I’m No Angel Cheeky

I’m no angel- what a perfect name as I plan on being no angel while I wear them for you. Black satin with lacy animal print, size L-12/14 Remember, what I do in them and for how long can all be customized by you. *I apologize for the pic not loading rn, the website seems to be having a glitch. Please send a message for pics 🙂



New York




Caucasian (White)


18 - 24



Welcome 💋

My name is Zibiah Pierce. I am 5’2 with a very curvy body, including my ass (if you get lucky enough to see), dark brunette hair. I’m a virgin- seems like a bad porno doesn’t it? “Curvy brunette virgin makes herself wet for your pleasure” – except for this time it’s actually true. Nothing turns me on more than the thought of someone enjoying and exploring my body, even tho I haven’t found the right person yet.

I am currently paying for my way through Med school and as a side hobby I am here to help you indulge in your fantasies. The limits of what I have to offer are set by your imagination. I want this experience to be customized to your every wish. For an additional fee, you may tell me specifically what you would like me to do while wearing my panties and add as many days of wear as you’d like. Everything is up to you- anything from the color to material to pictures to you name it, your wish is my command. As a bonus, I think I’m pretty fun to talk to as well 😛

Summer is too short to not enjoy an occasional fling