Cotton candy with period stain

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Comfy cotton candy for your desire.

Worn a little over a day during warm sunny holiday and while on my period.

Nice lill period mark in it after I had a leak


Welcome to the sweet and salty olive 😊 


I’m a mature woman from Norway with big lushes titts and a round soft ass that likes to sit on faces.

My items for sale are panties I use on a daily basis in lace, cotton or bamboo but I can also do orders where you can choose your colour or type and number of days of wear to fit your desire.

Do you have other requests?

Ask and it may well be a yes.

Say nothing and you will never know 😉


All orders are vacuume sealed and mailed in discrete packages 


Price for 1 pair of panty worn one day is 30$ + shipping


There are no returns or refunds