The Ultimate Guide to Selling Used Panties on Poshmark

The used panty marketplace

When it comes to buying and selling gently used clothing and accessories online, no one does it quite like Poshmark. Founded in 2011, Poshmark is a social commerce website where users buy and sell a variety of items from electronics and home goods to secondhand clothing. And with over 200 million listings posted on any given day, there are plenty of amazing items to choose from.

But, does that include used panties? While there are dedicated used panty platforms out there (including Sofia Gray), you may be wondering if traditional secondhand clothing outlets like Poshmark support the practice of selling used undergarments. And you’ve come to the right place to find out.

Keep reading for a complete guide to selling used panties on Poshmark, plus details on how it’s done, if it’s permitted, and better, alternative outlets (like Sofia Gray!). 

What is Poshmark and How Does it Work?

Poshmark is a fashion-centric social marketplace where users can safely post and sell a plethora of items – both new and used. Primarily known for selling gently used clothing items, Poshmark has over 80 million registered users in the United States, Canada, India, and Australia. Not all sellers on Poshmark are independent, though. The platform also allows small retail shows to post items for sale and increase their online revenue in a safe and secure environment. 

Sellers can create their own virtual closet, filled with all their beautiful gently used items including clothing, shoes, purses, jewelry, and other fashion accessories. Sellers can list items at whatever price they want and then adjust them accordingly. If the item isn’t selling or is being sold for more on another user’s page, you can update your own prices to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. Just keep in mind, the quality of the item matters and will impact the final sale price.

Buyers have the option to purchase items for the listed price or to try and negotiate for a better deal. Poshmark facilitates conversations between buyers and sellers so they can discuss pricing, the condition of the item, and additional shipping options. On Poshmark, all final sales and offers are binding. Once a buyer makes an offer and the seller accepts it, the buyer is prompted to make a payment and complete the sale. 

Sellers have up to 7 days to ship all sold items. Failure to do so could result in the buyer pulling out of the deal and you losing the sale. Similar to other online marketplaces, your reputation as a seller on Poshmark is everything. By shipping your used items promptly, efficiently, and with quality packing materials, you can make a good impression on buyers and they’ll be more inclined to leave you a positive review. The more positive reviews you have on Poshmark, the more future sales you’ll acquire. (PS - When it comes to shipping used panties, the packaging and shipping process is crucial for preserving the underwear’s scent and ensuring a positive customer experience.)

Buyers are encouraged to confirm the receipt of their items within three days. This lets sellers know they did a good job and helps create a positive shopping experience for everyone. Once you accept the order, the funds are then released to the seller. Great sellers should be rewarded, which is why the faster you accept and confirm the delivery of your items, the faster the seller gets paid.

What You Need to Know About Selling Used Panties on Poshmark

Whether you’ve sold old prom dresses, designer bags, or costume jewelry on Poshmark before or you’re a new seller, you may be curious about selling used panties on this global marketplace. While Poshmark supports and encourages the sale of pre-owned items, unfortunately, used undergarments including panties (plus other prohibited items) aren’t allowed. 

This is mostly for sanitary reasons. Although there are plenty of people out there who love used panties and believe, “the dirtier, the better”, this isn’t a universally shared sentiment. Poshmark needs to ensure the safety and health of all its users. Because selling used underwear online is a relatively unregulated market from the hygiene standpoint, Poshmark can’t and doesn’t permit sellers to list, market, sell, or ship these types of clothing items. 

Are Used Panties on Poshmark Prohibited or Restricted?

Poshmark has two separate lists for items that aren’t allowed. While some are prohibited – which means, “no way, no how, don’t even bother” – the other list is of restricted items. While we aren’t suggesting you break the rules or go against Poshmark’s rules and guidelines, it does mean you may have some wiggle room to work with when trying to sell items on the restricted list. 

The good news? Panties and socks are on the restricted list, not the prohibited list. Here’s what Poshmark has to say about selling underwear on socks on its platform. 

For health and hygiene reasons, used underwear and socks may not be sold on Poshmark. New undergarments (including bras, underwear, and socks) that still have the original tags attached can be sold. These items must be clean, unstained, and unused. 

Interestingly enough, pre-owned bras and bathing suits are allowed. Poshmark urges sellers not to include any provocative or fetishizing images or language in their listings, or else they will be removed and the account will be flagged.

Other items on the restricted list include electronics, makeup and other personal care items, and mystery listings. These listings, also known as grab-bag bundles, are permitted but aren’t covered by Poshmark’s normal protection policies. These sales are done at the buyer’s and seller’s own risk.

Other prohibited items include:

  • Counterfeit or infringing products
  • Nudity or explicit content
  • Violent or hateful content
  • Food, drugs, or drug paraphernalia
  • Dangerous items (including knives and other weapons)
  • Hazardous materials
  • Medication or prescriptions
  • Highly regulated or recalled items
  • Animals
  • Plants and seeds
  • Deceptive content
  • Human parts
  • Stolen items

How to Sell Used Panites on Poshmark (if you dare)

Because new underwear with labels is permitted for sale on Poshmark, and pre-owned bras and bathing suits are also allowed, you can work around these restrictions – carefully. Just know, doing so is going against the website’s community guidelines and could result in your account being banned. You could also sell to the wrong buyer who doesn’t fully understand what you’re doing on the sly. Once they receive your used underwear, if they’re displeased, they could report you to Poshmark’s customer service team. Your account could get banned and both your money and product lost. 

If you decide to risk it, there are a few ways you can try selling used panties on Poshmark. For one, leave the tags on, wear them, and sell them. Make sure you only upload photos of the underwear prior to wearing them. This way, they’ll appear clean, new, and still with the original tags. The tricky part is letting buyers know that your underwear is actually well-worn, fragrant, and ripe for the picking. This can be done via private messenger. Remember, Poshmark doesn’t allow provocative or fetishizing language in the product descriptions, so avoid these at all costs.

Your other option is to stick with selling pre-used bras and trying to list lingerie items as pre-used swimsuits. The downside to this is that most people interested in used undergarments want panties because they carry a very specific scent like panties worn during sex, masturbation, your menstrual cycle, or your most recent sweat sesh at the gym. Used bras don’t quite carry this same appeal. On the other hand, if you can get your lingerie or panty sets to pass as bathing suits in the pictures you take and post, you may be able to sell a few used items without having your account flagged, restricted, or banned. 

Sofia Gray: The Smart Alternative to Selling Used Panties on Poshmark

For those that don’t want to risk their reputation or play games, skip the red tape of trying to sell used panties on Poshmark and go right to the source. Sofia Gray is one of the largest online used panty marketplaces in the world. With an abundant database of legitimate and reputable buyers and sellers, Sofia Gray helps serious and sexy sellers promote and sell their used panties, bras, socks, stockings, and even sex toys to eager buyers from around the world. No muss, no fuss.

So, how does Sofia Gray work and why is it the better option over selling used panties on Poshmark? Let’s see!

A Dedicated Platform for Panty Lovers and More

Although buying and selling used panties is a niche market of sorts, it’s actually more popular than you might think. And for that reason, there are thousands of people online looking to buy and sell their fragrant undergarments and connect with other panty lovers. Sofia Gray creates a safe, secure, and welcoming environment for these connections and relationships to flourish.

Plus, Sofia Gray is more than just panties. You can also sell your beautiful bras, naughty lingerie, socks, stockings, hosiery, and used sex toys. Most adult content is welcome on this platform, which means increased earning potential. Sofia Gray is a judgment-free zone that welcomes members from all walks of life, sexual preferences, genders, identities, and more. As long as you’re 18 years of age or older, Sofia Gray is the place to be.

Not everyone is loud and proud about their panty fetish, though. For this reason, finding serious buyers on sites like Poshmark can be extremely difficult or impossible. Especially since Poshmark doesn’t allow any X-rated advertising. There’s no way to promote your listings to your target audience and landing a sale could take months, years, or never come to fruition, leading to wasted time and energy. On Sofia Gray, every visitor on the site is looking for exactly what you’re offering. In fact, 95% of sellers make a profit on their very first sale!

Low Membership Fees with Plenty of Perks

Sellers on Sofia Gray are required to pay a small subscription fee to use the site, however, the benefits far outweigh this minimal charge. Not to mention, Poshmark charges sellers a small fee on every item sold. For all sales under $15, the flat fee is $2.95. Any sale above $15 is subject to a 20% commission, which means you get 80% of the final price. Considering most items (including used underwear) sell for more than $15, the most you’ll ever receive is 80% of the sale price.

On Sofia Gray, sellers keep 100% of their sales. Whatever you list your panties for and whatever price you agree to with the buyer is what you receive. Sofia Gray offers three subscription plans to choose from and they are as follows.

  • One month of selling for $15.99
  • Three months of selling for $24.99
  • Six months of selling for $44.99

The longer you commit, the more you’ll save. Regardless of which plan you choose, you’ll gain access to all of Sofia Gray’s amazing tools and features including direct messenger, the ability to design your personal panty shop, and a variety of sales opportunities from panties and bras to socks, sex toys, and more! 

Informative Blog for Selling Tips

Are you new to the used panty business or looking for other sexy ways to make money on the side? Sofia Gray’s got you covered. This adult marketplace is designed for aspiring online entrepreneurs and those looking to tap into their wild side. After all, sex sells! But not on most traditional commerce sites like Poshmark. Strict regulations, guidelines, and rules make it nearly impossible to explore your sexy side hustle.

Sofia Gray facilitates your business and sales in multiple ways like offering a resourceful blog filled with hundreds of advice columns, reviews, and how-to guides. This information is constantly updated, covering the newest trends and topics so that you have a constant pulse on not just the used panty industry but also all forms of sexy side work like from sexting and stripping to writing erotica, hosting live web cams or launching an OnlyFans career. If you’re short on ideas, the Sofia Gray blog has you covered.

Click here for our ultimate guide to selling used panties without the hassle or headaches of trying to navigate Poshmark’s rules and regulations. 

Other Tips for Selling Used Panties Online

Regardless of the platform you choose, you need to take a specific approach to selling used panties online. With thousands of sellers across dozens of categories and niches, these tips can help you stand out from the competition. Whether you’re new to the business or trying to elevate your sales and reputation, there’s always something to learn when it comes to listing and selling your panties online.

  • Engage with buyers in a polite, professional, and flirtatious way (it’s okay to refuse sexting or explicit conversation, unless of course that’s your thing!)
  • Keep your panty shop fully stocked with a variety of fresh, sexy content
  • Explore other sales opportunities including bras, lingerie, socks, and sex toys
  • Stay up to date on used panty trends
  • Invest in quality undergarments to wear and sell
  • Once you secure a sale, ship your panties (and other items) promptly and properly
  • Create a compelling and captivating sale’s profile that attracts a diverse customer base
  • Explore different used panty categories to expand your reach and increase your income
  • Price your items reasonably 

The most important part of selling used panties on any platform is to have fun! Tap into your sexy side and explore your wildest fantasies while fulfilling the fantasies of your customers. If you want to make the most of your online business venture, avoid selling used panties on Poshmark and other used clothing websites that limit your creative potential. 

Selling Used Panties on Poshmark at Your Own Risk

Poshmark is a great outlet for used clothing, designer bags, shoes, jewelry, and even household items. It’s not, however, the best option for selling used panties and other X-rated items. Not only does the platform not support used or soiled items, but they make it nearly impossible to write a sexy description that does your naughty panties and undergarments justice. You’ll also be hard-pressed to find more than a handful of serious buyers interested in this niche market.

Save yourself the hassle and headaches and list your naughty items for sale on Sofia Gray. Click here to get started