Lacy Workout

I put on this pretty pair of lacy knickers as I rose out of bed this morning, and enjoyed a relaxing morning in them as I ate my breakfast and enjoyed a cup of tea. My day then got decidedly more active, as my best friend and I joined a spin class for 45 minutes of sweaty exertion. The combination of these lacy panties and my tight yoga leggings meant everything was riding up inside of me as I rode the seat on and on and on…I hope you don’t mind…







Caucasian (White)


21 - 24



Hello - I am Grace, a 22 year old University student from New Zealand. I'm 5'7" and pride myself on my petite and athletic physique, gained from years of riding horses competitively. I have long, brunette hair that grazes my B-cup chest and a pair of long legs to match. The ethos of my store is elegance with a side of cheekiness, and I want nothing more than my customers to be satisfied with the luxury products I provide. I absolutely love taking special requests, and encourage you to send me a message with any and all queries you may have. Pricing: I choose to buy high quality pairs of panties, and my pricing reflects this. I can discount if you'd like to own several pairs of my knickers, and if you'd like me to do anything in a pair you see listed here I'm more than happy to let go of all inhibitions. - Grace x