How to Sell Your Sex Tape and Get Paid!

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If Paris Hilton taught us anything (aside from the catchphrase, “That’s hot”), it was that a leaked sex tape is big news. There’s something intriguing and magnetic about seeing someone’s most intimate moments displayed in full view. Whether you watch porn regularly or not, most people can’t seem to take their eyes off a homemade sex tape. 

While these taboo tapes are usually associated with celebrities and are often of intimate moments not intended for public consumption, the average Joe or Jane can actually make a profit from selling their personal stash of homemade films. Selling a sex tape is slightly different from uploading amateur porn to sites like Pornhub, which is why you need to keep reading. In this article, we’ll share all the dirty details about selling your sex tape (or tapes) for money so you can cash in on your premiere performance and maybe even film a sequel!

Sex Tape vs. Amateur Porn: What’s the Difference?

The differences between sex tapes and amateur porn videos or clips are minor. Amateur porn stars usually have a goal of creating a loyal following, building a brand, and making consistent passive income from their efforts, whereas people looking to sell a sex tape are usually only in it for the short term. 

For some people, selling a sex tape is a one-off thing. Perhaps you had a wild, drunken night of fun where you filmed yourself and your partner having sex but never plan on doing it again. Now, you’re left with a video neither of you wants, but doesn’t know what to do with. So, why not make some money off of it?  You could sell your sex tape directly to someone you find on the Internet. This can easily be done by advertising it on social media or other outlets like Reddit. Just know, that once your sex tape is out there, there’s no taking it back.

Amateur porn is more of a career choice and usually involves uploading dozens of videos over time. This can be done on any number of free or paid amateur websites designed specifically for this purpose like Pornhub, AmateurPorn, LoveHomePorn, True Amateurs, and many more. Some amateur stars become household names, while you may never know the true identity of the people you see in a single sex tape.

Things to Know Before Selling a Sex Tape

Believe it or not, there are several requirements when it comes to selling sex tapes online – especially to do so legally. There are also a few considerations that some people overlook or don’t know about. It’s not as easy as just telling the world you have a sex tape and sending it off. Here’s everything you need to know about safely and legally selling an amateur sex tape online. 

Age Verification and Legalities 

It’s no big surprise that selling homemade sex tapes when you’re underage is illegal. It’s also illegal to sell any sex tapes or pornographic materials that depict underage individuals having sex or engaging in any type of sexual activity. For this reason, only individuals over the age of 18 should ever produce or sell a sex tape. You should also check out local laws surrounding certain kinky sex acts. Believe it or not, some forms of sex and fetishes are not only frowned upon but illegal in some places – like bestiality

If your sex tape includes other people, you need their consent to distribute it. For example, it’s immoral and illegal to secretly film yourself having sex without someone else’s knowledge or filming it with their consent under the premise that it remains private and then turning around and selling it. Simply put, if anyone in the video is against you selling it, you can’t do it. Save yourself the work and aggravation and get their permission beforehand. 

Last but not least, in order to legally sell your sex tape and avoid the IRS knocking on your door, you need to report all of your income. The good news is that all of the equipment (see the next section), props, sex toys, costumes, and other items you purchase to support your amateur porn career are considered write-offs so keep your receipts and detailed documentation. 

Required Equipment 

The good thing about amateur sex tapes is that they’re meant to be just that – amateur. This means you don’t need expensive video or audio equipment to make and sell your videos. In fact, some of the most popular sex tapes online are filmed using a simple smartphone. That doesn’t, however, mean that you can’t upgrade to something slightly more advanced than a smartphone. A digital SLR is a popular and reasonable camera for beginners. If you plan to take your sexcapades to the live stream, you’ll need a laptop or computer with webcam capabilities. You’ll also need a reliable Internet connection to upload your sex tape.

The Right Attitude 

Not everyone is cut out for amateur porn or even for selling one sex tape. As mentioned before, once you sell your video or send it to a buyer, it’s out there for all the world to see. You’re forfeiting your rights to it and now your face (among other things) may end up somewhere you don’t want it – like in your grandmother’s news feed. You need thick skin and an open mind to sell a sex tape online. You should also get the permission of anyone shown in the video. It’s always better to do things the right way when selling adult content online to avoid any legal roadblocks.

Why Are Amateur Sex Tapes Popular?

You may be thinking, “Who wants to see average people having sex?”. The answer is, plenty! In fact, amateur sex tapes are some of the best-selling and most viewed on the Internet. Why? Because people can only watch so many professional videos that depict air-brushed actors with unrealistic body types and over-dramatic sounds. They want to see real people engaging in real sex acts with authentic reactions and scenarios. It’s relatable and makes it even easier for the viewers to imagine themselves in those same sexy and compromising situations. It’s also unpredictable, which adds an element of surprise and excitement. 

Still not convinced that there’s an audience for your hot and steamy personal sex life? Check out these statistics:

  • In 2019, “amateur” was the most searched term on Pornhub 
  • That same year, the category “amateur porn” rose 8 places and was the third most watched category on Pornhub
  • These numbers increased in 2020 following global lockdowns
  • Pornhub’s Verified Amateurs Program is now in the top 16 amateur programs online

Realism isn’t the only reason people are searching for and even willing to pay for your homemade sex tapes. For starters, these sex tapes come with a certain level of exclusivity. Unlike professional porn videos that are reaching millions of viewers, yours may only be seen by a few thousand people who feel special – like they’ve been let in on a secret. Your viewers also feel oddly connected to you on a more intimate level. When someone buys a sex tape directly from the person who made it, it creates an instant connection.

Then there’s the matter of niche categories. People are becoming increasingly open with their sexual preferences, likes, and dislikes. Amateur sex tapes allow for customization. Viewers with a very specific kink or fetish can contact an amateur filmmaker such as yourself and make a request. For example, a foot fetish video, bondage, or sploshing. And the best part is, that you can charge top dollar for these custom orders and most people will be willing to pay. Just keep in mind that if you create a custom video for a client and charge them money, you can’t resell it or post it on another platform. 

Last, but not least, people are becoming more open to the idea of paying for the type of porn they want and like. While there’s an abundance of free porn on the Internet, it’s a mixed bag. For those who want quality content geared toward their specific fantasies and preferences, purchasing it directly from amateur creators is becoming increasingly popular.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Making a Sex Tape that Sells

They say sex sells. But is filming yourself having sex and slapping it on the Internet going to make you an instant millionaire? Unlikely. Believe it or not, there’s actually a right and wrong way to make a sex tape. You need to produce quality content that people are actually willing to pay for. Again, you’re competing against millions of free porn videos out there. Yours needs to not only stand out but offer something that no one else’s sex tape does. The good news is that standing out among the masses doesn’t require costly equipment. With a little know-how and these tips, you can create amateur sex tapes that get noticed and earn you a steady income. 

Offer Quality Visuals and Audio 

The most important part of making a quality sex tape is the visual and audio aspects. Viewers want an unobstructed view of the good stuff and they want to be able to hear every moan, whimper, and cry of pleasure. If you’ve ever taken a video on your smartphone, you know that the video and audio are pretty great. One thing to keep in mind though is utilizing proper lighting and angles that are both clear and flattering. Some people elicit the help of a third party to film for them and ensure they don’t miss any of the action. 

Edit Out the Nonsense 

Once you and your partner(s) come down from your euphoria and clean up the mess, it’s time to edit your sex tape. Let's say your entire sex session lasted 45-minutes from start to finish, chances are, you have about 15 to 20 minutes of useable content. Be sure to remove any dead airtime, fumbling of clothes, or the camera, and strip your footage down (pun intended) to a few minutes of seamless foreplay, intercourse, and of course, the happy ending your audience is waiting for.

There is, however, a niche market out there for hidden camera sex tapes as well. Whether the person was really “unknowingly” caught in the action or this was staged, people love the thrill of unfaithful spouses and other taboo scenarios where one or more participants is seemingly unaware they’re being filmed. Just remember, before you sell your sex tape, you need to get their consent. 

Keep It Real 

As important as the editing process is, remember, people are purchasing amateur sex tapes because they love the authenticity they deliver. They don’t expect a flawless piece of video or audio that’s clearly scripted but, instead, something raw and seemingly unaltered, but still high enough quality that they’re willing to pay for it. 

Choose a Niche 

Speaking of niche markets, you need one when selling and promoting your amateur sex tapes. With millions of videos flooding the Internet, your content needs to fall in one or a few smaller categories or niches if you want to get noticed. 

Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing (among others):

  • Role-playing scenarios complete with costumes, accents, and pseudonyms
  • A dominatrix or dominant and their submissive
  • Sex in different places
  • Emphasis on a specific sex act (oral sex, anal, etc.)
  • Threesomes, cuckold scenarios, swingers

Once you find your success in a particular niche, stick with it. It takes time to build an audience and following and once you do, your captive audience will be waiting patiently for every new sex tape you upload.

The Best Places to Sell Sex Tapes

At this point, you’re armed with a high-quality sex tape that you’re eager to sell to the masses. But where’s the best place to do it? Let’s take a look.

Fan Subscription and Clip Sale Sites

Subscription sites like OnlyFans offer a huge platform for aspiring adult content creators. Here, you can easily make a profile and start uploading content almost immediately. With the right approach and personality, you can also build a following and loyal fan base of paying customers in no time. 

While OnlyFans may be the most popular subscription site out there right now, it’s by no means the only one. There are several fan and clip sale sites designed for a variety of content like ones that are fetish-focused or offer camming services as well.

Here are some of the best outlets for selling a sex tape for beginners:

  • OnlyFans
  • Unlockd
  • My Dirty Hobby
  • AP Clips
  • BentBox
  • Erotifix
  • iWantClips
  • Extra Lunch Money
  • FanCentro
  • Modetize
  • MFC Share
  • ManyVids
  • ModelHub
  • LoyalFans
  • JustFor Fans
  • Clips4Sale

Of these sites, ManyVids is one of the most popular and lucrative. With a supportive community of amateur porn lovers, these fans are eager and ready to consume whatever naughty content you have to offer. And the pricing structure lets you make a pretty penny on each clip or sex tape you upload. For those looking to launch an amateur porn career, consider ModelHub, the sister company to the renowned Pornhub platform. Remember, though, that you can promote and sell your sex tape on multiple fan sites at once, just make sure you’re following each platform’s terms and conditions.

Tube Sites

Tube sites let people upload videos and films and watch them for free. Pornhub, for example, is one of the largest and most popular adult content tube sites trending on the Internet right now. Other top choices include xVideos, XHamster, Spankbang, and XNXX. With billions of views every month, there’s no better marketplace for selling your sex tape.

You may be wondering, though, how can you make money off of these tube sites if the content is free for users? In order to continue operating, websites like Pornhub need fresh new content – and that’s where you come in. Most tube site admins are more than happy to share their revenue with you as an incentive for making and sharing your amateur videos. The more views your sex tape gets and the more visitors you bring to the page, the more you get paid. This money is usually made through PPC (pay-per-click) advertisements and endorsements. Many tube sites also offer upgrades or premium memberships to paying customers.

Here are some of the top tube sites for selling your sex tapes and videos and what each one has to offer:

  • Pornhub – The website’s amateur model program (Modelhub) gives you revenue share against your videos. You can also sell a downloadable version of your sex tape for 65% profit, create a fan club page, and earn tips from satisfied customers. Modelhub also offers contests with cash prizes and a referral program for every new content creator you recommend. YouPorn is another affiliate program of Pornhub that offers money-making opportunities for amateurs such as yourself. 
  • – Amateur content creators receive around 35% revenue share against the advertisements placed on their videos. You also have the chance to make direct revenue for any content posted on the page’s PaidPerView platform. 
  • XHamster –  If you’re able and willing to start a camming career, XHamster will pay you 100% of what your sex tapes and live streams bring in.
  • XVideos – On this platform, your sex tapes will earn you a 50% revenue share on all advertising. You also get your own branded channel so you can link to your website (if you have one) or another clip sales store. 
  • XTube – Here you can sell your sex tapes directly to buyers and get paid for chatting and camming.

Camming Sites

Camming is quickly growing as a popular way to make passive income from the comfort of your home or studio. All you need is a reliable Internet connection, a webcam, and an adventurous spirit. Cam models usually post live stream videos where they flirt, chat, and perform for their audience. The more engaging their performance, the more tips they make. Cam models do everything from stripping and masturbating on camera to having sex, which is why camming sites are another viable outlet for your sex tape.

In most cases, though, camming will involve you and your partner performing live on camera for your audience. Instead of prerecording a sex tape, you’ll do everything in real time and even take requests as the scene plays out. If you’re not comfortable performing on the spot, this may not be the best option for you. However, if you can push past your insecurities, you can make a hefty amount of tips in just a few hours. Plus, you’re getting paid to do something you love – have sex!

But before you write off camming as an option, there are other ways to make residual income on pre-recorded content as well. After you register on a popular cam site like the ones listed below, you can upload your sex tapes so that visitors to the site can download them when it’s convenient for them – even if you’re not online. As with tube sites and other adult content outlets, each cam site has its pros and cons and charges different fees. 

Here are a few of the top-performing cam sites right now to checkout:

  • Chaturbate
  • CamSoda
  • LiveJasmin
  • JerkMate
  • Strip Chat
  • Cam4
  • MyFreeCams
  • Streamate
  • Bonga Cams
  • XCams
  • Flirt4Free
  • IMLive

Personal Blog or Website

Last, but not least, if you’re looking to sell sex tapes online, you should consider starting your own blog or website. Not only is this an uncontrolled market where you can promote whatever and however you like, but you get to keep all the revenue minus transaction and processing fees.

There is a catch, though. You need impeccable marketing skills, industry knowledge, and the time and ability to keep your website running smoothly, looking professional, and uploaded with fresh content. While marketing is one piece of the puzzle, the intended result is to drive enough traffic to your website and convert visitors to paying customers which can be quite the struggle. Most aspiring amateur performers utilize social media and inexpensive PPC ads to help generate traffic and interest. 

In addition to transaction and processing fees on your payments, you may also incur some start-up costs associated with launching your own website. Be sure to use a host and platform that supports NSFW content to avoid any red tape or legal hurdles. 

Now the only decision left to make is choosing between selling your sex tape on your own website or through some of the platforms mentioned above. Both have their pros and cons. Beginners generally do better using an established website with a loyal fan base. Even if the platform takes a cut, you’ll still be selling 10 times more than you likely would on your own. Selling your sex tape independently on your own website means all the profit is yours, however, you won’t sell nearly as much or as frequently. Plus, you have the added expense of overhead fees and website maintenance. 

You can also do a mix of both – post on established websites and also run your own. ModelCentro is a great tool for this. Here, you can create your own website free of charge and then, over time, turn them into paid sites. ModelCentro is easy to use and integrates easily with SkyPrivate, VerifiedCall, and Streamate, allowing you to host and sell live Skype shows, sext with your fans, and cam. Other useful tools include xMember and Member Sites. The best part is that you don’t need to be tech-savvy in order to utilize these platforms or software.

How Much Money Can You Charge for a Sex Tape?

This is the real question at stake, here. How much money can you make selling a sex tape? Most people looking to sell their sex videos and amateur porn online plan to sell more than a single video. Additionally, you need to determine if you’re selling a one-off piece of custom content or a porn clip that can be downloaded again and again. 

While we can all agree that everyone is beautiful in their own way, truth be told, attractive couples that produce high-quality content in HD with beautiful surroundings, good lighting, and plenty of action will bring in more money than an unattractive or sloppy couple that uses unflattering angles and doesn’t take the time to edit their work. In life, you get what you pay for and the same holds true when it comes to selling sex tapes. 

The platform where you choose to sell your sex tape also plays a big role in how much you can charge and make. If you plan to launch your own website or sell your sex tape directly to a buyer, you get to set the price and keep all the profit. If instead, you’re pursuing a career in amateur porn on any of the above-mentioned sites, the host will take a commission of your sales, dipping into your profit margins. 

Another factor to consider is how long your sex tape is and how many videos you decide to make. In the amateur porn industry, most creators get paid by the minute. The standard fee is $1 per minute. That means that if you create 5 high-quality videos that are all 20 minutes long, you could make around $100. Keep in mind that if you produce amateur porn and sex tapes for the masses, that same 20-minute clip isn’t limited to a single transaction and can be resold multiple times, earning you additional revenue for the same sex tape. Truthfully, there’s no limit to the number of times you can sell a single sex tape unless the platform you’re using has certain restrictions, so be sure to check this first. If you get the green light, you’re unlocking unlimited earning potential known as a residual revenue stream.

Creating high-quality sex tapes isn’t all it takes. You also need to market yourself and your work. Once you’ve created a polished video, upload it to some of the top sites in the industry and get to work advertising it everywhere and any more possible. The more buzz your video gets, the more sales you’ll make, and the more money you’ll earn. 

When first starting out selling sex tapes and pricing your content, take a good look at the current market, your competition, and what type of videos are performing best. Beginners usually charge between $5 and $50 for their first few sex tapes. That means if you’re selling clips at $25 a piece, you’ll need to sell them 40 times to make your first $1,000. The more popular your videos become, over time, the more you can charge.

How to Increase Sales of Your Sex Tape

Creating quality content and knowing how and where to market your sex tape is imperative for making money as an amateur. But once your sex tape is live, you’ll need some tips on boosting sales. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Appreciate and value your fans. Without them, you won’t make any money. They also have a direct impact on your reputation, which is key for making it in any business – including amateur porn. Satisfied customers often become repeat customers.
  • Specialize your content to offer a unique angle that sets you apart from all the other sex tapes out there. This includes creating content in niche categories, as mentioned above, or specializing in something specific like oral sex, toe sucking, cuckold, or BBC. The more specific your content is, the better. Just avoid choosing something so obscure that your audience is severely limited.
  • Offer custom videos to loyal fans. Not only can you charge more for custom content but offering personalized sex tapes is a big draw for avid viewers. It can also help drive more traffic and revenue to your site.

Sex Sells and So Can Your Sex Tapes

You don’t have to be a professional or airbrushed adult entertainer to make money off your X-rated sex tapes. Whether you’ve only made one homemade film or are interested in starting an amateur porn career, this article can help you get started. Now that you know where to post your videos, what percentage you get to keep, and how to do it all legally, you can get started producing and selling your hot and steam sex tapes on multiple platforms. 

Are you not ready for full-frontal nudity? No problem! Check out this post on how to make money off your naughty mind and dirty talk.