So tight…so pink…so wet…

Size medium.  I lost weight and suddenly they’re baggy at my waist and cruel to my kitty?  Whatever.  Get these out of here and let me know what you do with them 😉  Worn 24 hrs, longer is negotiable as are other special requests for additional cost – just message.



Carson City




Caucasian (White)


31 - 35



Why the name? - I don't need to do this; I want to do this.  I'm not a starving student, no overly expensive habits or familial sob story.  Just a workaholic in a sexless marriage with a kink, who is tired of being made to feel bad about it.  Know the feeling?  Looking for a a way to get used, dirty, worn, wet panties and underwear in an exploitation-free setting where discretion's assured?  I'm your woman. I have the luxury of keeping a low number of clientele with whom I have a personal relationship.  Personalized requests encouraged - I just want to make us both happy, message me.  Frequent buyers can expect personalized surprises after a few purchases...if I get to know you better, you can get to know me better.  Interested? Just message me.  Best case scenario is we work well together...worst case scenario is that you stop wondering 'what if'?