Virgin’s High School Briefs, Freshly Stained for You

These underwear have been a favorite of mine ever since puberty. They hug all the right areas and feel amazing when I have an erection, and let me tell you, I was one sexually frustrated teenager. Growing up pansexual in the Midwest, I could never land a boyfriend or girlfriend, being so misunderstood.

Since they’re older, the dye and fabric has worn down between my legs,

Just like my other pairs, I’ve worn these for more than a week *and years on top of that* while running and masturbating daily. Not only did I masturbate daily, but I got so fired up from taking these photos, I had to rub a quick one out and let them marinate.



Saint Paul




Caucasian (White)


18 - 24



Salutations, everyone! My name is Oliver and I am untouched terrain, ready to be explored by the right person, man or woman, and willing to learn just how to do it. I’m a small-town boy with too much time and cum on his hands. What else is a guy to do?  I can't just spend all of my time with my nose stuck in a book--there's so much life and boundaries to explore and I can't wait to explore them with you.  Before you ask, yes the virgin title, being as I am from the world's tiniest, most religious town, I'm 20 years old and still a virgin.