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Hi! I'm a young blonde babe in college ready to please.  So tell me what you need and I can make your fantasy become a reality! I love getting your messages..let's have a chat just between the to of us about what you want and what I can provide you.

This is my first time trying this, but I am excited to start.  I am a young BBW, I work and play hard, and I hope to hear from you soon!

Hello😘 I am a fun down to earth girl from Portland Oregon. I am completely open to request regarding the panties.

I'm a fun, fit, and quite adventurous equestrian farm girl. I spend my days riding and grooming the horses, mucking stalls, and keeping up with those cowboys. This girl isn't afraid to take a wild ride! Panties come in a sealed and discreet package. Special requests available for a fee. Please feel free to ask.

Athletic Femme Lesbians living in Chicago We workout everyday and couldn't be wetter. There are two of us, N is 20 years old, 5' 3" and is a personal trainer. She's a hispanic mixed beauty with an ass that you'd only find in your dreams. L is a 24 year old athletic ex-soccer player, graduated from college a few years ago. 5'4" with long brown hair. Let us know if you want a custom piece ;]  

Hey Gents! Welcome to my Shop, browse around and feel free to ask any requests or questions you may have! I’m Harley, 23 and have 2 kids I’m 100% supporting. I love to play and do other things then just sell my panties, that’s on you 2 ask. I’d love to keep you pleasured by my Wetness 💋

Two NY sisters in their mid-twenties... We both like to work out, go hiking, take yoga classes & cook. Younger sister is 5'8 and blonde, older sister is 5'6 and brunette..... Willing to send panties worn to bed, all day, or after a nice sweaty work out at the gym. Tell us what you want! You can guess which sister is which!

My name is Christina, I am a shy city girl. I like to work haaarrrddd, and play even harder. I do vigorous exercises on a daily basis so this line will have an abundance of  work out panties available. Feel free to message me if you have any special requests. XOXO

I’m a barely legal (20-year-old) hot looking athlete with a swimmer's build. I am your dream Trophy Boi. Young, Hung and Full of Cum. I get into sweaty outdoor activities like biking, running, and hiking so my gear has a young stud's masculine smell. I have a fun kinky side too so check out the items that I share with my two brothers. I even at times raid my father’s used alpha gear adding my own scent on top of his ripe bull balls. I'm always open to special requests.

Hey there! Welcome to nikkis knickers, I will be selling used panties to help me during my nursing training and hopefully you too ;)  

Young college student who loves playing in beautiful lingerie. From g-strings to bikinis to boy shorts, I have it all and am eager to please.

I'm Olive. I'm a 5' 1" black and asian mixed southern girl looking to share her sweet, juicy pussy with the world. I enjoy long walks with my dog, hot, sweaty yoga, walking around naked, thinking of all the ways I can get my panties sopping wet and more... 24, 48, 72+ hours worn, cum, how do you want it?   Just trying to spread the delicious and flavorful aroma of my hot and steamy naughty wear ;)   I accept paypal, but Bitcoin/Ethereum preferred.

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My panties tend to get super juicy whether I'm working out or just *ahem* "lying around."

Hello.  :) I have long red hair - you know what they say about us redheads...  If you're a fan of bushes, I'm your girl.  I'm 21  years old and I'm a college student.  I am 5'2", so yes I am little!  I'm quite curvy, I wear a 32DD bra and medium panties.  I love lingerie and and feeling sexy, but also love being naked.  I love playing with my vibrator and/or riding my boyfriend.  I have a million panties so I'm excited to share them with you!  I am open to sharing bras, shorts, etc. as well.  (:

♡ Hi :)  Are you looking for someone real and honest? I'm just that.  I am a strong woman and I will try anything at least one time. I love pleasing others. ♡ I love to feel sexy and you do that for me! Having fun and laughing is important to me. I like yoga, skate, good books and friends. ♡ I m 5ft1"  Size 6  Size 6 shoes  34/a bra  Brown/blond hair  Brown eyes  Big arse small waist  If I am what you're looking for message me ♡ ♡ Tell me, what are you going to do with my panties? ♡  

I'm Emily, an English born girl living in New Zealand. I'm a dancer - naked dancing in my bedroom with music full blast is a favourite of mine but every other day, you'll find me waltzing around a hall or whipping out some saucy salsa. I'm constantly at the beach in summer - getting sand in all sorts of places. I'm definitely a beach baby - the ocean is one of my favourite places to get down and dirty. I have a boyfriend who doesn't know I'm on here, which makes it so much more sexy and secret. I cannot wait to please you with my panties and I'm open to requests for all your desires.  

"Pretty lingerie makes it all better" Looking for used panties?..I'm your girl to satisfy your cravings(; Contact me for any special requests.   Pricing; photo proof: 5$ ~ Normal 24 hr wear 40$ ~ 48 hrs 60$ ~72 hrs 75$ Requests? Kind of panties; briefs,thongs,boyshorts,bikini. Color; pink,black,white,red,blue,etc. Activities: Gym,walking,etc.

Pick which panties you want me to wear with you in mind... the smell in the panties will be fresh for you. They're all listed with a specific service, but additional days of wear, exercise, urine, or masterbation, and such can always be added... because each pair is tailored to your desires. I'll put them on, and make them stank, just for you!

Love working out, carefree person.  I workout daily and Im OPEN to your request ;) (thong, bikini, brief or boy shorts) Belive me, you won’t regret it!

Hello! Chalk here! :) I am a professional model and part-time cam girl. You can find me on Suicide Girls, Xtreme Playpen and MyFreeCams! I'm vegan; I love to hula hoop, work out, game and garden.Winter is my favorite time of year and I love going to shows! I wear a size xs-m depending on the undies! My favorite places to buy them are Victoria's Secret and Rue 21 :)

Asian. 25. Petite. 5'1 Your little brown eyed island girl. My scent will drive you crazy ;) I love yoga, hiking, jogging, and a good work out. I take requests, please don't be shy. Tell me, what you are going to do with my undies? 

18 yr old College Student long wear, high use panties. I take requests for style, soil level, time worn, activities and more! DM for pictures in items!

20 year old college girl, I spend most of my time in the gym, yoga studio, or Pilates class working up a sweat to maintain my extra small waist and extra large everything else...I also do some ballet in my free time! I'm a ginger and I have size 5 feet if you were wondering;) $25- used $50- masturbation $60- ran in (multiple miles) $20- socks $20- nudes I'm a little adventurous and always open for requests!

Hello! I'm a recent graduate currently working as a fine arts professional.  There is nothing better than ending my day with a hot yoga or spin class.  I have a rather large behind, so I'm almost always experiencing a wedgie from some angle.  I've learned to stop fighting it, and let it be! I'm fairly new to this, so I am open to suggestions and requests!  I work out and masturbate, DAILY so I don't think I'll have a problem with soaking my favorite pairs of dorky cotton undies.  I'm usually not wearing underwear at all.. so there will certainly be a conscious effort made on my end for your pleasure. I am wildly undersexed because I am waiting around for a swell guy.. whilst focusing on my career.  No rush!  So in the meantime, I thought I'd have some fun here with ya'll.  I masturbate with great frequency, often waking up in the middle of the night to finish myself off after a sex dream. I'm usually knitting or reading to be completely honest.  Or I'm outside hiking a mountain, lying on the beach, antiquing. Get me started!  What would you like?