Blue lace thong

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Oh baby these are the ones for you! Sexy blue lace thong that can be just drenched in my delicious sent 😏

Just your friendly 21 year old, Puerto Rican college girl who loves getting down and dirty at the gym, at work and at home, and gets off on anyone buying her delicious smelling panties. Actually just asking you guys to buy it really makes me sooooo wet… 🙊



•1-day-wear panties: $20

•2-day-wear panties: $35

•each additional day is a $10 additional charge for up to 7 days.

•8+ Day pricings can be discussed

**I will do my best to fulfill any/all  Special Requests! Your wish is my command 💋

Feel free to message me via EMAIL: [email protected] 

or KIK: tight.delightsxoxo


P.S-  shipping is U.S only