micky mouse stained

Mickey mouse urine stained pink undies worn by a sexy 19 year old for 3 days straight. Strong scent is guaranteed.


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I am a 19 year old uni student looking to explore my sexual side. Help me help you get off by indulging in the scent of a young woman. Interested in both men and woman, role play, sub, anal and especially deepthroat. Send me your requests and I will try my very best to please :) shh, its our little secret! I can take requests for colour, style, activity, stains and time worn. Pricing: $20 for one days wear, and $10 for each extra day. Activities include workout, masturbation and general wear. Stain pricing can be discussed. $15 for an extra 2 photos (3 in total). Panties shipped very discreetly in a ziplock bag to maintain freshness. Please message me for any other questions! Let me throb for you. xoxo