Sex Doll Genie Review: Is it the Best Place to Buy Sex Dolls?

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Sex dolls are often associated with single, horny men that crave an authentic sexual encounter but lack the ability to land a girlfriend. And who can forget about the infamous blow-up sex doll with strategically placed holes that is a popular gag gift at bachelor and birthday parties? Truth be told, there are plenty of couples and individuals with perfectly healthy sex lives buying sex dolls for their own personal pleasure. 

The world of sex dolls has completely transformed in just a few short years. And we’re not just talking about sales. (Although Sex Doll Genie saw a 51% increase in sales from February 2020 to March 2020 alone.) While this may be due in part to the Covid-19 lockdown and the overwhelming need for human interaction, the sex dolls of today are a far cry from what they were years ago. These gorgeous and versatile dolls are handcrafted with impeccable attention to detail from the hair and facial features down to the curves, skin color, material, and clothing. 

Sex Doll Genie is arguably the most popular and well-known online source for beautifully, hand-crafted sex dolls that fulfill all your wildest fantasies and beyond. But is this custom-made sex doll manufacturer all it’s cracked up to be? And are these dolls worth their high-end price tags? Keep reading to find out!

About Sex Doll Genie

Let’s first learn a little bit about the company. Despite its large-scale popularity, Sex Doll Genie is actually owned and operated by a small team. You may be surprised to know that the company was actually started by a husband and wife team who recognize the importance of sexual satisfaction, acceptance, and intimacy. Sex Doll Genie (SDG) was created in 2007 in the hopes of breaking the stigma around sex doll owners, which were once thought to be sex-crazed weirdos. SDG knew this simply wasn’t the case and wanted to create gorgeous sex dolls to help fulfill fantasies across the world and gender lines.

The creators at SDG also identified a growing need for sex dolls. Customers include handicapped individuals looking for a non-judgmental sexual experience, couples looking to add a third to the bedroom without any emotional baggage, and even professionals who travel for work (like truck drivers) and want to avoid hiring a prostitute or contracting an STD. 

Per the company website, one reason to consider buying a sex doll from Sex Doll Genie over other websites is that it’s a small, family business run by real people. The site offers personalized customer service and prides itself on responding to emails quickly and professionally. SDG also has over 1,300 dolls in its collection and is constantly adding new brands and models every week. Dolls are designed using a variety of features to fit every need and preference including ethnicity, age, shape, size, and gender. 

There are eight convenient ways to pay for your doll and each one undergoes rigorous personal inspection for quality control before being shipped to you. Shipping is discrete and fast and there’s also in-store pickup available. In an effort to bring you the best products at the best prices, Sex Doll Genie offers a price match guarantee. Some limitations do apply so click here to learn more

Last, but certainly not least, the TPEs (thermoplastic elastomers) used by SDG create a unique and authentic experience. TPE can be stretched over and over again and still return to its original shape and length, ensuring that your sex withstands the test of time. It’s flexible, lightweight, and can be molded into many different positions, making it the ideal material for your sex doll creations. Once penetrated, TPE has a vacuum suction effect to imitate real sex. The company claims this powerful section is strongest in the doll’s oral opening, which makes for some pretty mind-blowing artificial blow jobs. Every other feature of the doll is hand-crafted with impeccable detail from the vaginal lips to the soft tongue and hinged jaw. 

Some of SDG’s dolls are made using silicone, which is more expensive and less slippery than TPE. Although you’ll pay more for a silicone sex doll, the material is water-resistant plus stain and heat-resistant. Both materials are hypoallergenic for safe, comfortable play.

Types of Sex Dolls Available by Sex Doll Genie

At Sex Doll Genie, you can customize your very own sex doll to meet all of your needs, fantasies, and preferences. This involves choosing everything from the size of the doll’s breasts and buttocks to her hair color and length, clothing, and weight. The site also has a large inventory of ready-to-ship dolls for those less particular customers who are more than happy to use a doll born from the imagination of the SDG creators. Sort by material, weight, breast size, ass size, and gender.

Only certain brands on the website are available for custom orders including AF, Irontech, JY, and WM. Pre-made dolls are categorized using different features like MILF dolls, Japanese, Latina, blonde, ebony, and even pregnant dolls, which is a common fantasy for many men. 

SDG’s dolls also have unbelievably realistic features including dolls that moan (touch-sensitive dolls), heated bodies, and even artificial intelligence (AI) robotic dolls. These AI sex robots can engage in basic conversation, creating an alarmingly authentic experience. While this may be unsettling for some, buyers needing an emotional connection and looking for a certain level of companionship find these sex dolls the perfect fit (literally). 

For those not in the market for a full-size sex doll, Sex Doll Genie has other products and accessories to choose from including just doll heads, hips, torsos, and legs.

Creating a Custom Sex Doll: How It Works

If you want a custom sex doll with hand-picked features, SDG can make it happen. Here’s a look at exactly how this process works.

Choose the Brand

First, you need to choose the brand of SDG you want. As mentioned above, not all brands are available for customization, and even within these categories, only certain models are available. Some of the  most popular include:

  • AF Doll Kathy
  • Irontech Doll Reyanne
  • JY Doll Roseanne
  • WM Doll Krissa

Choose the Body Type and Head

Next, you get to choose the height of your doll – between 152 cm (about 5 feet tall)  and 165 cm (approximately 5’4”). You also get to choose your doll’s breast size which ranges from an A-cup up to and including an E-cup. There’s an overwhelming amount of head choices to match your body – 162 to be exact! 

Choose Skin and Eye Color

Now you get to select your doll’s skin color and eye color. SDG offers 7 realistic skin tones to choose from including white, fair, pink, medium, tan, cocoa, and black. When it comes to eye color, you’ll need to settle on one out of 17. Choose wisely since these are the eyes you’ll be staring into for a long time.

Choose a Hairstyle

Next up is your doll’s hair, including the length, style, and color. With 15 different hairstyles to choose from, you can fulfill your blonde bombshell fantasy or opt for a pig-tailed brunette that looks like the girl next door.

Choose a Mouth

That’s right, you even get to choose the type of mouth your sex doll has to help enhance every oral encounter. The standard mouth lets you select teeth, tongue, and lips.

Breast and Nipple Color

It’s not just the size of your doll’s breast that you get to customize. You also have two options for the type of breast – hollow or solid. You can also choose from brown, pink, or natural-colored nipples.


No SDG is complete without choosing the type of genitals you want your customized doll to come with. Vaginas can either be fixed or removable. Your doll’s labia is available in three distinct colors and you can choose from four different public hairstyles. 

Additional Options and Features

Above are the most basic features of every customized SDG doll, but the personalized experience doesn’t end there. You can add on certain features and options for a small fee to add that special touch to your doll and the entire experience.

These include:

  • Painted fingernails and toenails
  • Feet type (standing or non-standing)
  • Outfit
  • USB wand that acts as a penis insert
  • Storage case

Male and Shemale Sex Dolls on SDG

Up until now, we’ve only covered the world of female sex dolls on Sex Doll Genie but customers will be glad to know that the company also manufacturers male and shemale sex dolls to meet a variety of needs and preferences. 

On their website, SDG is honest about the downsides and disadvantages of owning male sex dolls. One is that most dolls are stationary, offering little variety or flexibility. The only way to really utilize the doll’s impressive package is by straddling him. These dolls aren’t equipped with vibrators, either, making it difficult for some people to achieve orgasm using just a male sex doll.

There are some benefits, however. SDG sex dolls are available in a variety of designs with different features ranging from smaller body frames (still with a 9-inch penis) to larger, more realistic dolls. Just keep in mind that these larger models are more difficult to store. Most male sex dolls come with two orifices – a mouth and an anus, making them perfect for multi-gender play. 

SDG offers penis attachments for some female sex doll models, letting you instantly change “her” to “him” and explore even more fun fantasies.

Sex Doll Genie Reviews: The Pros and Cons

Now that you have an in-depth understanding of what Sex Doll Genie has to offer and its extensive list of options, let’s talk about customer reviews. With the average doll on the website costing well over $1,000, buyers want to make sure they’re getting their money's worth before placing an order. Out of 118 reviews on Trustpilot, 69% are excellent but 15% are either poor or bad. Check out these positive and negative reviews and see what real customers have to say about their experience with the Sex Doll Genie site. 

Positive Reviews

Let’s start with the benefits of ordering a sex doll from Sex Doll Genie. Satisfied customers on the company website praised the company’s customer service skills and shipping updates. Others reported the quality of the dolls being exactly as described.

Turning to Trustpilot reviews, we see a lot of the same positive feedback. Customers were highly impressed with both the quality of the dolls and how quickly they arrived. One satisfied customer said their SDG doll was like “having a real person” in bed with them. Others noted the company’s price match guarantee and professionalism as its best features. Most of the reviews for Sex Doll Genie on Trustpilot claim the products are exactly as described and expected.

Negative Reviews

Unfortunately, not all of SDG’s customers were as satisfied as the ones mentioned above. With only a 3.2 out of 5-star rating on Trustpilot, people had a few complaints about the sex doll manufacturer.

One buyer claimed their sex doll was delivered to the wrong place in a completely different state and that SDG refused them a refund for up to six months. In the end, PayPal refunded their $1,500. Others claim that the quality wasn’t as described and that it was difficult to get in touch with anyone through the website. One buyer who paid additional money for fast delivery and the heated body feature claims it took 10 and ½ weeks for their doll to arrive and that the heating feature was faulty.

Other complaints included dolls and accessories arriving broken, claims that a refund was made but the money was never received, missing items (storage case), and other additional features not working including moaning and some AI add-ons.

Sex Doll Genie: Dream Come True or Nightmare?

It depends on who you ask. After reviewing the website’s features and options, one thing is certain, there are endless ways to find and customize a sex doll that creates a personalized experience. Whether you fantasize about a hot blonde, well-endowed man, or big-breasted MILF, you can find a sex doll at SDG that fits the bill – and your needs. As far as budget goes, these sex dolls are definitely high-end and you’ll pay the price for the realistic TPE and silicone material and customization options. 

If all goes well, your doll will arrive on time, in a discrete package, and exceed all of your expectations. If not, you can only hope that the “small, family-owned business” persona the company portrays on their website means they’ll make good on their promise of customer satisfaction and make things right.

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