Purple Stain

💜💜hey lovelies, foxy here!! Today’s special is what we like to call in the theatre world a triple threat! I got to wearing this wonderful spandex thong just in time for my period to start, and no matter how I try, I always bleed through – this is no exception. In addition my school is alllways out of toilet paper and I happened to get a skid mark out of it. 🙈Lastly, I didn’t have to be in for classes till 2:30pm today, so I spent the morning watching some of my favorite sensual porn and finished twice in these bad boys!! They’ve been through the wringer the past two days, all for your pleasure and enjoyment! May you feel like a Prince with my Purple Stain, Purrrrple Stain💜💜



Oklahoma City




Caucasian (White)


18 - 24



Hey guys! My friend and I wanted to spice up our college experience and open an account together. Like the saying goes "twos better than one." Between the both of us, there's plenty of panty to go around and we'll make sure you know who you're getting the fun from. Below is a description from each of us so you can get to know us both a little better!~*~*~*~Foxy: first off, thanks for visiting our shop! We're so excited that you're interested in us! I'm a 21 year old college student who is studying acting and currently abroad in Spain for school. I'm blonde with blue eyes and enjoy yoga, running, and painting in my free time. I'll take requests for just about anything you'd like, just let me know!~*~*~*~Sintaur: Thanks for stopping by! We're so happy to have you. I am a 20 year old college student, I have red hair and I love Harry Potter, swimming, and most recently The Departed. I'll take requests for anything and everything on a scale of 1 to quirky. I'm down to clown. ;)~*~*~Why us? We love to include a variety of essential oils along with our down-undies to make a signature sent that has a lasting impression. For anyone who is interested in our Late Night Double Feature, we've got a 2 (scent) for 1 (panty) deal, if ya know what we mean! Xoxo