Simple sexy see through cheeky xl








Caucasian (White)


21 - 24



Hey loves! How are you all?? I tore my acl this week doing roller derby and need gum.. .Ok so there are some newbies up again!!!!...I didn't expect the demand AGAIN!!!  but I also want to make sure each pair is totally me! So I have to wear em for a day or 2 so the sent is strong for you loves!! Who wants a special treat?! Hit me up and I'll hook you up...any special fantasies or requests??....poloroid of me wearing em....a special note....a purfumed pair...a super sweaty pair...pairs I peed in....I love it when you get hot from my makes me super horny! I hope you're having a great FRIDAY!!!!! This latest batch I went all out in for real though!!....multiple wears many smells that will make you weak in the knees! I'm waiting for make me so wet when I see youre looking at my stuff! This is for this week! Message me! Don't be shy! I love to chat..for the right price and guy Id be willing to set up a monthly suprise package special from me to you! xxxooo see you tomorrow!************************************Just the naughty girl next door. Calli girl blondie big blue eyes! Just trying to make it in this rainy city. Ha ha ha! I accept special requests. I smell amazing and got a giant juicy booty! I'd love to chat with some of you and tell you more about myself. I am in the beauty love it but I'd love to become a emt one day! I have long blonde hair that I love to dye funky colors. I am 5'8" full figured, curvy, voluptuous. I have 2 dogs Nick and Harley. I love to be out side but I try not to tan because I think my skin is beautiful the way it is. I love long walks on the......just kidding! I like to be spanked! I also like doing the spanking! I also love sexy talk! I look forward to telling you about all my escapades.....if you want to know more about a pair or just say hi! I would love to chat... Male or Female! Talk to me...❤❤