Jerkmate Review: Is it as Good as the Ad Says?

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Masturbation is a natural, healthy part of life. In today’s world, there are endless ways to enjoy and indulge in self-pleasure from sex toys and free Internet porn to more interactive experiences like live streams and cam model shows. 

With a name like Jerkmate, it should come as no surprise that this cam website is one of the most popular live-stream masturbation sites online right now. Jerkmate is an adult chat and live cam site where users can interact with cam girls, boys, couples, and even Trans models while exploring their naughtiest fantasies.

If you’ve ever watched videos on Pornhub, you’ve probably seen ads for Jerkmate flooding your screen and wondered, “Is this website as good as they say?”. Well, we’re glad you asked! Because we’re here to offer an in-depth review of Jerkmate so you can find out just how it works, how much it costs, and if it’s as intense and satisfying as the ads claim.

So, grab your lubricant, and let’s get into it.

What is Jerkmate and How Does It Work?

Jerkmate prides itself on being an all-inclusive sex community where consenting adults can chat, interact, and engage in live cam shows. The site is designed to let users indulge in and explore their naughtiest fantasies alongside thousands of beautiful cam models of all genders.

During a session, paying customers can chat and masturbate with their favorite performers. You can also engage in free sex games with some of your favorite amateur porn stars. Jerkmate is supported on most digital devices including laptops, tablets, and PCs. Jerkmate doesn’t currently offer a mobile app but you can access the site using the web browser on your smartphone. What sets Jerkmate apart is that it connects horny viewers directly with cam models and performers to guarantee a personalized experience that meets every fantasy and desire. Jerkmate is one of the most interactive cam communities in the adult industry right now.

Getting started on Jerkmate is fairly simple. The site claims to be one of the safest and most anonymous sites on the web, helping users to let their guard down and really explore their fantasies without restrictions. The site is filled with sexy and open-minded models so you can find the perfect match for your personal preferences, tastes, and fetishes. All you need to do to get started is create an account. Next, visit one of the cam girl’s chat rooms and start chatting!

Jerkmate’s cam models work hard and will work even harder if you show your gratitude through tips and other monetary rewards. Once you create an account and upload a payment method, you gain access to all of Jerkmate’s sexiest features including: 

  • Private shows
  • Exclusive shows
  • Gold shows
  • Discounted block sessions
  • Cam-to-cam sessions
  • Exclusive Fan Club content

Users can browse the site’s countless groups, chat rooms, and cam models to find the perfect fit. Start chatting, streaming, and masturbating right away! Jerkmates even has an exclusive survey that helps Jerky, the website’s friendly robot assistant, find you the perfect cam model match. Jerky recommends the best cam models and chat rooms based on your answers to the quick and easy survey.

How Much Does Jerkmate Cost?

Setting up an account on Jerkmate is free. That means there’s no initial sign-up or registration fee and you won’t be charged monthly to keep your account active. However, if you want to participate in any fun, you’ll need to fork over some cash. 

Jerkmate’s gold currency is sold for $1 per piece and you receive 3 free pieces after signing up. While this is substantially higher than most other cam sites which charge between 5 and 10 cents per token, Jerkmate’s wide variety of gorgeous cam models and the site’s ability to narrow down your search is what set this adult sex site apart from the rest. You can also tip your cam model between $1 and $5 for doing particular tricks or sex acts. For users that are feeling particularly generous, there’s a “give gold” button that lets you send a custom tip that far exceeds the baseline. 

Jerkmate accepts most major credit cards and also PayPal, which is a big plus for many users. Simply upload your payment of choice to the site for safekeeping and start browsing. For avid users who want access to everything Jerkmate has to offer, you can upgrade to a premium account. Premium membership gives you unlimited access to all of the site’s chat features, plus discounts on private shows and challenges. While there’s no recurring membership fee for a premium account, you will need to pay a one-time authorization fee of around $2.00 to confirm your identity. This amount will, however, be refunded within 14 days. The cost of using the Jerkmate website really depends mostly on the types of services and shows you choose, how much you tip your favorite models, and how often you use the site. 

You can also take advantage of Jerkmate’s block sessions which allow you to pay for a certain length of time upfront and receive a discount on the regular per-minute rate. Not all models offer block sessions but those that do follow this basic payment structure:

  • 5% off 15 minutes
  • 15% off 30 minutes
  • 20% off 60 minutes

Even if the performer doesn’t list block sessions on their profile, you can always ask if they’d be open to booking one with you. Also, check their availability before doing so. Once you make your purchase, the live show will start immediately so be ready! Another important thing to know is that your entire block session must be used all at once. That means you can’t split your 60-minute session into two half-hour time periods. If you pay for a 15-minute block session and the time runs over, you can stay in your private show and pay a reduced per-minute price.

The Most Popular Features on Jerkmate

In its most basic form, Jerkmate is an interactive cam model website where paying customers can watch their favorite cam performers engage in sex acts while they sit back, relax, and masturbate. But there are certain features of this site that set it apart from the rest and arguably support the high-end price tag that comes with purchasing Jerkmate Gold.

Here are some of the most popular features Jerkmate has to offer.

Private Chat

While many chat rooms on Jerkmate are public, the website also offers an opportunity for users to interact with their favorite models in private for maximum intimacy. Simply choose your favorite cam girl or boy and ask if they offer private chat sessions. Here, you become the main focus of their attention and desires. Once you enter the private chat room, you’re in complete control of what goes on between you and your model, however, other people can still join the show to watch as silent observers. Private shows deliver a more personalized experience, more nudity, and more extreme sex acts. 

Exclusive Chat

If you want your favorite cam model all to yourself or you’re not comfortable with others watching what goes on, you can pay for an exclusive chat. Exclusive chats on Jerkmates offer a one-on-one experience between users and a sexy cam girl, boy, or couple. Each cam model sets their own per-minute price for these types of chats, which you can easily find by searching their profile. Here, you can make “gentle requests” and watch the cam model cater to your every need and desire until you get off. Once you’re done, simply leave the chat and relish in that post-orgasm glow. 

Gold Shows

Gold shows are another unique chat experience exclusive to Jerkmate. Here, you can team up with other users to combine your funds and watch a single-cam model perform naughty sex acts for all of you. Every cam model that offers this type of performance will display a gold amount on their profile. This is the minimum buy-in rate for you to join. You’ll also see how much time you have to meet this goal and not miss your opportunity for an exclusive, group performance. The countdown continues until the goal amount is reached. If you succeed, the cam model will start the Gold Show before the timer runs out. Don’t forget to send tips throughout the show to encourage the model to perform naughtier acts.


This may be one of Jerkmate’s most unique and exclusive features that deliver a fully immersive experience. Cam-to-cam sessions aren’t for everyone and involve you, the user, switching on your webcam so that the model can see you. Now, as you pleasure yourself, the cam model can see and hear you. While this may be intimidating for some people, it’s a surefire way to guarantee that your model knows what you like and gets you to the finish line faster. In addition to a lot of confidence, you’ll also need a stable internet connection, a reliable webcam, proper lighting, and a quiet space to enjoy Jerkmate’s cam-to-cam features. Not all cam models offer cam-to-cam sessions so be sure to check your preferred model’s profile and price breakdown for more information.

Other Pros and Cons of Jerkmate

Now that you have the basics down and know how to navigate the website, let’s briefly summarize the pros and cons of Jerkmate so you can choose the best adult cam site for your naughty needs.


  • Extensive search capabilities and a personalized survey help you find the perfect cam models to fulfill your fantasies
  • Highly-interactive chat rooms, experiences, and challenges
  • Cam models share their live streaming schedule so you never miss a show
  • Responsive and easy-to-use website
  • You’re in control of how much you pay and what happens during private shows
  • 24/7 customer service support
  • Secure payment methods including PayPal
  • Unique features not offered by other sites (like cam-to-cam experiences and porn star models)
  • The website is available in different languages 
  • You can purchase premade content from your favorite models including pictures and videos
  • You can save your favorite model’s profiles to make searching in the future much easier
  • Jerkmate has cam girls, cam boys, couples, and Trans models to meet every fantasy and sexual preference 


  • The per-minute rate is much more expensive than other cam sites
  • The sign-up process can be a little daunting with many users reporting loading issues
  • Not all cam models offer private shows, cam-to-cam shows, or other exclusive content

Jerkmate Delivers an Interactive Experience at a Cost

If you’re willing to pay the high per-minute rates that Jerkmate charges, you’re in for a treat. Although a bit pricey, Jerkmate showcases some of the sexiest and most well-known cam models on the internet performing some of the naughtiest and most intense sex acts you’ll ever see online. For more adventurous users, you can also get in on the action yourself by paying for a cam-to-cam session where your favorite cam model sees you in all your glory, too!

But before you upload your credit card or PayPal info on Jerkmate and start streaming, check out this article on another popular cam site – Chaturbate. With so many sexy websites to choose from, be sure to do your research before spending your hard-earned cash. Speaking of cash, click here for an easy way to make money from home to support your webcam fetish!