Tight Lace Panty

I wear theses light blue lace panties as I write this. They make me feel sexy with the way they cling to my ass and pussy. Just thinking about it and all the fun that I’ve had in with this particular pair makes me a little excited. Even so, I resist the urge to pleasure myself because I’m on my period, to resist is actually quite challenging considering I am so horny when it’s my time of the month. This delicious pair can be yours, and I will take requests for an addition cost.







Caucasian (White)


18 - 24



So here is a little bit about me; I'm a 20 year old, blond hair, blue eyed college student, who believes that anything is possible with the right pair of underwear. Like every other college student I hate wearing clothes so most days I enjoy lounging around in my panties. When I'm not laying around in my underwear I love working out and I'm also an actress. With that being said I thoroughly enjoy putting on performances both with others and alone, inside and outside my bedroom, if you know what I mean ;) So please make yourself at home here and enjoy everything I have to offer. I'm the type of girl who gets off on pleasing the other person, so I'm always willing to take special requests. I just want to make you achieve you wildest fantasies.