I’m barely covered

Fresh out of the shower and ready to get dirty all over again. This little number barely covers my little kitty. I will be wearing this pair for 1 – 2 days (15th/16th sept). Its the morning now but later on when everyone else is asleep i will be teasing myself senseless and getting this g string absolutely soaked. I’m posting them now so you can buy them at absolute freshness. mmm Im getting turned on just thinking about today. I love this pair because i can pull them up nice and tight against her and and gently rub everything together to get those juices flowing. Send me a message with suggestions of what i should get up to later. i like it kinky. Any pictures or extra are £5 each <3 Paypal preferred









18 - 24



Even the thought of you holding my big girl panties is making me soo so... w e t mmmm... sorry i got distracted I  have always been naturally slim but my love for food has added a juicy lil' giggle to each step. And, when i've been eating a little more than usual everything just squishes together down there and it feels soooooooo gooood oh my. Send me your wildest requests and i'll see what i can do for you   All transactions will be through PayPal. £5 for any pictures and extras x Sent as soon as payment clears and double wrapped for freshness. I can't wait for you to smell her...