My workout underwear

Hello guys! Here are my workout panties! I did two spin class wearing these little panties. I sweat a lot when I workout, so they are tasty 😉 Hope you enjoy my workout scent..and yes It’s pretty strong! These panties are size S. XOXO, Karita







Caucasian (White)


21 - 24



Hello guys! My name is Karita, I'm 21 years old girl from Finland!!
I guess you guys have heard of Finland??
Because it's land full of sexy women with golden hair and blue least I recognise my self from that ;) I'm really excited knowing that I could satisfy your wet dreams and desires, as well I fulfill mine!!
I have light gold hair and blue eyes. I'm 160cm and 69kg so I am curvy girl, hope you enjoy that ;) Studying right now and working part-time at the restaurant as a waitress. For my free time i love to go hot yoga and spin class and do long walks with my dog Lola. 
I have very dirty and exclusive underwear collection and also special collaborations with my sister Kaisa! (g-strings, thongs, hipsters, or with your preferences) My sister Kaisa, is also really excited that we are doing this!! She is 23 years old. She is working at the post office and she likes ride motorcycles! She has gorgeous blond hair and also blue eyes. 
I'm open for your request for my panties, don't be afraid to ask ;)