IsMyGirl Review: All You Need To Know About It

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There’s really no shortage of adult sites to upload content to these days. But finding the right one that’s going to get you paid always seems like a gamble. Today we’re going to answer all the questions you might have had about the popular adult site IsMyGirl and explain whether it’s worth investing your precious time, energy and beautiful body into.

What Is IsMyGirl?

IsMyGirl is a site created by adult performers for adult performers. The founder, Evan Seinfield was a lead vocalist and bassist of the hardcore punk band Biohazard but more importantly had a stint as a pornographic actor. Inspired by his experience in the adult industry he had decided to place his efforts into creating the platform IsMyGirl. 

The function of the site is to convert followers and fans into paid subscribers for exclusive adult content. I know what you’re probably thinking. There are a million sites out there that do the exact same thing, what’s so good about this one? Granted, IsMyGirl hasn’t reinvented the wheel but there are many redeeming qualities of the platform that might make it more appealing to your needs as an adult content creator.

The platform has many great features that other subscription sites lack. Dare I say it has even more features than OnlyFans. The details of which we will get onto later but for now let’s get to know a bit more about the platform.

Who Can Use IsMyGirl?

Like all adult sites, models registered on the IsMyGirl must be 18 or over which will be verified by a government-issued photo ID verification process upon sign up. One downside to this process is that it can take a few days to be approved due to the high volume of submissions they get per day.

But besides the age restriction, almost anyone willing to get on there and post is welcome. We say almost because there is no sign of any male performers on the platform as of yet, so it might mean that you’ll have to sit this one out guys. 

One awesome thing about IsMyGirl is the freedom to post what you want. Although it is designed for adult content there is no obligation to be naked so to speak. In contrast to sites such as LoyalFans which allow for music, art and all forms of media to be uploaded. The focus of IsMyGirl is solely on modelling. There are no direct rules explaining that you’re not allowed to upload content from fields other than modelling, but just don’t expect too much engagement on your juggling videos unless you’re scantily clad while doing so.

On a lighter note, IsMyGirl is a judgement-free space that makes adult content creators feel comfortable. The site does a great job of making the model their own boss allowing them full control over the content they upload. There are terms of service rules and regulations that you must comply with such as not inciting violence and promoting non-consensual sex. But if your kinks fall outside these realms then all are welcome.

How Does IsMyGirl Work? 

Now that we know a little bit about the site we’ll move on to the part that everyone is most interested in. For those who are unfamiliar with this business model, content creators get the chance to monetise their content by hiding it behind a paywall or subscription. The benefit of using third party sites like IsMyGirl is for one, it removes the hassle of having to create your own website and two, these sites usually get a decent amount of daily traffic which you would otherwise have to build yourself. So three cheers for free advertising!

The site has various features, referral programs and means of promotion that we’ll come onto in a bit. But the main way that models will gain exposure is through promoting their profile on existing social media. We’re talking Instagram, Twitter, Patreon, Tumblr you name it. Sending existing audiences onto the site usually produces the best outcome. If you have a large following and a small percent decide to subscribe for exclusive content it still adds a nice stream of income to your bank account.

Services and Features IsMyGirl Offer 

As we previously mentioned, IsMyGirl has a whole bunch of features that cater to the various needs of adult content creators. So if you’re looking for quantity and versatility than IsMyGirl might be the platform for you.

Private Messaging 

Private messaging is a great accompaniment to posting provocative content of yourself as a lot of fans would love to reach out and delve into the fantasy you’ve stirred up in their minds. Models can set pricing for one to one messages for fans to engage with their favourite content creators. 

IsMyGirl also offers a mass messaging feature that broadcasts a message to all of your subscribers at once. A downside to this is that it doesn’t have the scheduling option that other platforms do. Meaning, that if you want to take some short time off you’ll still have to manually send out a message from time to time to keep up engagement.

Overall it’s a run of the mill paid messaging service, but if it ain't broke don’t fix it, paid messages are still a good way to earn money through the site.


Subscribing is the main feature of the site that grants fans access to anything you might be up to. Without a fan subscribing to your profile they won’t be able to see any of the exclusive content you put out or get in touch through the site. So push those subscriptions!

IsMyGirl allows models to decide how much they think their subscription is worth which is a great opportunity to take your profile in the direction you want. If you don't take modelling too seriously and don’t upload content that often, then it would make sense to lower the subscription price to incentivise fans to purchase. However, if this is your full-time gig and filming content is what you do, then it’s likely you’ll want to charge more for the level of professionalism they’ll receive in return. 

A good way to entice your audience into subscribing is to put out some free content as a teaser. IsMyGirl gives you the freedom to show content openly without subscribing if you wish. After all, what is a business without a little promotion? You’ll likely want to find the balance of giving them a hint of what you have hidden behind your subscription without giving up the whole bag. Keep it sexy enough to get them interested but not too sexy to where they feel like they’ve seen it all.

Subscription to model's profiles on IsMyGirl also offers a 24-hour option at a lower rate, which is quite unique compared to other fan sites. This can definitely result in a lot more subscriptions as it’s more of a trial as opposed to a monthly commitment, so make it worth their while.


This feature is very well done and easy to use I might add. Livestreaming on IsMyGirl has three different settings all with their own uses depending on your audience size and the type of content you produce. Using your phone or computer you can immediately go live by pressing the red “Go Live” button and you’ll instantly be live streaming to all of your subscribers. 

You can set the parameters of the Livestream to free or pay per minute for your subscribers. So if you fancy giving them a little treat for free to keep them engaged or if you feel like making it rain the choice is up to you. This feature is great for people with large followings as the pay per minute rates add up but also an easy means of engaging with your fans.

IsMyGirl also allows you to single out fans and have a one to one Livestream almost like a private cam show. Again you decide the parameters for this whether you’d like to charge per minute or keep it free. The best part about the one to one live streaming feature is for those less confident in their camming abilities you can opt to disable the other person's camera and have them only communicate via text. Once again the power is in the model's hands and you can create a live streaming environment that is comfortable for you.

Of course, if you’re super into Skype sex then I’m sure you’ll have no problems hosting private cam shows using the Livestream feature.

Unlocking Videos 

Although this does take a leaf out of Manyvids's book it has proven to be an effective way of making money and giving the people what they want, so, IsMyGirl did us the favour of providing us with this service. Models on the site can upload private videos separate from their subscription content. Creators decide how much it costs to unlock these videos, some of which charge upwards of $200 per video. 

Many of these videos are created as custom fan requests which usually cost more, but you get what you paid for. The only problem here is that many people who request a custom video don’t typically want it to be available to others as it ruins the novelty of the video being specially made for them. Luckily they do have a solution to this so they’ve got you covered.

Paid Messaging 

Slightly different from the private messaging feature, paid messaging is available to everyone, even those who aren’t subscribed. As the name suggests fans will pay per message in order to contact their model of choice. However, if you’re subscribed you get access to direct messaging so why would you want to pay extra to message the model you’re already subscribed to. This is where it gets interesting.

Models can send content through the paid messaging service. So, what the service is usually used for is custom video requests. A fan pays to reach out and request a video. You, as the model, simply follow their request and send them the video alongside the price to unlock the content.

When the fan is ready they can pay to unlock their custom request and the transaction is complete. Using this feature is a great way to make money outside of the subscription feature which some people might not be willing to commit to.


Tipping on IsMyGirl is way more accessible when compared to other competitor platforms. Creators themselves won’t be able to manipulate or influence tips on their dashboard but the icon to tip will appear on every piece of content they produce. This includes videos, pictures, live streams and the profile itself. With this much availability for tipping, creators have earned big money in cash thrown at them by their fans so make sure to put effort into any of the content you upload to the site.

One thing to note is that models cannot request tips. Whether rightly or wrongly so, creators cannot send a tipping link directly via message. But it’s good to maintain a nice etiquette around tipping even if it is on the internet in exchange for adult content.


Like all big adult fan sites, IsMyGirl has its very own referral program which acts as a great way to earn a passive income. Creators on the site get their own referral code which can be used by other models to sign up to the site. For every person that signs up using that referral code the creator who supplied it earns 5% of whatever the new model makes, for life!. This money is of course paid out by IsMyGirl and not out of the pockets of the other models.

As far as we know there is no limit to the number of referrals you can make, so, the more the merrier. Even if your own profile isn’t doing so hot it’s possible to make bank off of your fellow colleague's success. So when one of us wins we all do.

Premium Snapchat 

When you’re busy, away on holiday or simply don’t have the time to upload content, many models take to Snapchat to provide naughty snaps for their fans on the go. Knowing this, IsMyGirl provides a Premium Snapchat subscription service where models simply create a premium Snapchat account, upload the information to their IsMyGirl profile and set the subscription price. From here fans that follow you on IsMyGirl have the option to subscribe to your Snapchat for a monthly fee of your choice. 

This is a great way to promote your Premium Snapchat if this is one of your main streams of income and also keep your fans posted, pardon the pun. 

Payouts With IsMyGirl

IsMyGirl follows the usual standard rates when it comes to payouts; Models receive 80% of all revenue generated by tipping, videos, images, messaging and subscription services. However, using the Livestream feature only grants the users 70% of the revenue.

Content creators are paid on a bi-monthly basis on the 2nd and 17th of every month. Users cannot cash out as and when they please like other fansites they must wait until their designated payout days. One important thing to mention is that there is a minimum payout limit of $50. This means that unless you have earned a total of $50 during the month or however long you’ve been uploading, you will not be paid. This might sound discouraging for those who are just starting out on the platform however it does take into consideration all the possible methods of making money on the site including the referral scheme.

Models are paid using ACH/Bank Transfer, check or local cash collection. As is the same in most cases the site is not supported by the main commercial payment methods such as Venmo, Paypal and Cash App as they do not allow adult affiliations in their terms of service. If you’re one of the big earners on the site however they do tend to look after you as IsMyGirl organises to pay models via bank wire transfer if you make $1,000 or more a month.

Using IsMyGirl and Fan Engagement

In terms of how easy the site is to use on the creator's part, it’s not too hard to get your head around if you’re familiar with most modern forms of social media. From a fan perspective, the site can seem a little confusing at times as there’s no clear separation and direction between signing up as a model or signing up as a fan so mistakes might occur here. 

The ID verification process is very straightforward and the only problem really is the delay to get approved if you’re in a hurry. IsMyGirl also requires models to register one additional social media account such as Instagram or Twitter. This could potentially be another layer of security to verify the creator's application. 

When it comes to fan engagement, IsMyGirl isn’t in the top echelon and is mainly beneficial to those who have an existing audience on other social media platforms. That being said they do seem to be fairly aware of this as the website is very catered towards being promoted on external social media and such. One advantage of using IsMyGirl is their partnership with Inked Magazine where you will be promoted to a 40 odd million follower social media presence. So it pays to be in their good books.

From a pure money-making standpoint, the site is certainly a good accompaniment to any adult content creator's fanbase and there’s no need to put all your eggs in one basket as you’re free to upload wherever else you like. It’s not like they own you!

Customer Support and Privacy 

IsMyGirl has a good reputation for looking after their verified models on the site. If there are any problems or queries customer support live chat can be accessed between 10 am - 6 pm Monday to Friday PST. As you might have noticed this could be very inconvenient for those in different time zones or if you need help on weekends but there is always their customer support email, social media and a detailed FAQ page to clear up any common problems.

A benefit of the platform being founded by an adult performer is that the platform won’t turn its back on the adult content creators on the site. After rumours of OnlyFans removing all adult content due to big sponsorship affiliations, those whose livelihood depended on it began frantically searching for a new alternative. With IsMyGirl we can rest assured there will be a lot more stability knowing that this is a dedicated adult platform.

As for privacy protection, the platform offers geo-targeting which is a geo-blocking feature that denies access to your content from any locations that you choose. This has become a common feature of fan sites but unlike others to use this feature you have to email customer support to activate it.

IsMyGirl also compiles with strict DMCA or Digital Millennium Copyright Act guidelines meaning that they will help in removing any copyrighted content shown by external websites if you report a leak. So, they’re definitely on your side. 

How To Get Started As An IsMyGirl Model

In terms of the physical requirements to become a model on the site all you’ll really need is a photo ID and internet access. However, for those who want to stand a chance at making the big bucks on the platform, you’ll definitely need a good camera or recording device if you wish to Livestream. It would also be an idea to invest in some good lighting, a microphone and maybe a nice set or backdrop. Of course, there are loads of models that do well on the site without these just using their phones as some fans love the amateur aspect of adult content.

Having an existing social media presence isn’t a must but will certainly increase your subscriptions and engagement on the website. As it stands the organic exposure of the site isn’t as big as others but does harbour opportunities like the Inked Magazine promotion we mentioned earlier. Don’t forget about the Premium Snapchat! This feature was made for a reason so utilise all services to maximise your chance of earning.

Typically with fan sites what you put in is what you get out. If you have a verified profile full of sexy content and regularly engage with fans the chances are that newcomers will be more likely to trust you and part with their cash in exchange for the goods.

Overall IsMyGirl is a great, sex-positive fan site that will only add to your online adult repertoire if used correctly.