mean ;)

I receive payments via PayPal.

Shipping all over the world is only $6, in a tightly zipped bag inside, provided by a track number.


Socks, bras and stockings are also available upon request.

I'm a nurse. Yes, it's true :) In addition, I'm a model too. And I'm here because I'm excited when I imagine how You sniff my panties. Sometimes I do it right at work and ohh... it's very difficult to keep calm and hide my emotions. I feel that that my pussy and my panty are getting very wet... I'm crazy about beautiful underwear, stockings, socks, garters.  I looove to play with my pussy using fingers or variety of toys. And of course sex... How do you want me to play before you get my panties? Gently? Hard?A vibrator or the fingers? :) How many hours or days I have to wear it to please you? May be it will be panty from the photo session, after a dancing class, sex or a working day . I want you go crazy when you breath in the warm and sweet aroma of my body... I wanna be Your Muse.

I’m a young woman with a lot of love, a little bit of a wild side and some big dreams. I’ve done lesbian porn 🙈😽, now I dance 💃 😏 & I will be Physician Assistant 👩‍⚕️. I love to please and I hope to brighten your day 😘.  If you don’t already know this about me, I am an exhibitionist and a very sexual woman.  I love thinking about others getting turned on by me and getting off to my videos, pictures and panties.  I take requests!  Let me fulfill your fantasy.  All panties will be worn the night before shipment.  Nude pictures and videos available with panties if you spoil!  Shipping included.  All panties are sent discretely in ziplock bags to keep them fresh for you.  Will include 1 custom picture that is not seen by anyone else and a letter just for you.

Email [email protected] for special requests.  Want me to masturbate for you?  Work out in them?  Hook up with my hubby in them?  Make a video in them?  Custom photos?  Let me know how I can please you!  I am open to kinky requests. If you are a fan and cannot find something that works for you let me know and we can arrange something.  XOXO


Also open to other requests such as selling worn socks, heels, bras, leggings, Polaroid photos, signed printed photos, etc!  Photos available for signed prints are on https://aurieleesummers.tumblr.com

                                          q$$$$$$$P;   ,  /$$$$P
                                        .$$$P^::Y$/`  _  .:.$$$/
                                       .P.:..     `._.-:.. $P
                                       $':.  __.. :   :..    :'
                                      /:_..::.   `. .:.    .'|
                                    _::..          T:..   /  :
                                 .::..             J:..  :  :
                              .::..          7:..   F:.. :  ;
                          _.::..             |:..   J:.. `./
                     _..:::..               /J:..    F:.  : 
                   .::::..                .T  :..   J:.  /
                  /:::...               .' `.  :..   F_o'
                 .:::...              .'       :..  J ;
                 ::::...           .-'`.    _.`._:..  '
                 ':::...         .'  `._7.-'_.-  `:.   
                  :::...   _..-'__.._/_.--' ,:.   b:.   ._ 
                   `::::..-"_.'-"_..--"      :..   /):.   `.   
                     `-:/"-7.--""            _::.-'P::..    } 
          _....------""""""            _..--".-'   ::..     `. 
         (::..              _...----"""  _.-'       `---:..    `-.
          ::..      _.-""""   `""""---""                `::...___)

32C-25-39.  5’3″ Small and petite. Slim thick. Size 5 feet.

Have done lesbian porn with popular female porn stars such as Christy Mack, Luna Star, and Malena Morgan.  Have done scenes for Bang Bros, Reality Kings, Mofos and more!

Want to spoil me?  My amazon wishlist… you spoil I spoil back!  http://a.co/ayCs1W8

Hey Guys, my name is Ashley you may recognise me from Babestation TV! Here are all my sexy worn items for you to enjoy and own for yourself! ENJOY!

Hello, my name is Bonny! I really love sex, several times a day i do not take off my panties. So they are soaked with a special smell of spices. In ordinary life. I am a nice girl who sings in a spiritual choir, but at home i turn into a wild nymphomaniac. I always want to get orgasms.. I will carry out any of your orders, you will be pleasantly surprised

Hello, guys! My name is Angelica and I am 18 years old :) I am quite a diligent student and I am a bit shy. I always follow rules and try to do things in a right way, but now I am a bit tired of being so innocent. I just want to feel a bit of freedom and share with you my feelings :) That is why I am here! So, to start with I offer some of my special sexy panties (probably you'll be the first to see them) ;) But you can send me your special requests, maybe I will be able to give you a bit more ;) Happy shopping :*

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I’m a Russian student and I have a little secret: I love orgasms. I’m 24 years old, and I am always wet.... Everytime and everywhere.. while my classes, working out and while I’m texting YOU. I will do everything you want with my panties. I approach each order individually because you are special and you’ll get exactly what you want.   You can choose the model and the color of my briefs and how many days should I wear them. As a gift I will put a small letter written by my hand ( sorry for my bad English :) )with a description of what I did in this underwear..

From Russia with love. I work in the office. After a hard day I love to masturbate in bed. I love to masturbate at work while no one sees. My smell is unique and delicate. Welcome any special requests for your enjoyment.

Hello, dear :) I like cute & cotton panties, but wear another style too! I wear M size! ask me pm if you are interested in shoes, tights, stockings, bra ;)