Little Boo Peak

Fine lace satin (new) – ready to go on a journey for you.







Caucasian (White)


25 - 30



I’m innocent, cheeky, sexy and smart… but I’ve got a dirty little secret, my boyfriend doesn’t know I do this ;). I’m a kinky little bitch who loves to break the rules, I love the feeling of wet panties pressed against my tight little lips and how they get wet is up to you. The thought of getting caught makes my pussy ache, so whether they be soaked in piss or pussy juice, rub that dripping cock and breathe in my scent… I want you to blow your load all over my rule breaking panties.

You get to pick how I break the rules and the freaky little journey* my panties get to go on, you can also opt to choose to see this journey for an additional price. Panties are worn for a minimum of 24 hours, during that time each pair of panties will go on a journey chosen by you. Each journey is subject to a standard fee where additional charges will apply for customs and extras, especially panties that go on a kinky journey.

Journey type

All day pussy pants (standard package) $30

Journey description: The panties will be worn for a minimum of 24 hours and each journey is documented with 1 photograph.

*$10 per additional day of wear to a maximum of 3 days.

Pussy pants of pleasure $35

Journey description: The panties will be worn for the minimum time frame and each journey is documented with 2 photographs where you choose the type of panties to be worn on this journey.

*Depending on the fabric/brand chosen, additional charges may be incurred.

Masturbation sensation $40

Journey description: This journey includes the standard package plus I will masturbate to a story, fantasy or porn (of your choice) and at the end I’ll send you a short clip of the session.

Ovulation fixation $50

Journey description: During the 5 day window when I ovulate I am wetter and juicer than any other time, my pussy juice is clear and has a sweet and irresistible aroma. The journey for panties specifically worn during this time will include the standard package plus 3 photo graphs and a snap chat video.

Pissy panties $50

Journey description: This journey includes the standard package plus I will piss in the panties and document the session afterwards.

Pissy party $60

Journey description: This journey includes the standard package plus I will piss in the panties of your choice, document the session and send a snapchat video of me pissing in the panties.

Custom journey $By Negotiation

Journey description: Customers can mix and match from any of the above packages (including extras or Kinky vibes) can request (subject to reason) where and what I do whilst wearing the panties in the standard time frame.

Kinky vibes $By Negotiation

Journey description: Kinky vibes includes any extras and or requests that are not included in the above packages which will be subject to a negotiable price. Kinky vibes include anything that deviates from the norm including, panties worn longer than 24 hours, menstruation panties, edging panties, cum and squirt in panties, my boy friends cum dumped in my pussy, anal play or nylon pantyhose. Notice how I don't consider 'pissy panties' KINK? Some girls would charge you a lot for it but not me! That's because I don't even consider it Kink ;)


Piss in sink, bucket or on bathroom floor through panties, additional $5

Snap chat messages (with replies), additional $10 for a 24hr chat

Snap chat video message, additional $2 per video

Note: Buyers outside of Australia will be subject to a $16USD shipping fee for one item. Multiple orders purchased in one transaction will not incur an additional shipping fee.