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I’m a barely legal (20-year-old) hot looking athlete with a swimmer's build. I am your dream Trophy Boi. Young, Hung and Full of Cum. I get into sweaty outdoor activities like biking, running, and hiking so my gear has a young stud's masculine smell. I have a fun kinky side too so check out the items that I share with my two brothers. I even at times raid my father’s used alpha gear adding my own scent on top of his ripe bull balls. I'm always open to special requests.

The nerdier, the dirtier... I'm Fae, I'm what you might consider a bit of a nerd as you've probably guessed. I love playing video games, reading comics, watching anime...maybe even caught watching some dirty hentai too. I work in an adult store, which can be absolute torture for a horny girl, ya know? Since I'm dating someone now, I don't get to do all the fun things I used to, and I've been wanting to be a little naughty again. My boyfriend doesn't know I'm a bad girl and made this store, he thinks I'm still beating my video game. Oops! you wanna play with me?

Asian. 25. Petite. 5'1 Your little brown eyed island girl. My scent will drive you crazy ;) I love yoga, hiking, jogging, and a good work out. I take requests, please don't be shy. Tell me, what you are going to do with my undies? 

Young cute blonde with a cheeky side, wanna play with me? I'm just a fun loving chick looking for some extra $$ to treat myself with, cause girls deserve to be spoiled you know! TREATS JUST FOR YOU -basic 24hr panties- cotton brief  ($30 AUD) - 48 hrs ($35) - 48 hrs+ Add ($10 each day) -G string 9-5 office job  ($50 AUD) -Urine soaked panties ($70 AUD)   I accept most offers and special requests, I'm defiantly an open minded girl So what are you waiting for?? Message me and make your dreams come true x

Hi! My name is Sadie…I’m very curvaceous and I have a plump tushy that boys can’t seem to get enough of. I always keep my special place completely shaven. I’m 25 years old but I’ve always felt like a little girl. I’m also a submissive and I have a Daddy because like every little girl, sometimes I need discipline.

I try to be a good girl for my Daddy but he’s always gone and I don’t get the attention a good little girl needs so sometimes I make boo boo’s. Sometimes I tinkle in my panties on accident, sometimes I wear thongs when Daddy’s away even though He doesn’t allow me to because I want to feel like a cheap whore, sometimes I just want my special place used by random men when Daddy can’t and sleep with a stranger’s gift in my panties. This neglected little girl will do a lot for the right man’s affection and I will meet practically any of your special requests if I can get the kind of attention that I need.

I will always have a story about how I was a bad girl and soiled my panties for the right person.

 I don’t think I’m the good girl my Daddy thinks I am. I love being a slut but Daddy can never know…will you help me keep my dirty secret?

Hello lovelies!! I am a 18 year old highschool student. I love to go on runs with my dogs and shopping. Feel free to message me anytime, I am very open to requests ;)

Hey Babydolls! I'm 18 years old;) Here you have my most prized possessions, ripe for the pickin'!

sexy sisters hit us up!!!!! threesome who LOOOOOVE to stay active ;) International exchange students EXOTIC, SPICY, TEENS - please chat us we'd love to talk to you and satisfy your needs. once you experience us you'll never want anything else baby.....

  DM Me and we can chat ;) ** FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE// TEMPORARY OFFER ** Hey Babe, Welcome to my shop where I offer you the complete girlfriend experience.  Each order comes romantically packaged with printed out photos of my self in my knickers as well as a handwritten note to you describing all the delicious things I got up too while wearing them. If you don't see what you're looking for in my shop please message through a request and I am sure I will be able to satisfy any tingle you have. xx Corey   Here are my base rates: Basic: panties worn for 48 hours including 1 workout sesh + 2 masturbation = $25 extra workout + $10 no wipe pee +$10 per day of no wiping (if only one day will be done on the last day) no wipe poo +$15 per day of no wiping (if only one day will be done on the last day) pubic trimmings + $5 to be included in small ziplock sepereate from panties and cut off after workout(and/or) masturbation for extra scent

18 year old Caribbean hottie with the stickiest and creamiest panties. No request is too extreme, and I will happily oblige. I'm in a sorority so selling you my delicious panties are helping pay my dues. I can't wait for you! 'Cum' get your "Loved For You" panties right away! My kik is @misszurie if that's easier for you to chat with me on ;)  

I'm a young Dutch girl living in London and I'd love to please you..  Welcome to my shop, go take a look at my dirty undies if you can handle it... Email me for personal requests  ˚✧₊⁎( ˘ω˘ )⁎⁺˳✧༚

I cater to all Fetish Lovers. Panties, Bras or Socks, every order arrives freshly sealed in a baggie in discrete packaging. Pick your options and I'll do the rest. If you have a special color, style, fabric or size you'd like me to wear for you I'm happy to oblige. Prices in USD 1 day wear - $30 2 day wear - $50 3 day wear - $75 1 wk wear - $150 Special Request Surcharge: Sweaty (Gym/Yoga) - $10 Urine - $10 Scat/Dirty Butt Smell - $20 Wet/Masturbation - $30 Blood - $50 Don't see what you like? Tell me what you like, I can make it happen.  

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Hello lovelies and welcome!

I’m Megan Marie, a 4”11 girl next door, 25 years old, who loves to eat, read, take long baths and attend dance classes to teach and to let loose! I like simple things but I’m hard to please😋. I have a size 34 Bra + 29 waist and a round behind. I enjoy many fetishes and am open minded to others. 😇 I’ll share with you if you share with me. 

I want all buyers to know that you can put your full trust in me. I will not lie or cheat you. All you see is genuine, and any request/wish you my have, will be fulfilled.

I’m open to many special requests. Please don’t be shy to message me. Kisses xo

Beautifully used raunchy underwear. Worn to perfection for your viewing and smelling pleasure. Worn anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks. More than happy to do custom orders.

Just two twins with a dark side looking to make your fantasies cum true. We'll help you with your decadent desires. Just be cautious... we very in size. S and M panties tend to be flirtatious and shy. L and XL are always down and dirty. Put us where you want us and tell us what you want.

A place for premium panties full of love and passion. open to all types of requests incl vid and pics packaging always discrete and quick Look forward to hearing from you xx

Thick, naughty, 19 yr old willing to do any request.

I’m a 5’6, 170lb, European girl, size M in undies and a 36DDD chest…

I take requests for colour, style, length of wear, and what I did in the panties (get fucked, peed in them, masturbated, didn’t wipe, worked out, whatever you want 😉). I’m also a busy university girl who gets caught with work & school 8 hours a day, to sweating out in the gym, and often times masturbating to relax from a long day (usually on my snapchat that I also sell).

Selling my sexy, used, panties makes me happy knowing someone is getting more use out of them than I ever would. 😘


Selling my used panties at your request.  I'm a 32 year old redhead who is fun loving and perverted as all hell.   No request is too far.  I enjoy life from super vanilla to dark chocolate.  I even dabble with stockings as well for those who love feet.  Panties will be medium/large depending.

Anything goes, get in touch ;) If you have any preferences email me, I promise not to judge ;) [email protected]

Hello , my name is Lolita. I am a horny and dirty little girl who gets off on the thought of you pleasuring yourself with the scent of my body. Yet everyone thinks im this sweet little angel who would never get down and dirty. Thats now our little secret! It makes me so wet to think of the moment when you are about to explode with all these dirty thoughts. I can imagine you cumming all over my panties and feeling finally released and unstressed. Im a sweet little girl who loves being dominated, but can also dominate you... My boyfriend doesn't know i get off on pleasing other men and woman with my body scent and juices. He loves cumming inside my tight little pussy and ass hole and watching me push it all out dripping on my panties... Imagine a pretty little girl like me whispering in your ear telling you dirty things. Imagine a pretty little girl like me touching her self in the middle of the night and squirting all over my panties and the bed sheets.. Imagine me walking through the grocery store getting off on older man just looking at me wanting to have a taste of my tiny, tight and juicy pussy. I would love to satisfy all your dirty desires in my panties.. i love stuffing my little pussy so if you are interested, send me a lovely email and ill get back to you asap! Panties are put in a Ziploc baggie and discreetly shipped to you with lots of love. You also get a sweet hand written note from me with a kiss from my lips. Prices vary from  40 -100 dollars. depending on your desired wish. I also have other items such as socks, used tampons or pads, bras etc... you tell me what you want and its yours! Cant wait to touch myself and cum for you!

Greetings playmates~ My name's NORA; I'm a dirty petite little mama who has a deep warm, constantly soaked, sweet pussy! I would love to FiLL all your special orders & completely satisfy your every desire.. I also enjoy chatting & providing a fun & unique experience for each & everyone of you out there, so don't be shy lovers- I sell everything I wear & use & im always buying & adding new stuff to my store! If there's something you'd like that you don't see you can contact me & I can make you a custom order of your choosing! •message me & let's have some fun (;     -->Allow me to make your every fantasy become your reality*

I'm a 27 year wife with a secret.. I love getting my panties nice and filthy and sending them off for you to enjoy. I spend all day cumming anyway, why not let me cum for you? Breathe me in, I've been told it's heavenly. Don't be shy. ;) I love knowing my panties are on your face and dick bringing you complete pleasure. I love custom orders, let me make you happy. It turns me on to turn you on.     5'11, curvy, pierced and wet little pussy. love love love: *getting fucked (who doesn't?) *stuffing my panties in my wet pussy *playing with my clit *being licked and sucked until I can't take it anymore *turning on strange men ;)   Muah!    Also have kik

everything i use i sell i have lots of goodies for sale used champagne...chocolate anything really as long as its used for your liking get in my shop have a lok anything you want or crave just ask

Hey everyone, my name is Caroline and I study to become a bioengineer in Denmark. You could help me make my study-life a bit easier, by buying my wet panties. Before sending the underwear I will send a picture of my booty wearing the panties, so you know what they have toutched. I will sell you my used underwear. I like sleeping and having sex in sexy nightdresses, wich I will also send if you like. There is no perfume in my deodorant or shover gel, so you will only be sniffing me. I have a lot of different panties. For example: panties used after sex (my lovers sperm will be floating out of me), during exercise, on my period (or during ovulation). I have a vibrator wich I like grinding on the outside of the panties.          Pricelist for extras: Worn after sex - 20$   ; Worn 1 extra day - 10$ (maximum of 2 days in a row)   ; Mastrubated in - 10$   ; With a hint of urin - 20$    ; Used on my period - 20$