Real story, real panties.  A few weeks ago I visited my parents place and as I was digging through bags of old clothes a familiar scent wafted up my nose. I was instantly taken back to 16 year old me sitting on my rug in these panties for the first time, feeling the soft faux fur tickle my naked legs.  I reached my hand down and felt my already wet pussy throbbing to be touched. When I was younger at my convent school we had to wear regulation knickers, they stopped checking when I was around 14 so at this point slipping my school skirt over these kinky little things made me feel fucking naughty and incredible.  Also, dirty little me threw them in this bag without even washing them!! 
So there I was, wafted with this scent of repressed, horny, 16 year old me, and what did I do? I re-christened those motherfuckers right there and then.  It felt dirty and weird and hot and wet and incredible.  Picture is of 21 year old me, of course 😉







Caucasian (White)


18 - 24



London student, ex-catholic school girl... What can I say, going to an all girls convent run by nuns left me with some freaky kinks.   Panties start at £22 with a promise of at least one oozy orgasm (message me and you can try to make it more ;) ) and 24hrs wear. All come in discreet packaging, zip lock bag + personal message and photo. Don't be shy, let me know what your own personal kinks are and I'll see what I can do, I want to make your gifts as special as I can for you!   Find me on Tumblr to get to know me a little better. x