Pleasure Like No Other: Kiiroo Pearl2 Review

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The Kiiroo Pearl2 is the world’s most technologically advanced G-spot vibrator. This vibe incorporates touch-sensitive technology, which means the vibrator will respond to your touch. The more you touch, the more intense the vibration - this is especially fun for solo play.

The Kiiroo Pearl2 is compatible with all existing and future Kiiroo devices as well as specific erotic content sites that feature interactive content. This makes this toy quite unique in that it’s equally as good for solo and partnered play. 

Before we get into the naughty details, let’s take a look at the overview of the Kiiroo Pearl2...

Kiiroo Pearl2 Review

Quality: Body-safe materials, ABS, soft silicone
Price: $99.00
Warranty Options:
One year
Waterproof: Yes
Noise Level: Medium
Solo Use: 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 
Partner Use: 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
Best Solo Position: Missionary 
Best Couple’s Position: Long-distance partnered use
Battery Life: 1-hour use per 2-hour charge
Ease of Use: 4/5
Best: Technologically advanced, interactive porn enabled
Worst: Not the best for partners who live together

Quality, warranty, battery life, and price

Kiiroo toys aren’t inexpensive, but are they worth it? Absolutely. If other Kiiroo toys are of the quality and performance of the Pearl2 (and you fit their target demographic, which I’ll explain at the end of this review), then a Kiiroo toy is well worth the price you’ll pay. 

How do I feel about the Kiiroo Pearl2? Well...

The pairing ability is unparalleled. 
What makes the Pearl 2 so special is the fact that it can be used in so many different ways. The Kiiroo Pearl 2 can be paired with another Pearl 2, making it one of the best options for lesbian couples when it comes to pairing sex toys. It can also be paired with the Kiiroo Onyx2 (a male masturbation toy) for heterosexual couples and can be used for solo play by pairing it with interactive porn platforms. 

The options, ideas, and potential fun with this toy are absolutely game-changing when it comes to both partnered and solo sex toy use.

A (big) improvement from the original Pearl…
The Pearl2 is a huge step up from the Pearl. While I haven’t tried the original, even in looks, the Pearl2 has exceeded expectations set by the original toy. This short video shows just how improved the Pearl 2 is from the original Pearl sex toy previously launched by Kiiroo. 

The touch-sensitive feature is really great. 
The one thing that is very different about this particular toy is touch-sensitive technology. You may be wondering what that even means (because I certainly was before I tried the Pearl2). Essentially, the more you touch this toy (while it’s in touch-sensitive mode), the more it vibrates. This means that while you’re playing, the lighter you play, the lighter it vibrates, and the harder you play...well, you get the picture.

This feature is executed really well with the Pearl2. In fact, the Pearl2 sensed my hand close to the shaft of the toy without me actually touching it. This is just a very interesting and exciting kind of technology to incorporate into a sex toy. 

My only complaint about this feature is that the very tip of the toy doesn’t respond to the same touch-sensitivity. To get the touch-sensitivity, you have to touch the side of the toy, not the tip. While this makes sense if the toy is penetrating you, I think it would make for a really great clitoral stimulator if the same kind of touch-sensitivity was also available at the very tip of the toy. 

Battery life could be better. However, for a truly interactive toy, it’s still good.
While I think one hour of use per 2 hours charging time is pretty good, for me, it was more like 45 minutes of use per 2-hour charge. The LED light will glow solid green when the Pearl2 is fully charged. When the battery is low, the LED light will flash red. If your LED light turns yellow, this means there is an update (through the app) or something has gone wrong.

As with many toys, battery life really can depend on how you use the toy during that time, the intensity, etc. The only reason I say the battery life could (and maybe should) be better is that this toy is often used either with a long-distance partner who has an Onyx2 or alone while you’re watching interactive porn. This means you will likely be using (or wanting to use) this toy for longer periods of play.

Speaking for myself, when I watch porn, it’s an event...meaning I usually spend quite a bit of time doing it. With a battery life of around 45 minutes, I found that it wasn’t quite enough time for me to really enjoy the videos I was watching because I was “on the clock” with how long I had with the charge. 

That being said, for an interactive toy that will obviously take more battery power because of how it’s used, I think the Pearl2 is great.

Noise level and ease of use

Is this a loud toy? How easy is this toy to use? Will the Pearl2 be a toy I reach for often in my naughty drawer, or will I buy it, use it and then forget about it? Well, I can assure you that the Pearl2 is not a toy you’ll easily forget. 

For ease of use, I give this toy 4 out of 5, and here’s why...

Downloading the FeelConnect app and connecting to interactive porn can be tricky but worth it! 
Downloading the FeelConnect app for Apple or Android devices is easy enough. The app itself isn’t as nice as the Lovense Lush2, the other remote controlled sex toy app I have on my phone, but it’s still quite easy to navigate and use. 

The toy will need to be in Bluetooth mode (the first setting when you turn it on) in order to connect to the app. After connecting to the app, you can either control the device there, give control over to a partner, or use the app to connect to an interactive porn website.

Being able to “lock” your device while using it is a nice touch.
One of the features of the app I like the most is the “lock” feature, which allows you to lock your device control so either your partner or you can control the device, which enhances D/s play for partners in the same house. Even though you both have the app, if it’s locked to one person’s phone, the other person can’t use their phone to control it. 

Interactive porn...the main event.
The other feature I found really interesting (which is likely one of the main selling points of this toy) is interactive porn use. If you’re someone who watches porn regularly and intends to use the Kiiroo toy(s) with the interactive porn websites that connect to them, there are quite a few subscription-based websites that you could go with that would be well worth the money. 

Additionally, Kiiroo devices can also be linked to certain live cam websites, which is a whole other level of interactive, real-time pleasure. To check out the list of interactive porn platforms and cam sites the Pearl2 can connect to, visit

Trying the Pearl2 with Pornhub videos...
Because I’m not typically someone who watches a lot of visual porn, I decided to test out some of the “interactive” videos on Pornhub. I was surprised to see how quickly my device paired to the video (with easy-to-follow instructions from both Kiiroo and Pornhub) and synced up with the movements of the people in the video. This is really, really neat and even for someone who doesn’t watch a lot of porn, I loved this! 

There are lots of different devices that Pornhub caters to with their interactive porn section, including the Pearl2, Fleshlight Launch, Blowbot Stroker, Virtual Rabit, the Kiiroo Onyx, and more.

The noise level is typical for a toy of this size. 
I would put this toy at a medium noise level. Of course, once inserted, the toy is quieter than if you were simply holding it and going through the settings. 

The Pearl2 has seven modes: 

  1. Bluetooth mode. When you turn on the device, this will be the default/first mode and is indicated by the blue light. You can now connect your Pearl2 to another device or the app.
  2. Touch-sensitive mode. The second touch of the button will take you to touch mode, which is indicated by the white light. The vibrator will now respond to your touch.
  3. Slow rhythm (2 clicks)
  4. Medium rhythm (3 clicks)
  5. Fast rhythm (4 clicks)
  6. Pattern one (5 clicks)
  7. Pattern two (6 clicks)

The button to switch the modes is a little difficult…
Perhaps this is just a personal issue, but a few times while using the toy I found the button (to switch the modes) difficult to press because of where it is on the toy. Because of the smooth silicone appearance (which is very visually appealing), the “button” is really just a little “lip” on the toy. If you press down, you can feel the button there - but because the button is covered by the silicone, it can be difficult to press at times. 

Do I need to use lubrication with the Pearl2? 
The Pearl2 manual suggests using a generous amount of water-based lubricant during play. This will prolong the lifespan of the toy and give you the most comfort. For me, as someone who is naturally quite wet when aroused, lubrication wasn’t always necessary with this toy.

It’s extremely important to use water-based lubricants on silicone toys, as silicone-based lubricants can slowly deteriorate the silicone on the toy.

How do I clean my Kiiroo Pearl2? 
The Pearl2 is waterproof and made of hygienic silicone, so it is very easy to clean with mild soap and warm water. You can also use a specialized toy cleaner (for silicone toys) to clean your Pearl2. You should clean your sex toys before and after each use. For more information on how to clean toys, check out this article

Best positions - solo and with a partner

How can you use the Pearl2? What are the best solo and partnered positions for using Kiiroo toys? When it comes to interactive porn, how can you incorporate the Pearl2 into your sex life? Well...I have some thoughts based on about 5 weeks of testing the Pearl2.

WITH A PARTNER: remote-controlled.
By far the best position with a partner for this toy is to use the remote control feature while the device is paired with your partner’s device (either another Pearl2 or the Onyx2, both by Kiiroo). The reason I say this is the best position (even though I myself haven’t tried it, as my partner doesn’t yet have the Onyx2) is that this is one of the best features of this toy. 

The ability to pair this toy with another Kiiroo toy and control both toys remotely is the ultimate dream for long-distance lovers. My partner and I were a long-distance couple for over 3 years (before these types of toys really existed) and I wish we had something like this back then. The ability to feel connected to your partner but also to experience truly mutual pleasure together no matter the’s amazing. 

SOLO: missionary while watching interactive porn.
The best solo position for the Pearl2 would have to be some form of missionary while watching your favorite interactive porn. This was by far the most fun I’ve had with the toy, as the interactive feature (having the Pearl2 vibrate along to a video of my choosing) was really something I’d never experienced before. Not only that, but it was something I didn’t expect to like. 

As someone who never used to watch porn and now focuses mainly on audio porn, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about the interactive porn feature of the Pearl2...but I loved it! Being able to feel the movements of the video on my own toy while playing made for a truly erotic porn viewing experience.

WITH A PARTNER: tied up and teased (D/s play).
The second-best “with a partner” position for the Pearl2 would have to be a tied-up-and-teased game of orgasm play. If you’re unfamiliar with orgasm play, it’s exactly what it sounds like: playing with someone’s orgasm. This could mean denying or withholding their orgasm or it could be prolonging or “forcing” their orgasm (with consent, of course). 

For me, the most fun I’ve had with this toy is “forced” (consensual) play using the touch-sensitive technology and/or the remote control features. Letting my partner control the toy while I’m using it, having them push me to my limits, and following their instructions was the ultimate game. As a submissive in a D/s relationship, we both loved the control he had over me. 

About the company

Kiiroo is a fast-growing tech company located in Amsterdam. Their goal is to give you the ability to feel your lover and interact with erotic digital video content in a whole new way (and I would say they’ve more than exceeded!) 

Since 2013, they have been creating sex tech with the goal of keeping people satisfied with innovative teledildonics. The company has won several awards such as the XBiz award, LiveCam Award (2016), and the EVC (2015) Adult Entertainment Virtual Award. 

Environmentally friendly…
All of Kiiroo’s manuals are available online, and instead of sending paper instruction manuals in each box (creating thousands of manuals, wasting an endless amount of paper), Kiiroo provides you with a simple card that shows the link to their manuals website. On the manual website, the manual for The Pearl2 (as well as all other Kiiroo toys) is available in multiple languages. 

The Kiiroo blog…
Kiiroo, like many other sex toy companies, has started a blog where they discuss all things sex, toys, and sexual health. Scrolling through this blog, I can tell there are some really fascinating topics that wouldn’t be covered on other sex toy blogs simply because the main focus of Kiiroo toys is that they are teledildonic/virtual sex toys. You have posts like “The Future of Sex Tech” and “11 VR Porn Sites You Must Check Out”, both of which are more geared towards sexy tech. Then you have things like “BDSM 101” (a fairly common blog topic for sexual wellness sites). 

For more information on Kiiroo, visit their FAQ page here.

Initial impressions of this toy vs long-term use

How does this toy hold up against the test of time? Were my initial thoughts about the toy better or worse than my long-term impressions? I’ve had (and used) this toy for over 5 weeks and can tell you for certain that this toy far outlived my expectations and really lives up to the hype surrounding it. 

While it may not be my go-to toy, there are two simple reasons for this that have nothing to do with the toy itself and everything to do with personal preference: 

  1. I’m someone who needs clitoral stimulation to experience really good orgasms, which means G-spot/clitoral stimulation toys are best for me. 
  2. I’m not someone who habitually watches visual porn to get off, which is one of the main features of this toy. 

With that being said, it absolutely is a toy I’m happy to own and will definitely be using for those special times when I am able to really take the time to immerse myself in visual porn content and get lost in the pleasure this interactive sex toy brings. 

Initially, I was excited to test out some of the websites they feature to see how it feels to watch truly interactive porn. 
As I’ve already mentioned, visual porn isn’t my go-to when it comes to solo pleasure. As someone with an intense voice kink, I usually like to focus on audioporn during my solo sessions. However, I was really, really excited to test out interactive porn with a device I knew had been really well received and reviewed. 

I was not disappointed! 

The fact that you can potentially pair this toy with your favorite porn platform (if you’re lucky) is really cool. 
Upon researching this toy, it was clear that there are certain FeelMe websites that you can pair this toy with, which, in itself, is very fun. However, it took me by surprise that you could pair the Pearl2 with interactive videos on websites like Pornhub. For someone with rather specific visual porn tastes, this meant I had way more options to search through to find a video that I really loved (which I did quite a few times). 

Feeling the movements of the porn you’re watching really allows you to experience a more immersive, intense sense of pleasure, which is the main reason I love audioporn. If you’re someone who has switched to audioporn because visual porn feels a bit too disconnected for you, you may want to switch back and purchase the Pearl2!

I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of interactive content available online to pair with the Pearl2. 
While there is tons of content available on the FeelMe official websites and the idea of setting this up with a cam website is also really sexy, there was something really familiar and comfortable about being able to browse through a porn site I was already familiar with (like Pornhub) to find something I wanted to watch and interact with. 

Conclusion: this is a whole new way to experience pleasure

Is this toy worth it? Absolutely. If you are the target audience for this toy (I’ll explain more below), you will absolutely love it. This is truly a whole new way to experience pleasure. 

Is this toy for everyone? Not necessarily. 

Because this toy is relatively niche (in that it has specific features that not many other toys have), whether this is the toy for you is highly subjective. However, I hope this review, and the questions below, will help you decide if this toy is worth trying out.

This toy is definitely one you should try if you...

  1. Enjoy watching porn (or perhaps want a more interactive/immersive porn experience)
  2. Are in a long-distance relationship with a partner and want to feel intimate with them in a more interactive way

However, this may not be the right toy for you if you’re someone who…

  1. Doesn’t enjoy visual porn (or doesn’t have time to watch it regularly) 
  2. Lives with your partner and isn’t a fan of mutual masturbation or D/s play

If you’re interested in purchasing the Kiiroo Pearl2, click here

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