🌻✨Gypsy girl on the road ✨🌻

Help me get from place to place, and maybe spoil me a little along the way.

**special music festival panties coming soon**

Every purchase is packaged with a special free gift 💋

New to the Motor City! I left the city I lived in my entire life to explore new places and meet new people.  When I'm not working I love being outside, wandering Detroit or working out. I've always had a booty and I'm sure as hell not ashamed.  Tell me what you're looking for! ;)

halo :) My names Camilla, I'm a 23 year old Italian girl with long brown hair and big brown eyes. Tiny but mighty, I'm 5'5" with an hourglass figure. I love anything creative and the outdoors. I live my life with no shame and it is hard to not be judged by others, so this is my safe space for me to express my sexual creativity. Staying active is one of my favourite things. I especially love hot yoga and getting my sweat on in the gym, to keep the booty plump and the waist tiny. So don't let the size medium scare you off ;) Self proclaimed flower child and a free spirit. Can't wait to hear from you, xoxo

A thick and juicy snowflake looking to give someone a treat :)

Hello I’m Anastasia(: I’m a sassy college school girl who loves wearing panties of all different kinds. I’m open to any requests and can’t wait to meet your requests and desires(;

Full time nurse 💉

Best partner to my husband 💑❤️

Always down to try new things 🏵

100% real. I’m proud of my body and embrace every single person. ❤️❤️

I’m a young, sexy, and naughty black girl looking to please my lucky buyers by fufilling their dreams and desires. I’m a lover of Bdsm, keeping a tight body, and showing others how much I love to please myself. If you like chocolate, you’ve cum to the perfect place.

Sexy panties, I only wear thongs and g strings usually although I do have some boy shorts. Not even gonna lie they smell so sexy sometimes even I sniff them 😀 custom orders available

Get your hands on what I’m wearing

I am ready to fulfill your fantasies with my used scrumptious panties.

I’m a runner. I love to hike. I work 10-12 hour shifts in a hospital. I love wearing all kinds of panties.What is your fetish? Panties? Socks? Bras? I don’t judge. I have a half marathon every month so plenty of chances for 13.1 panties. I also have 5k, 10k, 15k, and 10 mike races planned. Spartan workouts, yoga, kettle bells. I get sweaty in all kinds of ways. I also have workday panties available. 10-12 hours of working in a hospital. Just imagine!

Kitten gets so restless waiting all day for Master to come home and make his pussy purr. She has to change her panties many times a day because she gets so wet with anticipation. Kitten is very active. She loves to move and stretch so she can stay limber for when Master wants to bend her over and fuck her tight little pussy. Kitten is open to requests and will consider them on a case by case basis.

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Hi, I'm Zola and welcome to my shop! I'm an active college student looking to pass along some of my fav undies. I'm 95 percent of the time in thongs because they're comfy and spare me horrid underwear lines throughout the day. Buy a pair and see what Brown sugar smells like :) And if you have questions, don't be shy!

I’m a 20 year old lifelong barrel racing cowgirl. I know how to get down and dirty when I need to but love doing it a sexy pair of panties. im new to selling and don’t know how far I’m willing to go yet. So as of now I’m open to anything. I am willing to do extra requests for an extra fee. So please feel free to send me a message tell me what you want.

I get my sweat on daily at the gym leaving me slick all over! It’s true women peak sexually in their 30’s, I’m 39 and it’s never been wetter! Blond hair, blue eyes MILF! Tight juicy ass waiting for you to lick it! Typing this is making my thighs tingle, I want so badly to stick a finger in and make myself creamy. Frequently I slip my fingers inside my pussy to make sure it’s not too soaked with sweet juices!  I desperately want you to choose your own adventure, I can make it exciting for both of us. I’ll meet you at the finish line! 💋



P.S. Still setting up shop! More pics to cum! What would you like to see me wearing??!

I’m a kickboxing instructor, aspiring MMA fighter, and a college student who loves to get sweaxy in Victoria’s Secret! Anything you want, I’ve got it❤️ All panties are worn to order. You tell me what you want, when to wear it, and for how long. This is just a small sample of what I have.

There’s nothing I love more than putting on a pair of sexy underwear. I like to try and please anyone, happy to take any requests to meet your fantasy

I am a very active and energetic nineteen year old. I look forward to working with you and fufilling your fantasy xoxo

Get in my panties!

I’m a sweet, sensual babygirl with a craving for sex, be it solo or with men and/or women. I enjoy reading (yes, for fun), working out, being outdoors on a nice day and relaxing at home. I’m selling my lovely worn panties and custom photos for you to enjoy 😉 If you want to order something you don’t see posted just message me! Most things wont be a problem, I don’t judge people on what gets them off.  Feel free to get to know me on a personal level, I love new connections and when you’re beating off to my underwear I want you to feel like you know who they belong to ❤️


26 year old plus sized girl who’s looking to find some thrill in making people’s fantasys cum true. I take requests so shoot me an email

I’m a massage therapist who spends all my free time hiking, lifting, and doing yoga. My body is my hobby & I like to think it shows 😉

I eat really well… you could say I’m picky about what I put in my body. On that note, I’ve only slept with 4 people. My body is a temple 👑 💁‍♀️


Always wet for you; )

Hi, I’m Sakura ☺️ Welcome, & thank you SO much for visiting my page! I find great satisfaction in pleasing my clients, so don’t hesitate to PM me with your requests 😉 I’m very open minded and a lot turns me on and I’m willing to do phone calls, we do role playing or I can dominate you or be dominated ; ) So start messaging me now for some amazing satisfaction 💦💦💦


Okay, a little about myself….I’m an extremely naughty & playful person. The only thing is, I don’t get to express this side very often in my real life.

Knowing you have my scent, my taste, my worn & cummed in panties in your hands….THAT in itself makes me crazy with excitement 💦

I work out everyday too and masturbate often so my undies are incredibly sensual and I know you’ll keep ‘cumming’ back for more 😉

      I am a thick brunette,i work a physically labor damanding job and run 1 to 3 miles most days.lots of those juices and sweat ;) Shoot me a message, lets talk about what i can do for you ;) All products come vacuum sealed and shipped free in the US. Ive always got specials and bundles posted :) take a look! If youre looking for something more specific, let me know, i may be able to get something together for you ;)

I’m a petite Asian doctor.  I am trying to pay off my student loans.  Cute spinner type with a lot of attitude.   I am very active . I spin, Pilates , yoga and pole dance .   So all panties will have a lot of mileage.   I am bendy like a pretzel, and am always wet and so I know you will be satisfied.   I can do custom orders whatever you want daddy.