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Sometimes after a hot session of spankings and whipping I just can’t help but to touch myself. I can’t let those silly little subs know I need release. But you can, you can smell it, you can taste it, you can sleep with it under your pillow. Make these yours

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I'm a Dominatrix, and I get all worked up playing with my submissive little toys. My subs haven't been good enough lately to have the honor of touching my panties. So I'm looking to sell them. We have every kind you can possibly be looking for. Ones worn for active wear, for play time. Peed in, maybe you like a little scat play, we can accommodate that. I have ones my submissive men have worn, I can also get my girlfriends underwear if that's what you'd like. Maybe you'd like for her and I to both wear a pair, or play with each other first.  Place your order, we can fulfill it.