Tie-dyed panties from summer camp (High school)

I tie-dyed these panties at summer camp when I was a sixteen, I’ve been wearing them regularly ever since. I love them soooo much and I love to make myself cum while I wear them. They remind me of when I was still a virgin and only dreamed of touching a man one day. Let me know what you want me to do in these, let’s have fun!



New York City




Caucasian (White)


18 - 24



I'm Devin, I'm a 5'9 model in NYC and I'm young & kinky. I love my juicy pussy and can't wait to share my undies with you. :) It turns me on to know you're going to be taking good care of them when they arrive. I'm happy to meet your specifications and requests. All undies are vacuum sealed and discretely shipped. I love to fuck and I can be a little dirty. I'm vegan and bisexual, so I am sweeter and naughtier than what you might be used to. If you want panties that I've pulled to the side to be fucked in, or panties that I've worn after being cream-pied, I am more than happy to oblige. If you want panties that I've masturbated in while thinking of you, we can do that, too. :) Listed price includes 24 hours of wear and 2 personalized photos. +$5/extra day (up to 5) +$10/extra play +$5 for a polaroid photo +$5 for personalized note telling you exactly what I did or fantasized about in them (depending on what you ask for, of course) +$10 for video